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Winston Churchill making his famous V for Victory sign, 1942
Aboard H.M.S. Prince of Wales, 1941, (1945). Creator: Unknown
House of Commons v. House of Lords, 1925, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Mr. Churchill contemplates the ruins of the House of Commons, bombed in May 1941, 1941
Signing Autographs in the North Country, c1945. Creator: Unknown
Tour of Inspection in an Arms Factory, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
A hobby, c1930, (1945)
Churchill, Brooke, and Montgomery on the German-held east bank of the Rhine, 25th March, 1945
Churchill in Cairo, with Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie, 1943, (1945)
British and Greek Ministers Confer in Athens, Christmas Day, 1944, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Mr. Churchill with His Daughter, 1924, (1945). Creator: Unknown
First Lord of the Admiralty and First Sea Lord, 1914, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Winston Churchill greets the England football team, Wembley, London, October 1941.Artist: London News Agency
Yalta Conference of Allied leaders, World War II, 4-11 February 1945
Winston Churchill talking to Captain Shakespeare of the flying boat Berwick, c1939-c1944 (1946)
Workmen in an English inn listening to Mr. Churchill, 1942. Creator: Unknown
He reads the news in Moroccan Arabic. A member of the Fighting French Army, 1942
The Navys here. Cossacks rescue of British seamen from the Altmark. 1942 Creator: Unknown
Big Three Conference in the Crimea, February 1945. Creator: Unknown
Allied Leaders Confer in Cairo, November 1943, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Churchill With British Troops in North Africa, June 1943, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Imperial Conference Meets in London, May 1943, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Allied Conference at Casablanca, French Morocco, January 1943, (1945). Creator: Unknown
At a Battlefield Cemetery in Egypt, 1942, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Joseph Stalin and Mr. Churchill (1942), (1945). Creator: Unknown
Return to London from America, 27 June 1942, (1945). Creator: Unknown
American President and British Premier, 14 August 1941, (1945). Creator: Unknown
In An Anti-Aircraft Gun-Pit, 17 October 1941, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Inspecting R.A.F. Establishment, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Mr. Anthony Eden Visits The Prime Minister, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Inspecting The Home Guard, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Archbishop of Canterbury at Number 10, Downing Street, c1943, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Undeterred by Air-Raid Warning, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Mr. Churchill in a Cheerful Mood, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Winston Churchill and General De Gaulle, June 1940, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Prime Minister and Men in the Street, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Mr. Churchill with the R.A.F. - at the controls of the flying boat Berwick"
The Prime Minister Visits Londons Docks, c1940, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Churchill as Prime Minister, c1940, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Churchill at Work, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Travelling Round Britain, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Inspecting Coastal Defences, c1940, (1945). Creator: Unknown
On the South Coast During the Battle of Britain, 1940, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Feeding Rota, The Pinner Lion, 1940s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Association Football at Wembley - England v. Scotland, 4 October 1941, (1945). Creator: Unknown
At the Microphone in the U.S.A. 1943, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Mr. Churchill in His Study at Westerham, 1930s, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Addressing a French Audience, 24 September 1936, (1945). Creator: Unknown

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