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Flagellation Gallery

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The Flagellation of Christ, 1538. Artist: Cranach, Lucas, the Elder (1472-1553)
By whose stripes ye were healed, mid 19th century. Creator:s Freeman
Triptych with The Crucifixion, The Flagellation, and The Entombment, Limoges, c. 1500
The Flagellation of Christ who is tied to a column at center set within an arcade, 1509
The Flagellation, c. 1480. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
Saint Jerome in the Wilderness, c. 1475. Creator: Anon
The scourging, 1625-77. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar
The Flagellation of Christ, from The Passion of Christ, mid 17th century
The Flagellation, from The Passion of Christ, ca. 1623. Creator: Ludovicus Siceram
The Flagellation, from the Circular Passion, 1509. Creator: Lucas van Leyden
The Flaggelation (copy).n.d. Creator: Jan Muller
The Flagellation, with the Pavement, ca. 1475-80. Creator: Unknown
Christ Scourged, from Speculum passionis domini nostri Ihesu Christi, 1507
Christ Scourged, from The Doctrine, Life, and Passion of Jesus Christ, 1537
The Flagellation, from The Life of Christ, ca. 1511-12. Creator
The Flagellation, Italian, mid-14th century. Creator: Unknown
The Flagellation of Christ, with floggers on either side
The Flagellation; (reverse) The Madonna of Mercy, ca. 1540. Creator: Romanino
Manuscript Leaf with the Mocking and Flagellation of Christ, from a Royal Psalter, 13th century
Saint Dominic in Penitence, ca. 1607. Creator: Filippo Tarchiani
The Flagellation of Christ, 1922. Creator: Henry Traut
Christ at the Column, ca 1607
Christ at the Column, Between 1490 and 1499
The Appeal of Christ, ca 1612-1621
The Disrobing of Christ (El Expolio), ca 1545
Christ Crowned with Thorns, 1894
Market Scene with Ecce Homo, the Flagellation and the Carrying of the Cross, 1561
The Flagellation of Christ
Christ Crowned with Thorns
Christ Crowned with Thorns, c. 1500. Artist: Botticelli, Sandro (1445-1510)
Christ Crowned with Thorns. Artist: Dyck, Sir Anthony van (1599-1641)
A Procession of Flagellants. Artist: Goya, Francisco, de (1746-1828)
The Flagellation of Christ. Artist: Bouguereau, William-Adolphe (1825-1905)
The Flagellation of Christ, c. 1280. Artist: Guido da Siena (active between 1260 and 1290)
Christ at the Column, 1772. Artist: Tiepolo, Giandomenico (1727-1804)
Christ Crowned with Thorns, 1772. Artist: Tiepolo, Giandomenico (1727-1804)
The Flagellation of Saint Engratia, ca 1475. Artist: Bermejo, Bartolome (ca 1440-ca 1498)
Christ at the Column. Artist: Antonello da Messina (ca 1430-1479)
The Flagellation, with the Pavement, 1906
The Flagellation of Christ, 1498 (1906). Artist: Albrecht Durer
The Penitent, 1510 (1906). Artist: Albrecht Durer
The Flagellants at Doornik in 1349, (1903)
Jesus Christ after his Flagellation, c15th century, (1870)
Christ Crowned with Thorns, Early16th cen
Christ Crowned with Thorns, 1603-1604. Artist: Caravaggio, Michelangelo (1571-1610)
Christ Crowned with Thorns, 1620. Artist: Terbrugghen, Hendrick Jansz (1588-1629)
The Flagellation of Christ, before 1457. Artist: Johann Koerbecke
The Flagellation, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, 1194-1260
The Flagellation of St Gervais, c1620-1670. Artist: Philippe de Champaigne
Flagellation of St Denis, St Rusticus and St Eleutherius, 1317
Flagellation of St Denis, St Rustic and St Eleutherius, 1317
Depiction of the flagellation of Christ on a Swedish chest, 18th century
Flagellant, 16th century. Artist: Jost Amman
Flagellants, 1493
Flagellants in the Netherlands town of Tournai (Doornik), 1349
Priest whipping a penitent with a birch, c1876
The Flagellation, 15th century. 15th century. Creator: Anon

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