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2 May 2007

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celebrations opera paris honour franco russian
Celebrations at the Opera in Paris in honour of the Franco-Russian Dual Alliance, 1893
charlotte wiehe 1901artist charles reutlinger
Charlotte Wiehe, 1901.Artist: Charles Reutlinger
revolt french anarchists guyana 1894 artist
A Revolt of French Anarchists in Guyana, 1894. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
ad john swain son printers 1901artist john
Advertisement for John Swain & Son, printers, 1901.Artist: John Swain & Son
president mckinley 1901 artist unknown
President McKinley, 1901. Artist: Unknown
finest half tones lowest prices 1901artist
'Finest Half-Tones at Lowest Prices', 1901.Artist: Electric City Engraving Co
gloucester cathedral 1901artist edward j
Gloucester Cathedral, 1901.Artist: Edward J Burrows
study italian girls head 1901artist j muntz
Study of an Italian girl's head, 1901.Artist: J Muntz
when sea gives dead 1901artist mj blatchford
'When the Sea Gives up its Dead', 1901.Artist: MJ Blatchford
the madonna paper stork 1901artist kitagawa
'The Madonna of the Paper Stork', (1901).Artist: Kitagawa Utamaro
salisbury cathedral 1901artist london stereotype
Salisbury Cathedral, 1901.Artist: London Stereotype Works
helping mother 1901artist andre sleigh
'Helping Mother', 1901.Artist: Andre & Sleigh
the picture book 1901artist g lutzel
'The Picture Book', 1901.Artist: G Lutzel
the modern woman 1901 artist unknown
'The Modern Woman', 1901. Artist: Unknown
sisters 1901artist frederick downer sons
'Sisters', 1901.Artist: Frederick Downer & Sons
animals pets/companions 1901artist arthur cox illustrating
'Companions', 1901.Artist: Arthur Cox Illustrating Co
reredos st pauls cathedral 1901 artist unknown
The Reredos in St Paul's Cathedral, 1901. Artist: Unknown
rule britannia 1901 artist unknown
'Rule Britannia', 1901. Artist: Unknown
czar nicholas ii russia 1901artist c schutte
Czar Nicholas II of Russia, 1901.Artist: C Schutte
good bye daddy 1901artist fgo stuart
'Good-Bye, Daddy', 1901.Artist: FGO Stuart
marie studholme english theatre actress 1901
Marie Studholme, English theatre actress, 1901.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
love letter 1901 artist unknown
'Love Letter', 1901. Artist: Unknown
the woodman 1901artist thomas fall
'The Woodman', 1901.Artist: Thomas Fall
fan duvelleroy 1901artist jean malvaux
Fan by Duvelleroy, 1901.Artist: Jean Malvaux
portraiture colours 1901 artist unknown
'Portraiture in Three Colours', 1901. Artist: Unknown
commercial application colour process 1901
'Commercial Application of Three Colour Process', 1901.Artist: John Swain & Son
example mechanical drawing 1901 artist
'Example of Mechanical Drawing', 1901. Artist: Unknown
smithy 1901artist waldemar titzenthaler
The Smithy, 1901.Artist: Waldemar Titzenthaler
a parisian actress mademoiselle charlotte wiehe
'A Parisian Actress, Mademoiselle Charlotte Wiehe', 1901
a dream young summer 1901 artist unknown
'A Dream of Young Summer', 1901. Artist: Unknown
old irish low back car 1901artist r welsh
'Old Irish Low-Back Car', 1901.Artist: R Welsh
tyne 1901artist ew ashworth
The Tyne, 1901.Artist: EW Ashworth
mrs t eyre macklin 1901artist david blount
Mrs T Eyre Macklin, 1901.Artist: David Blount
albert memorial london 1901artist pawson
The Albert Memorial, London, 1901.Artist: Pawson & Brailsford
lake nambino brentagroup tyrol 1901 artist
Lake Nambino and the Brentagroup, Tyrol, 1901. Artist: CM Reisch
brenta group 1901 artist cm reisch
The Brenta Group, 1901. Artist: CM Reisch
