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Commander Gallery

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Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, 1798-1799, (c1920). Artist: Henry Bone
Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still upon Gibeon, 1816. Creator: John Martin
Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, White general of the Russian Civil War, 1919
The Army and Navy, Wellington and Nelson, c1805. Artist: Newton & Co
Siege of Yorktown, 1781 (c1836). Artist: Auguste Couder
General Sir Bindon Blood, 1902
Banquet commemorating the victory at Waterloo, 1836 (1900)
Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815 (1888). Artist: John Atkinson II
Saint Maurice, ca. 1520-25. Creator: Lucas Cranach the Elder
Churchill, Brooke, and Montgomery on the German-held east bank of the Rhine, 25th March, 1945
James Ewell Brown Stuart, Confederate general, 1862-1867.Artist: J Rogers
Abercrombie In Egypt, 1801 (c1850s)
Field Marshal Douglas Haig reviewing Canadian troops, Drocourt-Queant, 31 August 1918, (1926)
Marshal Maurice de Saxe, Battle of Fontenoy, 11 May 1745 (20th century)
Silhouette of a Celebrated Commander on the Retir'd List, 1830-1835. Creator: John Bruce
George Washington, late 18th century. Creator: Jospeh Wright
Louis de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, May 11, 1797. Creator: Joseph Bowes
His Excellency Nathaniel Green, Esq. Major General of the American Army, 1781. Creator: John Norman
Portrait of U. S. Grant, late 19th century. Creator: John Chester Buttre
His Excellency George Washington, Esq-r. March 26, 1782. Creator: John Norman
Mount Vernon with hidden silhouette of George Washington, 1832. Creator: Henry Inman
Count de Rochambeau, French General of the Land Forces in America Reviewing the F... April 1, 1781. Creator: Anon
Admiral John Cummings Howell, 1865-1880. Creator: Unknown
The Actors Ichikawa Masugoro as Kusunoki Masatsura and Hayakawa Denshiro as Shinzaemon in... 1727
The Actors Ichikawa Monnosuke I as Kusunoki Masatsura and Arashi Wakano as Oyuki in the pl... 1723
Sasaki Moritsuna Asking Fisherman to Reveal the Shallows Where His Troops can Cross and At... 1884
Portrait of Lord Clyde, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Notes in the Black Mountains and Sikkim Campaign's, Northern India; Northumberland Fusiliers fordi Creator: Unknown
Portrait of Sir Charles Napier, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Battle of Nezib, 1839 (1847). Artist: Jean Adolphe Beauce
The Entry of Mehmet II into Constantinople, 1876. Artist: Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant
Karttikeya, Commander of the Divine Army, Seated on a Peacock, Ganga Period
Portrait of Don Juan of Austria, 1559 / 60. Creator: Alonso Sanchez Coello
General George Armstrong Custer, 1860 / 76. Creators: Brady's National Photographic
Mort de Montcalm [The Death of Montcalm at Quebec... late 18th-early 19th century
90c Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry special printing single, 1875
90c Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry proof plate block of four, February 22, 1890
90c Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry single, June 25, 1875. Creator: Unknown
Portrait of René Duguay-Trouin, Lieutenant-General of the Naval Armies of the King
Military Commander on Foot, c. 1617. Creator: Jacques Callot
Military Commander on Foot, c. 1622. Creator: Jacques Callot
William Shirley, 1750. Creator: Thomas Hudson
Military Commander on Horseback, c. 1617. Creator: Jacques Callot
Assault on Two Fortresses, c. 1614. Creator: Jacques Callot
Military Commander on Horseback, c. 1622. Creator: Jacques Callot
George Rogers Clark, c. 1810. Creator: C. D. Cook
Agostino Barbarigo, possibly 17th century. Creator: Anon
Capt. Paul Jones shooting a Sailor who had attempted to strike

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