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22 Jun 2007

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glorious flag zouaves palestro arrives marseilles
The glorious flag of the zouaves of Palestro arrives in Marseilles, 1903. Artist: Unknown
arrow head 1923 artist unknown
Arrow-Head, 1923. Artist: Unknown
axe head 1923 artist unknown
Axe-Head, 1923. Artist: Unknown
hei tiki 1923 artist unknown
The Hei-Tiki, 1923. Artist: Unknown
grotesque figure 1923 artist unknown
Grotesque Figure, 1923. Artist: Unknown
eye agate 1923 artist unknown
Eye-Agate, 1923. Artist: Unknown
book charms 1923 artist unknown
Book of Charms, 1923. Artist: Unknown
tortoise 1923 artist unknown
The Tortoise, 1923. Artist: Unknown
dorje 1923 artist unknown
The Dorje, 1923. Artist: Unknown
conch shell 1923 artist unknown
Conch Shell, 1923. Artist: Unknown
food charm 1923 artist unknown
Food Charm, 1923. Artist: Unknown
magic nails 1923 artist unknown
Magic Nails, 1923. Artist: Unknown
inscribed amulet 1923 artist unknown
Inscribed Amulet, 1923. Artist: Unknown
gnostic talisman 1923 artist unknown
Gnostic Talisman, 1923. Artist: Unknown
fish 1923 artist unknown
The Fish, 1923. Artist: Unknown
amulet box 1923 artist unknown
Amulet-Box, 1923. Artist: Unknown
necklace charms 1923 artist unknown
Necklace of Charms, 1923. Artist: Unknown
bulla 1923 artist unknown
The Bulla, 1923. Artist: Unknown
tusk 1923 artist unknown
The Tusk, 1923. Artist: Unknown
cornucopia 1923 artist unknown
The Cornucopia, 1923. Artist: Unknown
frog 1923 artist unknown
The Frog, 1923. Artist: Unknown
menat 1923 artist unknown
The Menat, 1923. Artist: Unknown
buckle isis 1923 artist unknown
The Buckle of Isis, 1923. Artist: Unknown
utchat 1923 artist unknown
The Utchat, 1923. Artist: Unknown
heart 1923 artist unknown
The Heart, 1923. Artist: Unknown
tet 1923 artist unknown
The Tet, 1923. Artist: Unknown
tau cross 1923 artist unknown
The Tau Cross, 1923. Artist: Unknown
solomons seal 1923 artist unknown
Solomon's Seal, 1923. Artist: Unknown
greek vowels 1923 artist unknown
The Greek Vowels, 1923. Artist: Unknown
scarab 1923 artist unknown
The Scarab, 1923. Artist: Unknown
serpent 1923 artist unknown
The Serpent, 1923. Artist: Unknown
hand 1923 artist unknown
The Hand, 1923. Artist: Unknown
cross 1923 artist unknown
The Cross, 1923. Artist: Unknown
troops trying contain forest fire algeria 1904
Troops trying to contain a forest fire, Algeria, 1904. Artist: Unknown
explosion board russian battleship tsesarevich
Explosion on board the Russian battleship 'Tsesarevich', Battle of the Yellow Sea
bringers bad news 1904 artist unknown
'Bringers of Bad News', 1904. Artist: Unknown
japanese soldiers dogs locate russian hiding
Japanese soldiers with dogs locate a Russian in hiding, Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist
map theatre russo japanese war 1904 artist
Map of the theatre of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist: A Meunier
captain lebediev heroically defending bastion
Captain Lebediev heroically defending the bastion at Port Arthur, Russo-Japanese War, 1904
off duty japanese soldiers theatre camp russo japanese
Off duty Japanese soldiers at the theatre in their camp, Russo-Japanese War, 1904
japanese troops attacking russian trenches mukden
Japanese troops attacking Russian trenches, Mukden, Manchuria, October 1904. Artist
death joseph chief nez perce 1904 artist
Death of Joseph, Chief of the Nez-Perce, 1904. Artist: Unknown
siege port arthur russo japanese war 1904 artist
Siege of Port Arthur, Russo-Japanese-War, 1904. Artist: Unknown
chinese army led marshal ma manchurian border
The Chinese Army led by Marshal Ma on the Manchurian border, Russo-Japanese War, 1904
launch french battleship patrie toulon december
Launch of the French battleship 'Patrie', Toulon, December 1903 (1904). Artist
embarkation convicts french guiana 1904 artist
Embarkation of convicts for French Guiana, 1904. Artist: Unknown
ostriches attacking car california usa 1904
Ostriches attacking a car, California, USA, 1904. Artist: Unknown
excavations antinopolis egypt albert gayet 1904
The excavations of Antinopolis, Egypt, by Albert Gayet, 1904. Artist: Unknown
audience muhammad iv al hadi bey tunis 1904
Audience with Muhammad IV al-Hadi, the Bey of Tunis, 1904. Artist: Unknown
inauguration louis pasteurs statue paris 1904
Inauguration of Louis Pasteur's statue, Paris, 1904. Artist: Unknown
fight french japanese soldiers russo japanese war
Fight between French and Japanese soldiers during the Russo-Japanese War, China, 1904
the first distribution crosses legion honour
'The First Distribution of Crosses of the Legion of Honour', 1804 (1904). Artist
mud manchuria russo japanese war 1904 artist
In the mud of Manchuria, Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist: Unknown
armed criminals fighting police place la bastille
Armed criminals fighting with the police, Place de la Bastille, Paris, 1904. Artist
strasbourg statue place la concorde paris 1904
Strasbourg statue, Place de la Concorde, Paris, 1904. Artist: Unknown
armed invasion tibet british indian forces 1904
Armed invasion of Tibet by British and Indian forces, 1904. Artist: Unknown
german garrison windhoek besieged herero south west
The German garrison of Windhoek, besieged by the Herero, South-West Africa, 1904. Artist
emperor shown heads mandarins suspected supporting
