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Frankish Gallery

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Finger Ring, Frankish, ca. 600. Creator: Unknown
Clovis I, (466-511), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Louis the Pious Doing Penance for Treatment of his Nephew, Bernard, (c818), 1890
Map of the Kingdom of the Franks Under Charlemagne, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Charlemagne destroys a pagan idol, (1936). Creator: Unknown
Coronation of Charlemagne in Rome, Christmas Day, 800 AD, (1936). Creator: Unknown
St. Mark from the Godescalc Gospel Lectionary, 781-783 (1947). Artist: Godescalc
King Clovis I and Queen Clotilde of the Franks, late 5th - early 6th century (1882-1884).Artist: Frederic Lix
St James appears to Charlemagne in a dream, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, c1225
St. Hippolytus; St. Radegund, Queen; St. Cassian; St. Athanasia. Creator: Jacques Callot
Clovis and Clotilda. Creator: Stefano della Bella
Clovis and Clotilda, c. 1657. Creator: Stefano della Bella
The Baptism of Clovis, c. 1500. Creator: Master of Saint Gilles
Statue of Clovis, Church of Sainte-Clotilde, Paris, 1856. Creator: Charles Marville
Disk Brooch, Frankish, late 7th century. Creator: Unknown
Disk Brooch, Frankish, 650-700. Creator: Unknown
S-Shaped Brooch, Frankish, 6th century. Creator: Unknown
Disk Brooch, Frankish, second half 6th century. Creator: Unknown
Bow Brooch, Frankish, first half 6th century. Creator: Unknown
Beaker, Bell, Frankish, 6th-7th century. Creator: Unknown
Openwork Belt Fitting with Serpent Design, Frankish, 500-700. Creator: Unknown
Ivory Plaque with Saint Paul (?), Frankish, 5th-6th century. Creator: Unknown
Circular Bead, Frankish, 500-600. Creator: Unknown
Incident in the Siege of Paris: Defending the Bridge and Tower, (845), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Louis and Charles Taking Strasburg Oath Before Their Armies, (842AD), 1890
Crusaders Proclaiming Godfrey of Bouillon King of Jerusalem, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Equestrian Statue of Charlemagne, Paris, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Entry of Charles Martel into Paris, After Defeating the Saracens, (732AD), 1890
Roi Faineant (Royal Sluggard) of the Merovingian Race, (7th century), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Charlemagne is shown the plans for the Palatine Chapel in Aachen, (1936). Creator: Unknown
Charlemagne enters Pavia, (1936). Creator: Unknown
Map of the Vikings & Western Christendom in the Ninth Century, (1935)
Gold three-tongued mounting from a Frankish sword belt. Artist: Werner Forman
Karl der Grosze 1742-1814, 1934
Roland, the Hero of the National Epic of France, 1909
Frankish woman of the time of the Carolingians, 890-900 (1882-1884)
Ploughing, a lord hunting with a bird, a slave, and two servants, 5th-7th century (1882-1884)
Carolingian queen, 7th-10th century (1882-1884)
Merovingian queen, 5th-8th century (1882-1884)
Frankish count leaving for war, 8th-9th century (1882-1884). Artist: Felix Henri Emmanuel Philippoteaux
Chief of the Franks, c5th-9th century (1882-1884).Artist: Meunier
Statue of Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor, 1882-1884.Artist: E Bocourt
Charlemage hunting, 8th-9th century (1882-1884).Artist: Serm
The baths of Charlemagne, 8th-9th century (1882-1884).Artist: A Tauxier
The Viking attack on Paris, 885 (1882-1884)
Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor, late 8th - early 9th century (1882-1884)
The Franks cross the raging sea, 1882-1884
Adulterers being whipped in public, France, 8th century (1882-1884)

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