my hunt 1901 artist unknown
'My Hunt', 1901. Artist: Unknown
ornamental water park scarborough 1901artist
'Ornamental Water in Park, Scarborough', 1901.Artist: Liversidge, Ross & Co
men 19th century dress 1901artist charles edmond
Men in 19th-century dress, 1901.Artist: Charles Edmond Brock
lord roberts british soldier 1901artist elliott
Lord Roberts, British soldier, 1901.Artist: Elliott & Fry
alfred lord milner british statesman 1901artist
Alfred, Lord Milner, British statesman, 1901.Artist: Elliott & Fry
forbes robertson hamlet late 19th centuryartist
Forbes-Robertson as Hamlet, late 19th century.Artist: John Percival Gulich
knitting fisherwoman 1901artist hobbe smith
Knitting fisherwoman, 1901.Artist: Hobbe Smith
wh fox talbot british photography pioneer 1901
WH Fox Talbot, British photography pioneer, 1901. Artist: Unknown
flower market 1901artist wilhelm gause
The Flower Market, 1901.Artist: Wilhelm Gause
for god king marston moor 1644 1893artist
'For God and King, at Marston Moor', 1644, (1893).Artist: Stanley Berkeley
sarah bernhardt french actress 1901artist
Sarah Bernhardt, French actress, 1901.Artist: Art Photogravure Co
bullfight madrid spain 1894 artist unknown
Bullfight in Madrid, Spain, 1894. Artist: Unknown
tuareg caravan winter velodrome paris 1894 artist
The Tuareg Caravan at the Winter Velodrome, Paris, 1894. Artist: Unknown
eugene turpin french chemist 1894 artist
Eugene Turpin, French chemist, 1894. Artist: Unknown
the hot hand 1894 artist ferdinand roybet
'The Hot Hand', 1894. Artist: Ferdinand Roybet
death marie francois sadi carnot president french
Death of Marie Francois Sadi Carnot, President of the French Third Republic, 1894
assassination marie francois sadi carnot president
Assassination of Marie Francois Sadi Carnot, President of the French Third Republic, 1894
jean casimir perier french politician 1894 artist
Jean Casimir-Perier, French politician, 1894. Artist: F Meaulle
fashion 1794 1894 artist frederic lix
The fashion in 1794, 1894. Artist: Frederic Lix
fashion 1894 artist unknown
The fashion in 1894. Artist: Unknown
madame casimir perier children 1894 artist
Madame Casimir-Perier and her children, 1894. Artist: Unknown
sister bertrand du guesclin 1894 artist unknown
The sister of Bertrand du Guesclin, 1894. Artist: Unknown
trial sante jeronimo caserio italian anarchist
Trial of Sante Jeronimo Caserio, Italian anarchist and assassin, 1894
napoleon presenting female officer marie schellinck
Napoleon presenting female officer Marie Schellinck with the Legion d'Honneur, 1808 (1894)
death comte paris england 1894 artist lionel
The death of the Comte de Paris, England, 1894. Artist: Lionel Noel Royer
death lieutenant lecerf battle napa nigeria 1894
Death of Lieutenant Lecerf, Battle of Napa, Nigeria, 1894. Artist: Frederic Lix
the death bara 1894 artist unknown
'The Death of Bara', 1894. Artist: Unknown
french soldiers trench warfare manoeuvres 1894
French soldiers on trench warfare manoeuvres, 1894. Artist: Lionel Noel Royer
baron courcel french ambassador london 1894
Baron de Courcel, the French ambassador to London, 1894. Artist: Unknown
m le myre vilers madagascar 1894 artist f
M le Myre de Vilers in Madagascar, 1894. Artist: F Meaulle
taking chinese flag japanese officer 1894 artist
The Taking of the Chinese Flag by a Japanese Officer, 1894. Artist: Henri Meyer
tsarevich nicholas father tsar alexander iii russia
The Tsarevich Nicholas and his father Tsar Alexander III of Russia, 1894
announcement health tsar alexander russia livadia
Announcement on the health of Tsar Alexander of Russia, Livadia Palace, St Petersburg
