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21 Jun 2006

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german national assembly frankfurt 1900artist
German National Assembly, Frankfurt, 1900.Artist: Paul Burde
military parade paris france c18th century artist
A military parade through Paris, France, c18th century. Artist: Unknown
battle khartoum 1885 1900 artist unknown
The Battle of Khartoum, 1885 (1900). Artist: Unknown
roger palmer 1634 1705 1st earl castlemaine
Roger Palmer (1634-1705), 1st Earl of Castlemaine, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
mary davis 19th century artist unknown
Mary Davis, 19th Century. Artist: Unknown
edward hyde 1609 1674 1st earl clarendon 19th
Edward Hyde (1609-1674), 1st Earl of Clarendon, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
william craven 1606 1697 1st earl craven 19th
William Craven (1606-1697), 1st Earl of Craven, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
thomas killigrew 1612 1683 english dramatist
Thomas Killigrew (1612-1683), English dramatist and theatre manager, 19th century
the great london year 1666 19th century artist
'The Great Fire of London in the year 1666', (19th century). Artist: Unknown
view london c1650 19th century artist
View of London, c1650, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
william pitt amherst 1st earl amherst british
William Pitt Amherst, 1st Earl Amherst, British statesman and diplomat, 19th century
sir david wilkie scottish painter 19th century
Sir David Wilkie, Scottish painter, 19th century.Artist: H Robinson
sir thomas picton british soldier 19th century
Sir Thomas Picton, British soldier, 19th century.Artist: Peltro William Tomkins
george iv king great britain ireland hanover
George IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland and of Hanover, 19th century
adelaide saxe meiningen queen consort william
Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, Queen Consort of William IV of the United Kingdom, 19th century
william iv king great britain ireland hanover
William IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland and of Hanover, 19th Century.Artist
george iii king great britain ireland 19th century
George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland, 19th century.Artist: W Holl
william pitt younger british politician 19th century
William Pitt the Younger, British politician, 19th century.Artist: James Posselwhite
george chapman english dramatist translator
George Chapman, English dramatist, translator, poet and classical scholar, (19th century)
william king english poet 1781 artist
William King, English poet, (1781). Artist: Unknown
thomas clarkson english politician anti slavery
Thomas Clarkson, English politician and anti-slavery campaigner, 19th century.Artist
john hunter 18th century scottish surgeon 19th
John Hunter, 18th century Scottish surgeon, (19th century).Artist: GH Adcock
spencer perceval british statesman prime minister
Spencer Perceval, British statesman and Prime Minister, 19th century.Artist: C Picart
william gifford english critic editor poet
William Gifford, English critic, editor and poet, (19th century).Artist: S Freeman
thomas randolph 17th century english poet dramatist
Thomas Randolph, 17th century English poet and dramatist, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
types postmen 1800 1870 1900 artist unknown
Types of postmen from 1800-1870, (1900). Artist: Unknown
accession throne frederick william iv prussia
The accession to the throne of Frederick William IV of Prussia, 15 October 1840, (1900)
arc triomphe place letoile paris 20 april 1848
The Arc de Triomphe, Place de l'Etoile, Paris, 20 April 1848.Artist: Lipperheide
street hong kong 1900 artist unknown
A street in Hong Kong, 1900. Artist: Unknown
the raft medusa 1900 artist unknown
'The Raft of the Medusa', 1900. Artist: Unknown
stockton darlington railway 1825 1900 artist
The Stockton & Darlington Railway, 1825 (1900). Artist: Unknown
frederick william iii king prussia sons 1900
Frederick William III, King of Prussia, and his sons, (1900). Artist: Unknown
