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Man Proposes, God Disposes, 1864, (1912). Artist: Edwin Henry Landseer
From the North-West, Kirkstall Abbey, c1880, (1897). Artist: Alexander Francis Lydon
A graveyard at Gloucester which holds the remains of many of the... Gloucester, Massachusetts
The remains of the sawmill in a deserted mill town, Tamarack, Adams County, Idaho, 1939. Creator: Dorothea Lange
Cinerary Urn, 2nd-4th century CE. Creator: Unknown
Stones, Iceland A. Creator: Tom Artin
Framlingham Castle, Framlingham, Suffolk, England, UK, 25 / 5 / 10. Creator: Ethel Davies
Dunstanburgh, 2006. Creator: Ethel Davies
A Burial Party, Cold Harbor, Virginia, April 1865. Creator: John Reekie
Napoleons tomb on St Helena Island in Geranium valley. Creator: Ricois
Napoleon. Allegory, 1833. Creator: Mauzaisse, Jean-Baptiste (1784-1844)
Napoleon on his deathbed, May 5, 1821, 1821. Creator: Vernet, Horace (1789-1863)
Napoleon Coming out of his Tomb, 1869. Creator: Anonymous, 19th century
Allegory of the return of the Ashes of Napoleon, 1840. Creator: Trichot
The Tomb, 1628. Creator: Jacques Callot
Casa di Marco Lucrezio, Pompei (House of Marco Lucrezio, Pompeii), c.1870
Impronte Umane, Pompei (Human Cast, Pompeii), 1873. Creator: Giorgio Sommer
Remains of the Malakoff Tower, 1855-1856. Creator: James Robertson
Columbia from the Capitol, 1865-1866. Creator: George N. Barnard
Remains of Stone Buildings, 1855-1856. Creator: James Robertson
Fort Haight / Battle of Harlem Plains (from Scenes of Old New York), 1877
Plate 7: Ancient altar on which sacrifices were performed in antiquity
The Arch of Septimius Severus, with the Church of S. Martina on the right (Arco di Set
The Forum Romanum, or Campo Vaccino, from the Capitol, with the Arch of Septimius in t
Hadrians Villa: The Piazza d Oro (Piazza of Gold) (Veduta degli Avanzi della Circonfe
S. Constanza (erroneously callled Temple of Bacchus) (Veduta interna del Sepolcro di S
The Temple of Venus and Roma (erroneously called Temple of Sol and Luna) (Veduta degli
The Basilica of Constantine (Veduta degli avanzi della Casa aurea di Nerone, detti vol
The Theatre of Marcellus (Teatro di Marcello), ca. 1757
The Temple of Vespasian and Titus (Veduta del Tempio di Giove Tonante), ca. 1756
The Pyramid of Caius Cestius, with the Porta S. Paolo and adjoining road (Veduta del S
Veduta interna dell Atrio del Portico di Ottavia (Internal View of the Atrium of the
The Fontana dell Aqua Giulia (Vedute dell avanzo del Castello del Aqua Giulia), ca. 1753
Hadrians Villa: The Canopus (Avanzi del Tempio Dio Canopo nella Villa Adriana in Tivo
The Temple of Vespian (Veduta del Tempio di giove Tonante), ca. 1756
Veduta degli avanzi del Castro Pretorio nella Villa Adriana a Tivoli
View showing the remains of a large enclosure of columns
Remains of a covered portico, or a cryptoportiucus, in a villa of Domitian, five miles
The Triumphal Arch, from Grotteschi (Grotesques), ca. 1748
The Tomb of Nero, from the Grotteschi (Grotesques), ca. 1748
The Monumental Tablet, from Grotteschi (Grotesques), ca. 1748
Remains of ancient buldings among which stands the sepulchral urn of Marcus Agrippa ma
Ancient Altar on which sacrifices were performed in antiquity, surrounded by other rui
Remains of the Temple of Castor and Pollux... ( Avanzo del Tempio di Castore e
Roman Wall, Bread-Street-Hill, 1844. Creator: Unknown
The cists in Southover Church, 1845. Creator: Richard Henry Nibbs
Jerusalem, Restes de scupltures judaiques, 1854. Creator: Auguste Salzmann
Surgical instuments from Pompeii physicians home, Naples, Italy, c1909. Creator: Unknown

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