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Roman Mythology Gallery

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Pomona, 1872. Creator: Julia Margaret Cameron
Crenaia, the nymph of the Dargle
Diana of the Uplands, 1903-1904, (c1915). Artist: Charles Wellington Furse
The Birth of Venus, 1875. Creator: Alexandre Cabanel
Primavera, c1478. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
Dionysus and the Maenads, 1901
Diana Cacciatrice (Diana the Huntress), 1658
The Education of the Princess. (The Marie de Medici Cycle). Artist: Rubens, Pieter Paul (1577-1640)
Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld, 1861. Artist: Corot, Jean-Baptiste Camille (1796-1875)
Dionysius in a sailing boat surrounded by dolphins, Ancient Greek dish (Krater), 530 BC
A landscape with wood; Diana offers a hare to a nymph; Silenus and Ceres in foreground, c1614. Artist: Abraham Govaerts
Pygmalion and Galatea, c. 1890. Artist: Gerome, Jean-Leon (1824-1904)
Hercules and Omphale, c. 1640. Artist: Cavallino, Bernardo (1616-1656)
Cupid complaining to Venus, c. 1525. Artist: Cranach, Lucas, the Elder (1472-1553)
Leopold I of Austria as Jupiter with his wife enthroned in the clouds, looking down... ca. 1659-82
The hellmouth, set design from Il Pomo D'Oro, 1668. Creator: Mathäus Küsel
Atrium of the Palace of Venus; set design from Il Pomo D'Oro, 1668. Creator: Mathäus Küsel
Kingdom of Pluto; a view of the underworld with Pluto and Proserpina enthroned at center, ... 1668
A sacrifice to the Olympian gods taking place at the end of a path lined with statues and... 1674
A woman standing on the right side of a road lined with columns; at center a statue of a f... 1674
Plate 6: Zephyr carrying Psyche to an enchanted palace, from the Story of Cupid and Psy... 1530-60
Prologue; the stage curtain is lifted to reveal a soldier on an elephant surrounded by his... 1678
Plate 8: Psyche seated at a table attended by invisible servants, as Cupid rests his he... 1530-60
The Seat of Saturn; Saturn at center, seated on a throne of rubble, conversing with a king... 1678
Plate 5: Psyche, seated, being taken to a mountain with a musical troupe lead the way, ... 1530-60
Plate 15: Psyche telling her sisters about her misfortunes, with her sisters falling of... 1530-60
A woman in a chariot arrives at the ruins of a building as the Olympian gods look down fro... 1668
A man and a woman conversing at center, surrounded by a row of young men to the right and... 1668
A man stands at center, flanked by rows of buildings; above Jupiter atop an eagle and Juno... 1668
Apollo seated at the right with a lyre, pointing to a kneeling man who is about to flay... 1530-60
Plate 12: Psyche's sisters persuading Psyche that she has been sleeping with a serpent, ... 1530-60
Plate 11: Psyche offering presents to her sisters who also appear on the clouds at uppe... 1530-60
Plate 2: People rendering divine honors to Psyche, from the Story of Cupid and Psyche a... 1530-60
A female figure in glory at center, surrounded by burning rocks; below Cupid sailing on a... 1668
A city under siege with elephants and soldiers throughout; Mars looking down from above; s... 1668
Venus in her dove-drawn chariot complaining to Jupiter who is accompanied by Mercury, f... 1530-60
Plate 10: Nymphs dressing Psyche's hair, from the Story of Cupid and Psyche as told by... 1530-60
Horse Tamers (Dioscuri) from the Capitoline Hill, Rome, ca. 1560-1580. Creator: Marcantonio Raimondi
A shore framed by rocks, with Neptune in his chariot on the left and Salacia in hers on th... 1668
The leaders of two armies conversing, their respective troops and camps on either side; ab... 1668
Marsh of Triton; figures battling as Minerva looks on from above; set design from Il Pomo... 1668
Cavern of Aeolus; a cave with wind gods blowing on either side of Aeolus who sits enthrone... 1668
Hercules, grasping Antaeus at the waist with both arms and lifting him off his fe... ca. 1500-1550
Venus in a Chariot drawn by Two Swans, ca. 1544. Creator: Master IQV
Plate 32: Cupid and Psyche in the nuptial bed, from the Story of Cupid and Psyche as to... 1530-60
Vulcan's Forge, ca. 1542. Creator: Master IQV
Plate 30: Venus and Cupid pleading their case before Jupiter and other Gods with Mercur... 1530-60
Plate 27: Proserpine gives Psyche the box of beauty, from the Story of Cupid and Psyche... 1530-60

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