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Gryphon Gallery

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Ancient Greek ornamental architecture and sculpture, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Kylix (Drinking Cup), 560-550 BCE. Creator: Attributed to the Workshop of the ?Bird-frieze Painter?
Very soon they came upon the Gryphon, c1900
The Mock Turtle, Alice and The Gryphon, 1889. Artist: John Tenniel
The Mock Turtle, The Gryphon and Alice, 1889. Artist: John Tenniel
They had Arrived Before a Pillared Porch, 1885. Creator: Will H. Low
The Clock Tower, Venice, 1909. Creator: Donald Shaw MacLaughlan
Towel, Perúgia, 15th century. Creator: Unknown
Altar Frontal, Italy, 17th / 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Two Fragments, Italy, 1350 / 1400. Creator: Unknown
Tureen, Creil, 1810 / 20. Creator: Creil Pottery
Coin Depicting a Griffin, 4th-1st century BCE. Creator: Unknown
Coin Depicting a Griffin, 300-30 BCE. Creator: Unknown
Pair of Protomes Depicting the Forepart of a Griffin, 625-575 BCE. Creator: Unknown
Insertion (From a Cover), Italy, 1575 / 1625. Creator: Unknown
Fragment, Italy, 1401 / 25. Creator: Unknown
Fragment, Lucca, 14th century. Creator: Unknown
Fragment, Italy, 1325 / 75. Creator: Unknown
Religious picture, England, 1634. Creator: Unknown
Hispano-Moresque Lusterware Plate with Griffin, Valencia, 1475 / 1500. Creator: Unknown
Salt Cellar, Urbino, c. 1530. Creator: Francesco Xanto Avelli
Vase, Paris, c. 1810. Creator: Neppel Porcelain Factory
Relief Fragments Depicting a Seated Woman and a Griffin, Early 1st century
Fragment of a Portrait Statue of a Man, Perhaps a Roman Emperor
Large Leaf Verdure with Animals and Birds, Southern Netherlands, 1525 / 50
Pitcher, Staffordshire, c. 1840. Creator: Staffordshire Potteries
Wall Bracket with Griffin, c. 1800 / 25. Creator: Unknown
Ornamental Iron Griffon, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Harriette Gale
Bandbox Design, c. 1937. Creator: Lawrence Flynn
The Griffin. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
Throne Leg in the Shape of a Griffin, probably Western Iran, late 7th-early 8th century
Large Turquoise Jar, Iran, 12th-13th century. Creator: Unknown
The She-Griffin of Perugia Suckling Two Infants [reverse], c. 1441. Creator: Pisanello
The Upper Section of the Right Portal, with the Inscription on a Stag Skin
A Griffin, 1625-77. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar
Design for a Panel with Two Variants containing a Hippocamp and a Griffin
Vessel with grotesque masks, griffins, and a frieze populated by a bull and men in
Gold Openwork Belt Mount, Avar, 700s. Creator: Unknown
Belt Fitting, Avar, 8th-9th century. Creator: Unknown
An allegory in honor of the arrival of Cardinal Franciotti as Bishop of Lucca, 1680-1700
The Calumny of Apelles, 1602. Creator: Cornelis Cort
Relief with a Bird, Italian, 10th-11th century. Creator: Unknown
Design for a Frieze with Two Griffins, 1650-1700. Creator: Anon
Designs for Furniture, ca. 1800-ca. 1840. Creators: Pierre Antoine Bellangé
Foliage border design, Germany, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Latvia, c1935. Creator: Unknown
Gold armlet with terminals in the form of griffins, from the Oxus treasure, Persia, 550-330 BC
Silver-gilt amphora, Scythian, from Chertomlyk, southern Russia, 6th-4th century BC

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