tsar nicholas ii russia 1894 artist henri meyer
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, 1894. Artist: Henri Meyer
death tsar alexander iii russia 1894 artist
The death of Tsar Alexander III of Russia, 1894. Artist: Henri Meyer
tsarina alexandra empress consort russia 1894
Tsarina Alexandra, Empress consort of Russia, 1894. Artist: Unknown
general jacques duchesne commander french expeditionary
General Jacques Duchesne, commander of the French expeditionary force to Madagascar, 1894
swearing oath allegiance tsar nicholas ii russian
Swearing the oath of allegiance to Tsar Nicholas II, Russian church in Paris, 1894
rest peace performance theatre la gaite 1894
Rest In Peace, performance at the Theatre de la Gaite, 1894. Artist: Henri Meyer
franco russian alliance 1893 artist henri meyer
Franco-Russian Alliance, 1893. Artist: Henri Meyer
mail delivery grand military manoeuvers 1893
Mail delivery before the grand military manoeuvers, 1893. Artist: Henri Meyer
port toulon 1893 artist henri meyer
The port of Toulon, 1893. Artist: Henri Meyer
russian admiral avellan board cruiser emperor
Russian Admiral Avellan on board the cruiser 'Emperor Nicholas I', 1893. Artist
franco russian entente 1893 artist henri meyer
The Franco-Russian Entente, 1893. Artist: Henri Meyer
view paris 1892 artist henri meyer
View of Paris, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
cholera russia troubles astrakhan 1892 artist
Cholera in Russia, the troubles in Astrakhan, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
arrival president republique chateau fontainebleau
Arrival of the president of the Republique, Chateau de Fontainebleau, 1892. Artist
taking tuileries 10th august 1792 1892 artist
'Taking of the Tuileries', 10th August 1792, (1892). Artist: Henri Paul Motte
lucienne breval playing role salammbo 1892
'Lucienne Breval playing the role of 'Salammbo', 1892. Artist: Unknown
return christopher columbus 1892 artist
'Return of Christopher Columbus', 1892. Artist: Unknown
attack villagers dahomey french 1892 artist
Attack on the Villagers of Dahomey by the French, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
tribal chiefs swearing fidelity sultan morocco 1892
The Tribal Chiefs Swearing Fidelity to the Sultan of Morocco, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
rag bone man paris 1892 artist henri meyer
The rag and bone man of Paris, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
the fortune teller 1892 artist unknown
'The Fortune Teller', 1892. Artist: Unknown
rescue victims aubervilliers fort 1892 artist
Rescue of the victims at Aubervilliers fort, 1892. Artist: Unknown
horticulture exposition cours la reine paris 1892
Horticulture exposition, Cours La Reine, Paris, 1892. Artist: F Meaulle
royal princesses preaching holy war madagascar 1894
The royal princesses preaching the holy war in Madagascar, 1894. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
combat lion bull spain 1894 artist unknown
Combat between a lion and a bull, Spain, 1894. Artist: Unknown
captain dreyfus court martial 1894 artist henri
Captain Dreyfus before the court martial, 1894. Artist: Henri Meyer
disturbances seoul korea 1894 artist frederic
Disturbances in Seoul, Korea, 1894. Artist: Frederic Lix
capture french travelers brigands sardinia 1894
The capture of two french travelers by brigands in Sardinia, 1894. Artist: Unknown
pyrenees 1894 artist unknown
'Pyrenees', 1894. Artist: Unknown
marianne queen washerwomen 1893 artist henri
'Marianne, the Queen of the Washerwomen', 1893. Artist: Henri Meyer


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