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Representation of the enamel effigy of Geoffrey V on his tomb at Le Mans Cathedral, 1849.Artist: Lemercier
King William as represented on his seal, (1870)
The wear and tear of a knight, 1565 (1849).Artist: Jost Ammon
The Barbers Boutique, (1885).Artist: Charles Nicolas Cochin
The Toilet Of The Clerk Prosecutor, (1885).Artist: Carle Vernet
Charlemagne (712-814), Holy Roman Emperor and King of the Franks, 16th century (1849)
A schoolhouse, 16th century (1849)
Single combat, 15th century (1849)
Interview between Francis I and Henry VIII, on the Field of the Cloth of Gold, 1520, (1870)
Johann Gutenberg, German metalworker and inventor, 16th century, (1870)
The coronation of Charlemagne (712-814), 14th century (1849)
Luke, from Ars Memorandi, c1470 (1849).Artist: A Bisson
Fragment facsimile of page 28 of the Bible of the Poor, 1849.Artist: A Bisson
A copper plaque from Minster Abbey and Church, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, 1337 (1849).Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
The Triumph of Galatea, 1512 (1849).Artist: L Delaistre
Rest on the Flight into Egypt, c1515-1519 (1849).Artist: Albrecht Altdorfer
Venus, c1520s (1849).Artist: Jacob Binck
Cimon and Pero, 1544 (1849).Artist: Sebald Beham
The Virgin, 1527 (1849).Artist: Heinrich Aldegrever
The Feast of Salome, c1490s (1849).Artist: Rosotte
Wandering minstrels, 1574 (1849).Artist: A Bisson
Samson and Delilah, 1574 (1849).Artist: A Bisson
St Peter, 1519 (1849).Artist: A Bisson
Stained glass of Moses, King David and Isaiah, Bourges Cathedral, 13th century (1849).Artist: Lemercier
Stained glass window, Bourges Cathedral, Bourges, France, 13th century (1849).Artist: Hauger
Fragment of a stained glass window in Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, 1849.Artist: Hauger
Fragment of a stained glass window in Le Mans Cathedral, Mans, France, 1849.Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
Small Godfathers, 1885.Artist: Moreau
The gardens of a French palace of King Louis XV, 1763 (1885).Artist: Moreau
A princess costume, 18th century (1885).Artist: Leclere
The Emperor Charlemagne (742-814), 1870
Citizens of France aiding poor scholars, 1257 (1870)
Seal of the King of the Basoche, 16th century (1870)
Paris, 15th century, 1870.Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
A soldier of King Philip IV of France, 1849
16th century armour, 1849
Knights of King Louis VI of France, c14th century (1849)
A knight of King Louis VI of France, c14th century (1849)
Knights of Duc Guillaume, c1070 (1849)
Soldiers, c14th century (1849)
Charles le Chauve, 9th century, 1849
Holy men, 15th century (1849).Artist: H Moulin
Christ on the Cross, 15th century (1849).Artist: H Moulin
Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615), queen consort of Henry IV of France, 16th century (1849).Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
Louise de Lorraine-Vaudemont (1553-1601), 16th century (1849).Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
The Entombment, c15th century (1849).Artist: Plon Freres
The Carrying of the Cross, 15th century (1849).Artist: H Moulin
The Mocking of Christ, 16th century (1849).Artist: A Bisson

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