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In Winter Quarters in the Arctic Sea; A day's sport in the Polar Sea, 1875. Creator: Unknown
Comic papers, Camp Nathan Hale, Southfields, New York, 1943. Creator: Gordon Parks
Tent mates at Camp Nathan Hale, Southfields, New York, 1943 Creator: Gordon Parks
In the Village of Blackfeet Indians near St. Marys Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, c1930s
I Will Tell the White Man, c. 1900. Creator: Frederic Remington
Sun Dance Encampment - Piegan, 1900. Creator: Edward Sheriff Curtis
Toy Bank: Chief Big Moon, c. 1937. Creator: George File
Night Scene of Indian Tipi, 1895. Creator: Benjamin Raborg
Assiniboin Woman and Child, 1832. Creator: George Catlin
Comanche Lodge of Buffalo Skins, 1834-1835. Creator: George Catlin
Wichita Lodge, Thatched with Prairie Grass, 1834-1835. Creator: George Catlin
War Dance, Sioux, 1845-1848. Creator: George Catlin
Pipe Dance, Assiniboine, 1835-1837. Creator: George Catlin
Scalp Dance, Sioux, 1845-1848. Creator: George Catlin
Ball-play of the Choctaw--Ball Up, 1846-1850. Creator: George Catlin
Indian Family Alarmed at the Approach of a Prairie Fire, 1846-1848
The Last Race, Mandan O-kee-pa Ceremony, 1832. Creator: George Catlin
Eagle Dance, 1845-1848. Creator: George Catlin
George Catlin, 1849. Creator: William Fisk
Dog Travois / Blackfoot Camp, late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Edwin Willard Deming
Indians in Camp at 101 Ranch, 1922. Creator: Emil W. Lenders
Ceremonial at Black Lake, 1938. Creator: LaVerne Nelson Black
Jicarilla Apache Fiesta, 1934. Creator: LaVerne Nelson Black
Native American Woman in Camp with Racks of Drying Meat, 1880s-90s. Creator: Unknown
Native American Women and Horses by Teepee in Camp, 1880s-90s. Creator: Unknown
Teepee in Native American Camp, 1880s-90s. Creator: Unknown
The Wigwam, a Canadian Scene at Penllergare, ca. 1855. Creator: John Dillwyn Llewelyn
[Group of 18 Stereograph Views of the 1884 / 1885 New Orleans Centennial Internationa
Maffet Ledger: Indian and horse, ca. 1874-81. Creator: Unknown
Multanomah Falls, 1872. Creator: W. J. Linton
The Three Sisters, 1872. Creator: W. J. Linton
Mount Shasta, 1872. Creator: Edward Paxman Brandard
The Rocky Mountains, 1874. Creator: Robert Hinshelwood
Group of men in uniform in front of a tipi, Buckinghamshire, 1913. Creator: Unknown
A Native American chief and squaws, 1912
Fuegians and their Wigwams, c1885, (1890). Artist: Robert Taylor Pritchett
Medicine man and teepee interior, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
Interior of a Teepee, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
Teepee, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
Native American pipe dance, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
Portrait of Woman Who Strikes Many, Native American woman, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
Painting a portrait of a Native American, 1841
Thomas Mayhew and the Narragansett sachem, 17th century (c1880)
Eskimos, Nothern Greenland, 1904.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
Fort Benton, Montana, USA, 1856. Artist: John Mix Stanley
Council with White Mans Horse, 1856.Artist: John Mix Stanley
A Native American camp at the edge of the Yukon river, USA, 19th century.Artist: Hurel
The Sioux, Canada, 19th century.Artist: Janet Lanet
Religious Ceremonies of the Nisovian Tunguzians, c1748
Sioux war dance, 1888
North American Cree Indian settlement in summer, 1874
North America Indian encampment in Oklahoma, 1889
Cree North American Indian outside tepee, c1885-1890
Black Foot outside his tent, North American Indian, c1885-90
Oleograph of a Sioux war dance, c1890
Death of Joseph Chief of the Nez-Perce, (1877) 1904
Cholera quarantine in Italy
Panel (Furnishing Fabric), United States, 1848 / 50. Creator: Unknown

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