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British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith visiting Ireland, 1914 (1951)
Harry Strangways, present Lord Ilchester; From a Picture Taken from a Church at Kertch, 1853-1856
[Nine Portraits in Original Passe-Partout], 1880s. Creator: James William Bailey
Lord Mount-Temple; 1811-1888, 1888. Creator: Unknown
The House of Commons, February 13, 1893 (1906). Artist: Sir Robert Ponsonby Staples
The Divided Skirt, 1886. Artist: Joseph Swain
The Wind and the Sun, 1886. Artist: Joseph Swain
A New Piece, 1882. Artist: Joseph Swain
Intercepted, 1881. Artist: Joseph Swain
Great Autumn Manoeuvre, 1873. Artist: Joseph Swain
A game of foot-ball as played by certain Westminster boys, 1858
Sir Charles Ash Windham (1810-1970), General; taken at the Crimea, 1855
Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M.P. Secretary for the Colonies, 1900. Creator: Russell & Sons
Richard Cobden, c1850, (c1884). Creator: Unknown
The Overthrow of Lord Salisburys Government, August 12, 1892... (1901). Creator: Unknown
Mr Gladstones First Premiership: The Meeting of the Parliament of 1868-1874, (1901)
The Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, Leader of the Liberal Party, 1889, (1901). Creator: Unknown
David Lloyd George and his wife Margaret, 1910, (1935). Creator: Unknown
David Lloyd George, 1935. Creator: Unknown
With David Lloyd George, 1917, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Association with Lloyd George, c1906, (1945). Creator: Unknown
John Lubbock, 1896. Creator: Unknown
The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, c1880s, (1896). Artist: William Biscombe Gardner
Lloyd George - Geb. 1863, 1934
The Late Lord Russell of Killowen, 1900
David Lloyd George, British politician, c1920. Artist: Haines
Mr. Lloyd George, Mr. Runciman, and Mr. Henderson at the Park Hotel, Cardiff, after their interview
The Coal Strike: Mr. Lloyd George addressing the miners representatives at Cardiff, 1915
Rt Hon Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1836-1908), Prime Minister of Great Britain, c1905, (1945)
William Ewart Gladstone, 1859. Artist: Edward William Stodart
Augustine Birrell, 1927. Artist: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward
William Edward Forster, British industrialist, philanthropist and politician, c1880 (1883)
Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke, British politician, 1873 (1883)
George Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon, British diplomat and politician, c1864 (1883)
John Bright, British politican and orator, 1870s (1883)
John Russell, 1st Earl Russell, British statesman, c1861 (1936)
William Ewart Gladstone, British statesman, 1883 (1936)
Sir William Harcourt in a fulminating moment, 1890s (1906)
Funeral of William Ewart Gladstone in Westminster Abbey, London, 1898 (1906)
Lord Ribblesdale, 1902, (1911). Artist: John Singer Sargent
Larking with the Girls, 1906
The Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George, M.P. Chancellor of the Exchequer, c1914
Lord Frederick Cavendish, (1836-1882), 19th century British Liberal politician, 1896
Henry Bouverie William Brand, 23rd Baron Dacre and 1st Viscount Hampden (1814-1892), 1896
Emilio Castelar, (1832-1899), 1920s
Francisco Serrano, (1810-1885), 1920s
John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn (1838-1923) was a British Liberal statesman, writer an
Spencer Compton Cavendish (1833-1908), Marquis of Hartington, British Liberal statesman, 1906

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