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22 Jun 2006

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louis alexandre berthier 1753 1815 marshal france
Louis Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Contenau
sylvain charles valee 1773 1840 marshal france
Sylvain Charles Valee (1773-1840), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Francois
emmanuel marquis grouchy 1766 1847 french
Emmanuel, marquis de Grouchy (1766-1847), French general and marshal, 1839.Artist: Geille
laurent jean francois truguet 1765 1831 french
Laurent Jean Francois Truguet (1765-1831), French admiral, 1839.Artist: Geille
georges mouton 1770 1838 marshal france 1839
Georges Mouton (1770-1838), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Ruhiere
bertrand clausel 1772 1842 marshal france 1839
Bertrand Clausel (1772-1842), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Ruhiere
etienne maurice gerard 1773 1852 french general
Etienne Maurice Gerard (1773-1852), French general and statesman, 1839
guy victor duperre 1775 1846 french admiral 1839
Guy-Victor Duperre (1775-1846), French admiral, 1839.Artist: Julien Leopold Boilly
nicolas joseph maison 1770 1840 marshal france
Nicolas Joseph Maison (1770-1840), Marshal of France and Minister of War, 1839.Artist
louis aloy hohenlohe waldenburg bartenstein 1765 1829
Louis Aloy de Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein (1765-1829), Marshal of France, 1839
gabriel jean joseph molitor 1770 1849 marshal
Gabriel Jean Joseph Molitor (1770-1849), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Leclerc
jacques alexandre bernard 1768 1828 marquis
Jacques Alexandre Bernard (1768-1828), Marquis de Lauriston, 1839
joseph hyacinthe 1734 1827 marquis viomenil
Joseph Hyacinthe (1734-1827), Marquis de Viomenil and Marshal of France, 1839.Artist
henri jacques guillaume clarke 1765 1818 duc
Henri Jacques-Guillaume Clarke (1765-1818), duc de Feltre and Marshal of France, 1839
francois henri franquetot coigny 1737 1821
Francois-Henri de Franquetot de Coigny (1737-1821), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist
pierre ruel 1752 1821 marquis beurnonville
Pierre de Ruel (1752-1821), marquis de Beurnonville, French general, 1839.Artist: Darodes
joseph antoni poniatowski 1763 1813 polish
Joseph Antoni Poniatowski (1763-1813), Polish prince and Marshal of France, 1839.Artist
laurent gouvion saint cyr 1764 1830 marshal france
Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr (1764-1830), Marshal of France, 1839
louis gabriel suchet 1770 1826 duc dalbufera
Louis Gabriel Suchet (1770-1826), duc d'Albufera da Valencia and Marshal of France, 1839
auguste frederic louis viesse marmont 1774 852
Auguste Frederic Louis Viesse de Marmont (1774-852), Duke of Ragusa and Marshal of France, 1839
etienne jacques joseph alexandre macdonald 1765 1840
Etienne Jacques-Joseph-Alexandre MacDonald (1765-1840), Duke of Taranto and Marshal of France
nicolas charles oudinot 1767 1847 duke reggio
Nicolas Charles Oudinot (1767-1847), Duke of Reggio and Marshal of France, 1839.Artist
claude victor perrin 1764 1841 duc belluno 1839
Claude Victor Perrin (1764-1841), duc de Belluno, 1839.Artist: A Migneret
jean mathieu philibert serurier 1742 1819 marshal
Jean Mathieu Philibert Serurier (1742-1819), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: A Migneret
dominique catherine perignon 1754 1818 marquis
Dominique Catherine Perignon (1754-1818), Marquis de Grenade and Marshal of France, 1839
francois joseph lefebvre 1755 1820 duc dantzig
Francois Joseph Lefebvre (1755-1820), duc de Dantzig, 1839.Artist: Francois Pigeot
francois christophe kellermann 1735 1820 duke
Francois Christophe Kellermann (1735-1820), Duke of Valmy and Marshal of France, 1839
jean baptiste bessieres 1768 1813 duke istria 1839
Jean Baptiste Bessieres (1768-1813), Duke of Istria, 1839.Artist: Ladoerer
louis nicolas davout 1770 1823 duc dauerstaedt
Louis Nicolas d'Avout (1770-1823), Duc d'Auerstaedt and Prince d'Eckmuhl, 1839
michel ney 1769 1815 prince la moskowa duke
Michel Ney (1769-1815), Prince de la Moskowa, Duke of Elchingen and Marshal of France, 1839
edouard adolphe casimir joseph mortier 1768 1835
Edouard Adolphe Casimir Joseph Mortier (1768-1835), duc de Trevise and Marshal of France, 1839
jean lannes 1769 1809 duke montebello marshal
Jean Lannes (1769-1809), Duke of Montebello and Marshal of France, 1839
guillaume marie anne brune 1763 1815 marshal france
Guillaume Marie Anne Brune (1763-1815), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Contenau
nicolas jean dieu soult 1769 1851 duc dalmatie
Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult (1769-1851), duc de Dalmatie, 1839.Artist: De Mare
pierre augereau 1757 1816 duc castiglione 1839
Pierre Augereau (1757-1816), duc de Castiglione, 1839.Artist: Francois Pigeot
charles xiv john sweden 1763 1844 king sweden 1839
Charles XIV John of Sweden (1763-1844), King of Sweden, 1839.Artist: Francois Pigeot
andre massena 1758 1817 marshal france 1839
Andre Massena (1758-1817), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Legris
jean baptiste jourdan 1762 1833 marshal france
Jean-Baptiste Jourdan (1762-1833), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Legris
bon adrien jeannot moncey 1754 1842 marshal france
Bon Adrien Jeannot de Moncey (1754-1842), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Geille
joachim murat 1767 1815 marshal france 1839
Joachim Murat (1767-1815), Marshal of France, 1839.Artist: Geille