The Emperor being shown heads of Mandarins suspected of supporting the Russians, China, 1904
uniforms japanese army manchuria 1904 artist
Uniforms of the Japanese Army, Manchuria, 1904. Artist: Unknown
fighting liberal movement russia st petersburg 1904
Serious fighting by the Liberal Movement in Russia, St Petersburg, 1904. Artist: Unknown
wife colonel jankoff saving regimental flags
The wife of colonel Jankoff saving the regimental flags, bombardment of Vladivostok, 1904
map russo japanese war 1904 artist unknown
Map of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist: Unknown
departure berlin 1904 artist unknown
The departure from Berlin, 1904. Artist: Unknown
cossacks fighting manchus russo japanes war 1904
Cossacks fighting Manchus, Russo-Japanes War, 1904. Artist: Unknown
transporting sick wounded russian troops skis
Transporting sick and wounded Russian troops on skis, Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist
the gate clichy defence paris 30th march 1814
'The Gate at Clichy during the Defence of Paris, 30th March 1814', (1904)
sinking russian battleship petropavlosk russo japanese
Sinking of the Russian battleship 'Petropavlosk', Russo-Japanese War, 13th April 1904
entombment isabella ii spain monastery el escorial
Entombment of Isabella II of Spain, Monastery of El Escorial, 1904. Artist: Unknown
president republic france rome 1904 artist
The President of the Republic of France in Rome, 1904. Artist: Unknown
king queen portugal presented flowers admiral
King and Queen of Portugal, presented with flowers by Admiral Touchard, 1904. Artist
grand ballet theatre du chatelet paris 1904
The Grand Ballet, Theatre du Chatelet, Paris, 1904. Artist: Unknown
russian nurse taken prisoner manchus handed japanese
Russian nurse taken prisoner by the Manchus being handed over to the Japanese, Manchuria, 1904
dispute french english fishermen channel 1904
Dispute between French and English fishermen in the Channel, 1904. Artist: Unknown
baptism prince piedmont quirinal palace rome 1904
The baptism of the Prince of Piedmont, Quirinal Palace, Rome, 1904. Artist: Unknown
general kuropatkin touring russian lines car
General Kuropatkin touring the Russian lines by car, Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist
revolt blind men hospice france 1904 artist
Revolt by blind men in a hospice, France, 1904. Artist: Unknown
japanese attack hospital train near port arthur
Japanese attack on a hospital train near Port Arthur, Manchuria, Russo-Japanese War, 1904
heroism russian military band battle yalu river
Heroism of a Russian military band, Battle of Yalu River, Russo-Japanese War, 1904
french army buying horses 1904 artist unknown
The French army buying horses, 1904. Artist: Unknown
filming manchuria russo japanese war 1904 artist
Filming in Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist: Unknown
piano burning united states 1904 artist
Piano burning, United States, 1904. Artist: Unknown
surprise attack russian cavalry road port arthur
Surprise attack by Russian cavalry on the road to Port Arthur, Russo-Japanese War, 1904
french troops parading past monument battle waterloo
French troops parading past the monument to the battle of Waterloo, 1904. Artist: Unknown
japanese attack russian entrenchment russo japanese
Japanese attack on a Russian entrenchment, Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist: Unknown
frenchman leon thery winner gordon bennett cup
Frenchman Leon Thery, winner of the Gordon Bennett Cup in auto racing, 1904. Artist
festival state schools organised government trocadero
Festival of State Schools organised by the Government at the Trocadero in Paris, 1904
marshal massena battle wagram austria 5th 6th
Marshal Massena at the Battle of Wagram, Austria, 5th-6th July 1809, (1904). Artist
fantasy billionaire human chess game 1904 artist
Fantasy of a billionaire: a human chess game, 1904. Artist: Unknown
general dragomirov kisses flag troops depart russo japanese
General Dragomirov kisses the flag before troops depart for the Russo-Japanese War, 1904
end strike dock workers port marseilles france 1904
The end of the strike by dock workers at the port of Marseilles, France, 1904. Artist
russian attack manchuria russo japanese war 1904
Russian attack in Manchuria, Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist: Unknown
female siberian cossack cavalry corps russo japanese
Female Siberian Cossack cavalry corps, Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Artist: Unknown
flash flood ain sefra algeria 1904 artist
Flash flood at Ain Sefra, Algeria, 1904. Artist: Unknown
bandits attacking mail coach moroccan frontier 1904
Bandits attacking a mail coach on the Moroccan frontier, 1904. Artist: Unknown
13th dalai lama fleeing british invasion tibet 1904
The 13th Dalai Lama fleeing the British invasion of Tibet, 1904. Artist: Unknown
passenger liner liban sinking colliding ship 1903
The passenger liner 'Liban' sinking after colliding with another ship, 1903
general oconnor commander expeditionary force figuig
General O'Connor, commander of the expeditionary force to Figuig, Morocco, 1903
forceful repression figuig south eastern morocco
The forceful repression of Figuig, south-eastern Morocco, 1903. Artist: Unknown
french army drum school 1903 artist unknown
French army drum school, 1903. Artist: Unknown


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