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International Gallery

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An International Conference, 1888. Creator: William Rainey
Foreign merchant house, 1865. Creator: Sadahide Utagawa
Picture of Men and Women from Many Countries (Bankoku danjo jinbutsu zue), 1861
An American Mercantile Building in Yokohama (Yokohama ijin shokan no zu), 1861
Panel, England, 1840s. Creator: Unknown
Panel (Furnishing Fabric), England, c. 1851. Creator: Wright & Lee
Certificate of endowment for the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, October 15, 1908
View of the Seafront in Yokohama (Yokohama Kagandori no fukei), 5th month, 1870
“The Flourishing of an English Trading Firm in Yokohama”, 9th month, 1870
Picture of Men and Women from all Nations (Bankoku danjo jinbutsu zue), 4th month, 1861
An International Moot in Scotland, 1944. Creator: Unknown
A Kings Scout Taking to Boy Scouts from Gibraltar, London 1941, (1944). Creator: Unknown
An XI of England v. XXII of Victoria at Melbourne, 1864, (1947). Creator: Unknown
Flags of the world, 1889. Creator: W & AK Johnston
London City Airport, 2009. Creator: Ethel Davies
Brochure advertising the International Exhibition in Barcelona, 1929, Palace of Garments
Advertising poster of the Sigma house, published for the International Exhibition
Triptych of the Virgin Mary, tempera on panel, c
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (1922 -), Italian scientist specialized in genetics, was
International Airport, Tampa, Florida, c1940s
Statue of Liberty on Bedloes Island in New York Harbor. New York City, c1940s
Tijuana, Mexico - International Boundary Line, c1939
Great Musicians - Plate X. c1880, (1895). Artist: F Jenkins Heliog
International Broadcasting Club: Membership card, c1930s
Lieut. G. Herbert Whyte, c1908, (1917). Artist: Swaine & Co
A View of the Great Industrial Exhibition in Hyde Park, 1859. Artist: JC Armytage
International Doubles At Philadelphia, 1900, (1903)
Brussels: The Universal and International Exhibition, 1935
The international gathering of the women suffrage workers, 1914, (c1920)
The Auction, Last Day of the Sale, the International exhibition, 1862. Artist: George Bernard O'Neill
Long Live the Youth International, 1921. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
Sir Rowland Le Grand, 1864. Artist: John Tenniel
Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Russian Bolshevik leader, in the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, October 1918
View of Miyozaki in Yokohama (Miyozaki Yokohama ichiran), 1860
Panel (Furnishing Fabric), United States, 1876. Creator: Unknown
St Pancras Station, 2012. Creator: Ethel Davies

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