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A Celtic Chieftainess (Boadicea), 1924. Creator: Herbert Norris
Initial page from the Lindisfarne Gospels, late 7th or early 8th century
The Evangelical Symbols, 800 AD, (20th century)
Panel of the Gundestrup cauldron
Page of illuminated text from the Gospel of St Luke, c700
Opening words of St Lukes Gospel Quoniam from the Book of Kells, c800
The Eight Circled Cross, 800 AD, (20th century)
Maponus a Celtic god associated with Apollo - head, 2nd century
Entrance to the cave of Cruachu, Uaimh Cruachan
Castel-Meur at Cleden-Cap-Sizun, Finistere
Waterfall, Aber Valley, North Wales
Aerial view of the fort of Dun Conor
Gold coin belonging to the Ambiani, from the north of Gaul
Chased bronze fitting representing a horses head
Bronze trumpet bell
Tubular gold torque which was probably a votive object
One of a pair of bronze bridle bits, found in a peat bog
Cast of a small bull figurine found in a cave of the Moravian Karst
The Gundestrup cauldron
Leather shoes from Hallstatt, Austria. Celtic Iron Age, c6th century
Cernunnos, the Celtic Horned God from the Pillar of the Boatmen of Paris, AD14-37
Detail of Gundestrup Cauldron, Celtic horned God Cernunnos, Danish, c100 BC
Scandinavian wood-carvings, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Celtic illuminated manuscripts, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Defeat of the Saxons by Arthur, c1890. Creator: Unknown
The Massacre of the Druids, (mid 19th century). Creator: J Rogers
Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni... (mid 19th century). Creator: Henry Lemon
A Celtic Chieftain in Civil Dress, 1924. Creator: Herbert Norris
Irish Free State, c1935. Creator: Unknown
Switzerland: The three leaders of the Helvetian Confederation. Creator: Gallo Gallina (1796-1874)
Arbor Low, 2006. Creator: Ethel Davies
1480. British Museum, 1862
Ruins of the village, belonging to the culture Castro - Celta in Coana (Asturias)
Partial view of the ruins of a Celtic Castro in Coana (Asturias)
Ruins of the Roman Celtiberian city Uxama Argelae 4th - 3rd century b.C
Funerary monument of the first Celtic settlement located in the Cabezo de Alcalá
Scene from a situla in bronze of the Certusa of Bologna with a character playing the harp
Ceramic box with excisa decoration, from the necropolis of Palenzuela
Celtiberian Oinochoe from La Caridad (Caminreal), Teruel
The suggestively shaped hills of Danu
The Dying Gaul (Galatian) also called the Dying Gladiator
Gold brooch with hunting theme
Roman denarius struck at Narbonne, depicting the victory of the Roman armies over
Reverse side of a gold coin of the Catuvellauni
The great torque of Snettisham
Pair of bronze jugs inlaid with coral and enamel
Bronze sword handle in the shape of a human figure
Bronze bovine head

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