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Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh on their coronation day, Buckingham Palace, 1953
Evening At Tangier, 1935. Artist: Sir John Lavery
Street in Lahore, the capital of the Panjab, c1942
Gipsy Dancer; Notes on Albania, 1875. Creator: Frederick A. Lyons
House, Houston, Texas, 1943. Creator: John Vachon
Street in San Juan, Puerto Rico, . Creator: Jack Delano
Apartment houses near the cathedral in old part of the city, San Juan, 1941. Creator: Jack Delano
One of the steep streets on the hillsides, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Island, Virgin Islands
Plate 41: Fireworks display in city square with Ferdinand watching from a balcony at right... 1636
Poem by Ise, from the series One Hundred Poems Explained by the Nurse (Hyakunin isshu
Amerapoora: Part of Balcony on the South Side of Maha-oung-meeay-liy-mhan Kyoung, 1855. Creator: Captain Linnaeus Tripe
The Entry of the Baron of Caprice to the Home of Miss Favors (Entrédu... second half 18th century. Creator: Anon)
New Orleans Greek revival architecture, Louisiana, 1935. Creator: Walker Evans
Murrays Hotel, Bryantown, Md. between 1890 and 1910. Creator: Unknown
Balcony of house being wrecked on Independence Avenue, Washington, D.C, 1942. Creator: Gordon Parks
Sign in front of an employment agency, Jacksonville, Florida, 1943. Creator: Gordon Parks
Negro apartment house, Jacksonville, Florida, 1943. Creator: Gordon Parks
Street scene in the Negro section, Jacksonville, Florida, 1943. Creator: Gordon Parks
Woodpiles along the street are a characteristic of Portland, Oregon, 1939. Creator: Dorothea Lange
Belle Grove Plantation, 1858, Louisiana, 1936?. Creator: Walker Evans
Boardinghouse, Alabama, 1936. Creator: Walker Evans
Houses, Atlanta, Georgia, 1936. Creator: Walker Evans
Middle class houses of the town, Birmingham, Alabama, 1936. Creator: Walker Evans
Negro house in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1936. Creator: Walker Evans
Victorian cottage, Waveland, Mississippi, 1936. Creator: Walker Evans
House fronts, 61st Street between 1st and 3rd Avenues, New York, 1938. Creator: Walker Evans
Kibi ehime from the Chronicles of Japan (Kibi ehime, Nihongi), from the series 'Twenty-... c. 1821
Cast ironwork porch, Mobile, Alabama, 1936. Creator: Walker Evans
New Orleans architecture - Cast iron grillwork...Lee Circle...Saint Charles Avenue, Louisiana, 1936
Plantation Ormond above New Orleans, Louisiana, 1935 or 1936. Creator: Walker Evans
Kachio Temple in Settsu Province, No. 23 on the Saikoku Pilgrimage Route (Saikoku junrei n... 1859)
Fantastic Interior, n.d. Creator: Unknown
View of the Court of the Palace of Oodeypore, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Scene on the Veranda of a Teahouse, 18th-19th century. Creator: Yanagawa Shigenobu
Vauxhall Gardens, Lambeth, c1785, (1942). Creators: Robert Pollard, Francis Jukes
Tenants rent strike, Peckham, south east London, 1931, (1933). Creator: Unknown
The King and Queen with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret on the Balcony
Silver Favourites, c1903, (1918). Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
On the Balcony, Venice, c1826
Sachsenhausen Francfort, 1833. Creator: Samuel Prout
A Banquet in a Pleasure House on the Bank of the Okawa (Okawa bata giro jo no yusen), c
On the Yoshida Highway, c. 1685. Creator: Sugimura Jihei
Rustic Street Scene, 1831. Creator: Elizabeth Murray
The Courtesan Mitsunoto of the Hishiya House, from the series 'Sanjurokkasen... c
The Actor Iwai Hanshiro IV as Okaru in Act Seven of the Play Chushingura (Treasury... c)
Ayase no Yusho, from the series 'Bokusui Hakkei', c. 1769
In a Pleasure House in Shinagawa (Shinagawa no rojo), late 18th-early 19th century
Kuronushi, from the series 'Six Immortal Poets (Rokkasen)', c. 1789 / 90

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