liberty leading people 28th july 1830 1900
'Liberty Leading the People' 28th July 1830 (1900). Artist: Unknown
otto i king greece landing nauplia 6 february 1833
Otto I, King of Greece, landing in Nauplia, 6 February 1833 (1900). Artist: Unknown
coronation king charles x france reims 20 may 1825
The coronation of King Charles X of France, Reims, 20 May 1825 (1900). Artist: Unknown
tsar nicholas i russia moscow 19 august 1826 1900
Tsar Nicholas I of Russia in Moscow, 19 August 1826 (1900). Artist: Unknown
coronation banquet george iv westminster hall
The coronation banquet of George IV at Westminster Hall, London, 19 July 1821 (1900)
proclamation george iv king 31 january 1820 1900
The proclamation of George IV as king, 31 January 1820 (1900). Artist: Unknown
congress vienna 1814 1815 1900 artist unknown
The Congress of Vienna, 1814-1815 (1900). Artist: Unknown
victory 1836 1900 artist adolph menzel
'Victory!', (1836), 1900. Artist: Adolph Menzel
banquet commemorating victory waterloo 1836 1900
Banquet commemorating the victory at Waterloo, 1836 (1900). Artist: Unknown
adieux fontainebleau france 20 april 1814 1900
The 'adieux' at Fontainebleau, France, 20 April 1814 (1900). Artist: Unknown
allies enter paris 31 march 1814 1900 artist
The Allies enter Paris, 31 March 1814 (1900). Artist: Unknown
capitulation paris 31 march 1814 1900 artist
Capitulation of Paris, 31 March 1814 (1900). Artist: Unknown
battle nations leipzig germany 18 october 1813
The Battle of the Nations at Leipzig, Germany, 18 October 1813 (1900). Artist: Unknown
joseph louis gay lussacs hot air balloon ascent
Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac's hot air balloon ascent, Paris, September 1804 (1900)
napoleon first empires c1804 1814 artist
'Napoleon and the first of his empires', c1804-1814. Artist: Unknown
battle trafalgar 21 october 1805 1900 artist
Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805 (1900). Artist: Unknown
coronation empress maria ludovica austria pressburg
Coronation of the Empress Maria Ludovica of Austria in Pressburg, 1808. Artist: Unknown
the consecration emperor napoleon coronation
'The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of the Empress Josephine'
the sphinx giza egypt 1840s 1900 artist
'The Sphinx at Giza', Egypt, 1840s, (1900). Artist: Unknown
napoleon bonaparte inspecting mummy pyramids 1801
Napoleon Bonaparte inspecting a mummy at the pyramids, 1801 (1900). Artist: Unknown
battle santiago cuba 3 july 1898 1900artist
Battle of Santiago de Cuba, 3 July 1898 (1900).Artist: Willy Stower
wilhelm ii emperor germany 1900artist reichard
Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, 1900.Artist: Reichard & Lindner
coronation tsar nicholas ii 26 may 1896 1900
Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, 26 May 1896, (1900). Artist: Unknown
nicholas ii emperor russia 1900 artist unknown
Nicholas II, last Emperor of Russia, 1900. Artist: Unknown
emperor franz josef i austria 1900 artist
Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria, 1900. Artist: Unknown
queen victoria 1900 artist unknown
Queen Victoria, 1900. Artist: Unknown
abdul hamid ii sultan ottoman empire 1900 artist
Abdul Hamid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, 1900. Artist: Unknown
tsar alexander ii russia staff 1900 artist
Tsar Alexander II of Russia and his staff, (1900). Artist: Unknown
pope leo xiii 1900 artist unknown
Pope Leo XIII, 1900. Artist: Unknown
pope leo xiii basilica saint peter rome 1900
Pope Leo XIII in The Basilica of Saint Peter, Rome, 1900. Artist: Unknown
quai dorsay paris world exposition 1889 1900
Quai d?Orsay, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900). Artist: Unknown
those laugh who win 1885artist frank dadd
'Those Laugh Who Win', 1885.Artist: Frank Dadd
palace horticulture paris world exposition 1889
Palace of Horticulture, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900).Artist: Ewald Thiel
fine arts palace paris world exposition 1889 1900
Fine Arts Palace, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900). Artist: Unknown
trocadero paris world exposition 1889 1900
