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9 May 2006

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entrance hampton court palace 1880artist
'Entrance to Hampton Court Palace', 1880.Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
sir william forbes pitsligo 6th baronet scottish
Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, 6th Baronet, Scottish banker, (1870)
james dalrymple 1st viscount stair scottish
James Dalrymple, 1st Viscount of Stair, Scottish lawyer and statesman, (1870).Artist
andrew cant presbyterian minister leader scottish
Andrew Cant, Presbyterian minister and leader of the Scottish Covenanters, (1870)
aborigines north america 1873 artist jj crew
'Aborigines of North America', 1873. Artist: JJ Crew
henry home lord kames scottish philosopher 1870
Henry Home, Lord Kames, Scottish philosopher, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
sir john moore british soldier general 1870
Sir John Moore, British soldier and general, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
robert henry scottish historian 1870artist
Robert Henry, Scottish historian, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
james gregory scottish mathematician astronomer
James Gregory, Scottish mathematician and astronomer, (1870).Artist: William Holl
william drummond scottish poet 1870artist
William Drummond, Scottish poet, (1870).Artist: J Rogers
james douglas 4th earl morton 1870artist
James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton, (1870).Artist: GB Shaw
george campbell scottish enlightenment philosopher
George Campbell, Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, (1870).Artist: W Holl
john anderson scottish professor natural philosophy
John Anderson, Scottish professor of natural philosophy, (1870).Artist: William Holl
adam duncan viscount duncan camperdown scottish
Adam Duncan, Viscount Duncan of Camperdown, Scottish navy officer, (1870)
patrick colquhoun scottish police magistrate
Patrick Colquhoun, Scottish police magistrate and statistical writer, (1870).Artist
john hunter scottish surgeon 1870artist francis
John Hunter, Scottish surgeon, 1870.Artist: Francis Holl
james boswell 9th laird auchinleck scottish lawyer
James Boswell, 9th Laird of Auchinleck, Scottish lawyer, diarist, and author, (1870)
james bruce scottish traveller travel writer 1870
James Bruce, Scottish traveller and travel writer, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
james beattie scottish academic writer 1870
James Beattie, Scottish academic and writer, (1870).Artist: GB Shaw
joseph black scottish physicist chemist 1870
Joseph Black, Scottish physicist and chemist, (1870).Artist: J Rogers
alexander adam scottish teacher writer roman
Alexander Adam, Scottish teacher and writer on Roman antiquities, (1870)
william aikman eminent scottish portrait painter
William Aikman, eminent Scottish portrait painter, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
sir ralph abercromby british lieutenant general
Sir Ralph Abercromby, British Lieutenant-General, (1870).Artist: H Robinson
allan ramsay scottish poet 1870artist william
Allan Ramsay, Scottish poet, (1870).Artist: William Howson
reverend andrew thomson scottish clergyman 1870
Reverend Andrew Thomson, Scottish clergyman, 1870.Artist: Charles Holl
sir henry raeburn scottish portrait painter 1870
Sir Henry Raeburn, Scottish portrait painter, (1870).Artist: TW Knight
henry mackenzie scottish novelist miscellaneous
Henry Mackenzie, Scottish novelist and miscellaneous writer, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
john moore scottish physician writer 1870
John Moore, Scottish physician and writer, (1870).Artist: J Cochran
robert leighton scottish prelate 1870artist
Robert Leighton, Scottish prelate, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
alexander henderson scottish theologian 1870
Alexander Henderson, Scottish theologian, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
francis jeffrey lord jeffrey scottish judge
Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey, Scottish judge and literary critic, (1870)
university edinburgh scotland 1870artist w
The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1870.Artist: W Forrest
sir david wilkie scottish painter 1870artist
Sir David Wilkie, Scottish painter, (1870).Artist: William Holl
robert hamilton scottish economist mathematician
Robert Hamilton, Scottish economist and mathematician, (1870).Artist: William Holl
reverend james grahame scottish poet 1870
Reverend James Grahame, Scottish poet, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
john gregory scottish physician philosopher 1870
John Gregory, Scottish physician and philosopher, (1870).Artist: W Howison
st andrews scotland 1870 artist s bradshaw
St Andrews, Scotland, 1870. Artist: S Bradshaw
quadrangle eton college 1880 artist unknown
'Quadrangle of Eton College', 1880. Artist: Unknown
eton college 1880 artist unknown
'Eton College', 1880. Artist: Unknown
round tower windsor 1880 artist unknown
'Round Tower, Windsor', 1880. Artist: Unknown
st georges chapel 1880 artist unknown
'St George's Chapel', 1880. Artist: Unknown
windsor castle 1880 artist unknown
'Windsor Castle', 1880. Artist: Unknown
ruins windsor park 1880 artist unknown
'Ruins in Windsor Park', 1880. Artist: Unknown
windsor sunrise brocas 1880artist robert
'Windsor at Sunrise, from the Brocas', 1880.Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
old windsor lock 1880artist robert taylor
'Old Windsor Lock', 1880.Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
prince consorts mausoleum 1880artist robert
'Prince Consort's Mausoleum', 1880.Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
lake virginia water 1880 artist unknown
'Lake at Virginia Water', 1880. Artist: Unknown
cascade virginia water 1880 artist unknown
'Cascade at Virginia Water', 1880. Artist: Unknown
long walk windsor park 1880 artist unknown
'Long Walk, Windsor Park', 1880. Artist: Unknown
hampton court palace 1880 artist unknown
