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Figure of the classic period from Monte Alban
Detail of sculptural reliefs in buildings of the ancient city of Monte Alban
Detail of a sculptural relief on a rock representing a man with a large earring
View of the stepped stone pyramid of the ancient city of Monte Alban
Partial view of the archaeological ruins of the ancient city of Monte Alban
Teponaztli, or drum, that was played by beating the two tongues of wood at the top
Post-classic vessel with relief decoration
Deity emerging from a jaguarss mouth To the side of the head are cobs of corn
Drinking vessel Country of Origin: Mexico
Danzante (dancer) figure on stela
Teponaztli - two-toned drum - in the form of a bound captive, probably a sacrificial victim
Detail of a pottery vessel depicting two warriors wearing bird headdresses, showing
Cylindrical vessel with incised design showing seated Mayan dignitary
Funerary urn
Funerary urn
Urn in the shape of a participant of the ball game
Monte Alban
Monte Alban
Mitla site in the Oaxaca valley with a complex of five palace groups
The Observatory, Monte Alban
The ball court at Monte Alban
Mitla site
Mitla site
Olmec style danzante (dancer) figure on a stela, Zapotec / Mixtec, Oaxaca, Mexico
A page from the Vienna manuscript of Zapothec origin, 1901
Pottery. Bat-God: pottery with red paint. Zapotec culture, Mexico, 300-900 AD. (A branch of Aztec cu)
Zapotec pottery vessel of a priest, 4th century
Zapotec pottery figure of an old man god, 5th century
Zapotec statuette of the god of lightning and rain
Zapotec statuette of a bat-god
Page from the Vienna Nahua manuscript of Zapotec origin, Mexico
Pottery Mask of a Bat, grey with red and white paint, Zapotec, Mexico, 300-900

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