Trocadero, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900). Artist: Unknown
old paris paris world exposition 1889 1900
Old Paris, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900).Artist: Ewald Thiel
paris world exposition 1889 1900 artist
Paris World Exposition (1889), 1900. Artist: Unknown
great ballroom palace electricity paris world
The Great Ballroom in the Palace of Electricity, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900)
fountains palace electricity champ mars paris
Fountains at the Palace of Electricity, Champ de Mars, Paris World Exposition 1889, (1900)
museum colonies trocadero paris world exposition
Museum of the Colonies, Trocadero, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900). Artist: Unknown
sketches international chess tournament may 5 1883
Sketches at the International Chess Tournament, May 5, 1883.Artist: Corbould
khmer temple paris world exposition 1889 1900
Khmer Temple, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900).Artist: Ewald Thiel
javanese coffee house trocadero paris world
Javanese coffee house, Trocadero, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900)
lens manufacture paris world exposition 1889 1900
Lens manufacture, Paris World Exposition, 1889, (1900).Artist: L Sabattier
battle paardeberg south africa second anglo boer war
The Battle of Paardeberg, South Africa, Second Anglo-Boer War, February 1900.Artist
second anglo boer war february 1900artist s
Second Anglo-Boer War, February 1900.Artist: S Paley
waterloo campaign 15 june 1815 1900 artist
Waterloo Campaign, 15 June 1815, (1900). Artist: Unknown
ship types first half 19th century 1900artist
Ship types from the first half of the 19th century, (1900).Artist: Willy Stower
seni gazing body wallenstein 1864 artist
'Seni Gazing on the Body of Wallenstein', 1864. Artist: Unknown
clifton suspension bridge river avon 1864 artist
The Clifton suspension bridge across the River Avon, 1864. Artist: Unknown
the chessplayers 1864 artist unknown
'The Chessplayers', 1864. Artist: Unknown
scene play sunny vale farm performed haymarket
Scene from the play Sunny Vale Farm, performed at the Haymarket Theatre, London, 1864
alexander von humboldt aime bonpland orinoco river
Alexander von Humboldt and Aime Bonpland on the Orinoco River, 1800-1804 (1900). Artist
immanuel kant german philosopher 1900 artist
Immanuel Kant, German philosopher, (1900). Artist: Unknown
napoleon i bonaparte emperor french 1900 artist
Napoleon I Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, (1900). Artist: Unknown
francis ii holy roman emperor 1900 artist
Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor, (1900). Artist: Unknown
chess match parsloes febuary 23rd 1794 presence
Chess match, at Parsloe's, Febuary 23rd, 1794, in the presence of the Turkish Ambassador, 1794
interior russian guardhouse crimean war 1855
Interior of a Russian guardhouse, Crimean War, 1855. Artist: Unknown
palais lumineux luminous palace paris universal
The Palais Lumineux (Luminous Palace), Paris Universal Exposition, 1900
amusement soldiers sevastopol 1855 artist
The amusement of the soldiers before Sevastopol, 1855. Artist: Unknown
french rifle pit parallel mamelon white tower
French rifle pit in the parallel before the mamelon and white tower, Sevastopol, Crimean War, 1855
russian soldiers firing english boats crew protection
Russian soldiers firing on an English boat's crew, under the protection of a flag of truce
harbour city kiel northern germany 1855 artist
The harbour and city of Kiel, northern Germany, 1855. Artist: Unknown
annual blindfold entertainment city chess club 1876
The annual blindfold entertainment at the city chess club, 1876. Artist: Unknown
chess celebrities late chess meeting 1855 artist
Chess celebrities at the late chess meeting, 1855. Artist: Unknown
a fix black move 19th centuryartist cheltnam
'A Fix, Black to Move', 19th century.Artist: Cheltnam
japanese led general oshima invade ping yang korea
The Japanese led by General Oshima invade Ping Yang, Korea, 14 September 1894, (1900)


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