'Hampton Court Palace', 1880. Artist: Unknown
richmond bridge 1880 artist unknown
'Richmond Bridge', 1880. Artist: Unknown
view richmond hill 1880 artist unknown
'View from Richmond Hill', 1880. Artist: Unknown
inner court university glasgow scotland 1870
The inner court of the University of Glasgow, Scotland, 1870.Artist: T Flemming
alexander cruden author concordance bible 1870
Alexander Cruden, author of a concordance to the Bible, (1870).Artist: W Holl
hector boece boyce scottish philosopher 1870
Hector Boece or Boyce, Scottish philosopher, (1870). Artist: W Howison
gilbert burnet scottish theologian historian 1870
Gilbert Burnet, Scottish theologian and historian, (1870). Artist: J Rogers
david beaton archbishop st andrews 1870 artist
David Beaton, Archbishop of St Andrews, (1870). Artist: S Freeman
robert tannahill scottish poet 1870 artist
Robert Tannahill, Scottish poet, 1870. Artist: Samuel Freeman
james watt scottish inventor engineer 1870
James Watt, Scottish inventor and engineer, (1870). Artist: William Holl
sir george mackenzie rosehaugh scottish lawyer
Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, Scottish lawyer and legal writer, (1870). Artist
duncan forbes scottish politician judge 1870
Duncan Forbes, Scottish politician and judge, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
andrew fletcher saltoun scottish writer politician
Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, Scottish writer, politician and patriot, (1870).Artist
william carstares scottish clergyman 1870
William Carstares, Scottish clergyman, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
robert baillie scottish historical writer professor
Robert Baillie, Scottish historical writer and professor of divinity, (1870). Artist
james stewart 1st earl moray regent scotland 1870
James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray, Regent of Scotland, (1870). Artist: TW Knight
dugald stewart scottish philosopher 1870 artist
Dugald Stewart, Scottish philosopher, (1870). Artist: S Freeman
sir robert strange scottish artist 1870 artist
Sir Robert Strange, Scottish artist, (1870). Artist: S Freeman
james sharpe scottish clergyman 1870 artist
James Sharpe, Scottish clergyman, (1870). Artist: R Page
william mcgavin scottish controversialist 1870
William McGavin, Scottish controversialist, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
hector macneil scottish poet writer 1870 artist
Hector MacNeil, Scottish poet and writer, (1870). Artist: J Rogers
dr william hunter scottish anatomist obstetrician
Dr William Hunter, Scottish anatomist and obstetrician, (1870). Artist: S Freeman
thomas dalziel scottish general 1870artist
Thomas Dalziel, Scottish general, (1870).Artist: H Robinson
reverend james guthrie minister stirling 1661
Reverend James Guthrie, Minister of Stirling, 1661, (1870).Artist: S Freeman
princesses elizabeth margaret rose door little house
The Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose at the door of the Little House, 1933, (c1935)
king george v cup final wembley april 23rd 1927
King George V at the Cup Final, Wembley, April 23rd, 1927, (c1935). Artist: Unknown
george v prince wales reviewing fleet july 26th
George V and the Prince of Wales reviewing the Fleet, July 26th, 1924, (c1935). Artist
king george v cenotaph november 11th 1920 c1935
King George V at the Cenotaph, November 11th, 1920, (c1935). Artist: Unknown
memorial service lord kitchener june 13th 1916
Memorial service to Lord Kitchener, June 13th, 1916. c1935. Artist: Unknown
alexandra rose day c1935 artist unknown
Alexandra Rose Day, c1935. Artist: Unknown
prince wales ottawa canada september 1st 1919
The Prince of Wales at Ottawa, Canada, September 1st, 1919, (c1935). Artist: Unknown
marriage duke duchess kent november 1934 c1935
The marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Kent, November 1934, (c1935). Artist: Unknown
prince wales future king edward viii c 1935
The Prince of Wales, future King Edward VIII, c 1935. Artist: Unknown
king george v c1935 artist unknown
King George V, c1935. Artist: Unknown
queen mary c1935 artist unknown
Queen Mary, c1935. Artist: Unknown
reign king george v silver jubilee cigarette
The Reign of King George V, Silver Jubilee, cigarette card collectors book, c1935
windsor clewer 1880artist robert taylor
'Windsor, from Clewer', 1880.Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
putney bridge church moonlight 1880 artist
'Putney Bridge and Church by Moonlight', 1880. Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
windmill wimbledon common 1880 artist robert
'Windmill on Wimbledon Common', 1880. Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
chiswick london 1880 artist robert taylor
'Chiswick', London, 1880. Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
windsor east approach 1880artist robert
'Windsor, from the East Approach', 1880.Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
albert memorial chapel windsor 1880 artist
'Albert Memorial Chapel', Windsor, 1880. Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
the waterloo chamber windsor castle 1880 artist
'The Waterloo Chamber', Windsor Castle, 1880. Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
the throne room windsor 1880artist robert
'The Throne Room, Windsor', 1880.Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
king george v artist unknown
King George V. Artist: Unknown
queen mary c1930s artist unknown
Queen Mary, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
alexandra denmark late 19th century artist
Alexandra of Denmark, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
king edward vii artist unknown
King Edward VII. Artist: Unknown
queen victoria late 19th century artist unknown
Queen Victoria, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
caroline brunswick queen consort king george iv
Caroline of Brunswick, Queen Consort of King George IV, early 19th century. Artist


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