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Wheels Gallery

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A hydraulic mechanic greasing the landing gear of a transport... Fort Worth, Texas, 1942. Creator: Howard Hollem
Dismantling the Mumby Lumber Mill after thirty five years op... Malone, western Washington, 1939
Flower Wagon, c. 1730. Creator: Hanekawa Chincho
Chair with Carved Grape Leaf Decoration and Gothic Top, c. 1937. Creator: Robert Stewart
STS-7 landing, California, USA, June 24, 1983. Creator: NASA
Cigar Store Indian, 1938. Creator: Louis Plogsted
Armchair, England, c. 1885. Creator: Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo
Armchair, London, 1867 / 70. Creator: Owen Jones
Toy Wooden Horse, 1935 / 1942. Creator: David Ramage
Table, c. 1937. Creator: Edna C. Rex
Grand Piano, c. 1938. Creator: Ray Price
Table, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Edna C. Rex
Settee - Sofa, c. 1937. Creator: Edna C. Rex
Cigar Store Indian, c. 1937. Creator: Ray Price
Horse and Rider, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Philip Johnson
Army Repair Shop, February 1864. Creator: Alexander Gardner
Table (Drop-leaf), 1936. Creator: Nicholas Acampora
Bureau, c. 1936. Creator: Grace Halpin
Calash and Horses, c. 1940. Creator: John Hall
Court Ladies Dragging a Cabinet along the Floor, 19th century. Creator: Kubo Shunman
Sheet 13 of figures for Chinese shadow puppets, 1859. Creator: Juan Llorens
Sheet 5 of figures for Chinese shadow puppets, ca. 1850-70. Creator: Juan Llorens
Gravure àl Eau Forte, Machine àBalotter: pl. VI, 1771 / 1779. Creator: Unknown
Leading carriages, showing the tube, piston, heater, closing wheels &c. 1845
The car, 1844. Creator: Unknown
The Chaldeans Carrying Away the Pillars of the Temple of Jerusalem
Deck of the Great Eastern, the Cable Trough, etc. 1866, 1865-66
The Lilliputians convey the sleeping Gulliver to their city, lantern slide, late 19th century
1927 G.W.K. Chummy. Creator: Unknown
Square-Box Buggy On Side-Bars, 1885. Creator: Unknown
Manufacture of railway wagons, wagon of wheels and suspension of a car
Axle wheels of a steam train engine
Civil constructions, different types of train cars, joining systems, brakes and wheels
Ancient History. Persia. War chariot with sickles in their wheels. German engraving, 1865
Plan and perspective of the steam engine and wheels tree of the Clermont ship, built
Workshop of Jaime Quinto Piera in Manresa, special section of mechanical for manufacturing
The Carpenter, from Four and Twenty Toilers, pub. 1900 (colour lithograph)
Blenkinsops Rack Locomotive, c. 1814
The Village Blacksmith, pub. 1864, Currier & Ives (Colour Lithograph)
Zoomorphic Statuette with Wheels, 3950-3500 B.C. Artist: Prehistoric Russian Culture
The Town Wall of Regensberg, 1817. Creator: Johann Christian Erhard
Smoking tyres during tyre burn-out. Creator: Unknown

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