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Letter from Sir Issac Newton to William Briggs, 20th June 1682.Artist: Isaac Newton
Letter from John Hampden to Colonel Bulstrode after the Battle of Edgehill, 31st October 1642.Artist: John Hampden
Letter from William Cecil to Sir Christopher Hatton, 12th September 1586.Artist: Sir William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley
T. Rowlandson. The Caricaturist, ca. 1900. ca. 1900. Creator: Anon
Letter from John Keats to his sister, Fanny Keats, 14th August 1820. Artist: John Keats
Indulgence for donation of alms towards the building of a Church to th
Decree by Napoleon Bonaparte, 23 May 1796, (1921). Creator: Unknown
Decree of the Committee of Public Health, 26 October 1795, (1921). Creator: Unknown
Facsimile page of MS for Indian Summer of a Forsyte, by John Galsworthy, 1918, (1928)
Facsimile page of MS for The Country House, by John Galsworthy, 1907, (1928)
The Jubilee Hymn. Appointed to be used in all churches and chapels on Sunday, June 20, 1897
Facsimile of a corrected proof by Johnson of his Lives of the Poets, from the original
Facsimile title-page (reduced) of Johnsons Lives of the Poets - as re-issued in separate form
Facsimile title-page of the first edition of The Works of the English Poets, containing
A facsimile of the plate in the first edition of Boswells Life of Johnson, 1907
Initial Letter of the dedicatory
The corbacho (Facsimile), preface to the printed work in Seville, 1498, work by
Ferdinand VII, King of Spain. (1784 - 1833), crossing the river Fluvia between French
Book of Contemplation on God by Ramon Llull, written in Majorcan and translated
Cover Cancionero (Song book) by Juan de la Encina, facsimile reproduction, 1928
The Peresopnytsia Gospels, 1556-1561. Artist: Ancient Russian Art
Grand Prince Vladimir II Monomakh of Kiev (From the Tsarskiy titulyarnik (Tsars Book of Titles), 1672
Grand Duke Vladimir Svyatoslavich (From the Tsarskiy titulyarnik (Tsars Book of Titles), 1672. Artist: Russian Master
Facsimile of a Letter, Dated 10th August, 1623, (1904)
Fac-Simile of Letter by Cromwell to Lenthall, announcing Victory of Naseby, 1649, (1845). Artist: Oliver Cromwell
Facsimile of the Game and Playe of the Chesse, c1470
Fragment facsimile of page 28 of the Bible of the Poor, 1849.Artist: A Bisson
A hand-written letter, 1870 (1899)
Facsimile of the Preamble and Constitution of the United States of America, 1901
Facsimile of the Signatures to the Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776
Facsimile of a drawing by Sir E Landseer, 1874.Artist: Edwin Henry Landseer
Letter from Queen Elizabeth I to James VI of Scotland, 5th January 1603.Artist: Queen Elizabeth I
Letter from Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth I, Sheffield, 29 October 1571.Artist: Mary Queen of Scots
Diary of Edward VI, 1551.Artist: King Edward VI
Letter from Thomas Cranmer to Thomas Cromwell, Ford, 13th August 1537. Artist: Thomas Cranmer
Letter from Queen Catherine of Aragon to her husband Henry VIII, 16th September 1513.Artist: Catherine of Aragon
Documents signed by Charles I, c1641.Artist: King Charles I
Resolution of a Council of War of the English commanders, 1st August 1588.Artist: Sir Francis Drake
Arguments against Purgatory in the hand of Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester, c1538. Artist: King Henry VIII
Letter from Charles James Fox to his Aunt Emily, 21st October 1798.Artist: Charles James Fox
Letter from Warren Hastings, Governor-General of Bengal to his wife, 17th August 1780.Artist: Warren Hastings
Dedication to the English Nation, 1772.Artist: Junius
Letter from Henry St John to George Clarke, 27th June 1715.Artist: Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
Letter from Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, to the future King George I, c1711.Artist: Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford
Letter from James II to his brother-in-law, Lawrence Hyde, late 17th century.Artist: King James II
Letter from Admiral Robert Blake to the Commissioners of the Admiralty, 25th August 1654.Artist: Robert Blake
Letter to the Lord Mayor of London, 17th December 1653.Artist: Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester
Letter from William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury to Edward Conway, 14th August 1640.Artist: William Laud

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