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The Inconveniences of a Crowded Drawing Room, 1818. Artist: Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)
St. Swithin Patron Saint of Umbrella Makers, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
The Parish Engine, c1900. Artist: George Cruikshank
The Stone Kitchen, 1840. Artist: George Cruikshank
Randulph and Hilda dancing in the Rotunda at Ranelagh Gardens, (1842), 1903
The Gin Palace, c1900. Artist: George Cruikshank
The Wedding Night, May 20, 1797. Creator: Isaac Cruikshank
A Game of Cribbage or Boneys Last Shuffle, June 6, 1814. Creator: George Cruikshank
Peace and Plenty or Good News for John Bull!!!, May 25, 1814. Creator: George Cruikshank
A Sepulchral Enquiry into English History, June 1, 1813. Creator: George Cruikshank
Zephir, 1817-19. 1817-19. Creator: George Cruikshank
The Dandies Coat of Arms, March 28, 1819. March 28, 1819. Creator: George Cruikshank
The Theatrical Atlas, May 7, 1814. May 7, 1814. Creator: George Cruikshank
The Rehearsal or the Baron and the Elephant, January 1, 1812. January 1, 1812
Trade Card for Samuel P. Avery--Fine Art Room, 1873. 1873. Creator: George Cruikshank
An Interrupted English Dinner Party at Paris, c1849. Creator: George Cruikshank
Mr Punch (or Pulcinella) and other commedia dell arte characters, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
The dancing lesson: The Minuet, 1835
Quadrilles: practising at home, c1815
Specimens of waltzing, 1817
Monmouth Street, Soho, an illustration by G. Cruikshank for Dickens Sketches by Boz
Well known Characters in the Pump Room, Bath, taking a sip with King Bladud, 1825
The Beard and Moustache Movement, 1854. Artist: George Cruikshank
Johnny Bull and his forged notes!!!, 1819
Sketch for an Al-bum, 1835. Artist: George Cruikshank
The Boy Dies on the Transportation Ship, 1848. Artist: George Cruikshank
Harriet Beecher Stowe. Frontispiece of Uncle Toms Cabin, or Life Among the Lowly by Voltaire, 18
Merry making on the regents birth day, 1812, 1812. Artist: Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)
White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly (From: 36 scenes from real life), 1821. Artist: Cruikshank, Isaac Robert (1789-1856)
Bartholomew Fair: From the Inside, 1942. Artist: R. Cruikshank
The Burmese War: A Grand Naval and Military Melo-Drama, 1942. Artist: R. Cruikshank
A Game of Chess, 1948. Artist: George Cruikshank
Cruikshanks Exhibition of Bloomers in Hyde Park, 1852, c1870. Artist: George Cruikshank
Hyde Park Corner in 1822, c1870. Artist: George Cruikshank
An Unthankful Fellow, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Taken in Tow - A Scene on a Rope walk, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Church & State, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Corporal Punishment, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
The Shop for Bargains, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Black Eyed Sue the bold smuggler and Will Watch the look out man, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
A Bustling Woman, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
The New Police Act, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Is the Labourer worthy of his hire?, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Miss Nomer, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Elbow Room, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Lithography, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Forte Piano, 1829. Artist: George Cruikshank
Still Life Hare, c1895. Artist: William Cruikshank

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