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A collection of Childhood images

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childhood/undergoing repairsartist excelsior stereoscopic
'Undergoing Repairs'.Artist: Excelsior Stereoscopic Tours
#media dmcs-14925610
childhood/holy kinship detail infant john baptist baby walker
The Holy Kinship. Detail: The infant John the Baptist with a baby walker, 1510
#media dmcs-15033014
childhood/paris street children 1852
Paris Street Children, 1852
#media dmcs-15033012
childhood/liesje painting
Liesje painting
#media dmcs-15033010
childhood/family portrait c 1890
Family Portrait, c. 1890
#media dmcs-15033008
childhood/jean genevieve martial caillebottes children
Jean and Genevieve, Martial Caillebotte's children, 1895
#media dmcs-15033006
childhood/childrens dance recital casino dieppe
The Children's Dance Recital at the Casino de Dieppe
#media dmcs-15033004
childhood/ring roses
Ring of Roses
#media dmcs-15032220
childhood/struggle survival artist krohg christian
Struggle for Survival. Artist: Krohg, Christian (1852-1925)
#media dmcs-15022566
childhood/meeting 1884 artist bashkirtseva maria konstantinovna
A meeting, 1884. Artist: Bashkirtseva, Maria Konstantinovna (1860-1884)
#media dmcs-15014598
childhood/children playing 1837 artist pavlov kapiton
Children playing, 1837. Artist: Pavlov, Kapiton Stepanovich (1792-1852)
#media dmcs-15008976
childhood/sand pies
Sand Pies
#media dmcs-15007910
childhood/children 1890s artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
Children, 1890s. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
#media dmcs-15004458
childhood/alice mad hatters tea party c1910 artist
'Alice at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party', c1910. Artist: John Tenniel
#media dmcs-14995628
childhood/alice cheshire cat c1910 artist john tenniel
'Alice and the Cheshire Cat', c1910. Artist: John Tenniel
#media dmcs-14995626
childhood/kabyle children north algeria 1912 artist
Kabyle children, North Algeria, 1912. Artist: Leroux
#media dmcs-14992458
childhood/the hobby horse c1915 1932 artist
'The Hobby Horse', c1915, (1932). Artist: George Spencer Watson
#media dmcs-14969066
childhood/young children late 19th early 20th century
Two young children, late 19th or early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
#media dmcs-14962110
childhood/gymnastics 19th century artist unknown
Gymnastics, 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
#media dmcs-14952670
childhood/the dancing lessonartist american stereoscopic
'The Dancing Lesson'.Artist: American Stereoscopic Company
#media dmcs-14948707
childhood/illustrated london news 28th april 1923
The Illustrated London News, 28th April 1923. Artist: Unknown
#media dmcs-14944623
childhood/beach scene artist homer winslow 1836 1910
Beach Scene. Artist: Homer, Winslow (1836-1910)
#media dmcs-14902405
childhood/young boys fishing crayfish
Young boys fishing for crayfish
#media dmcs-14902362
childhood/child cat
Child and cat
#media dmcs-14902000
childhood/story time artist haigh wood charles
Story Time. Artist: Haigh-Wood, Charles (1856-1927)
#media dmcs-14901564
childhood/girl watering can 1876 artist renoir pierre auguste
A Girl with a Watering Can, 1876. Artist: Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1919)
#media dmcs-14894878
childhood/teachers guests artist bogdanov belsky
The Teacher's Guests. Artist: Bogdanov-Belsky, Nikolai Petrovich (1868-1945)
#media dmcs-14892128
childhood/each age pleasures 1895 artist unknown
'Each Age has its Pleasures', 1895. Artist: Unknown
#media dmcs-14879742
childhood/jean monet mechanical horse 1872 artist
'Jean Monet on a mechanical horse', 1872. Artist: Claude Monet
#media dmcs-14868992
childhood/the meeting 1884 artist maria konstantinowka
'The Meeting', 1884. Artist: Maria Konstantinowka Bashkirtseff
#media dmcs-14866696
childhood/scene gullivers travels jonathan swift 1911
Scene from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, 1911. Artist: AE Jackson
#media dmcs-14849934
childhood/temptation poor shoeless boy looking longingly
Temptation: A poor shoeless boy looking longingly at fruit on display in a shop window, c1880
#media dmcs-14846297
childhood/the watchful eye 1889 artist viggo christian
'The Watchful Eye', 1889. Artist: Viggo Christian Frederik Vilhelm Pedersen
#media dmcs-14843443
childhood/scene little red riding hood 1900 artist
Scene from Little Red Riding Hood, 1900. Artist: Tom Browne
#media dmcs-14837789
childhood/alice cheshire cat 1889 artist john tenniel
'Alice and the Cheshire Cat', 1889. Artist: John Tenniel
#media dmcs-14989687
childhood/alice looking bottle sign drink me 1889
'Alice looking at the bottle with the sign 'drink me''', 1889
#media dmcs-14989681
childhood/children poor les enfants pauvres ragged babes weep
The Children of the Poor (Les Enfants Pauvres) - The Ragged Babes That Weep, c1875
#media dmcs-14980149
childhood/boy scouts 20th century artist unknown
Boy scouts, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
#media dmcs-14927417
childhood/vladimir ilich lenin russian bolshevik revolutionary
Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Russian Bolshevik revolutionary leader, aged 4, with his sister Olga, 1874
#media dmcs-14887160