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West Indian Gallery

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Map of the Caribbean island of Martinique, c1783
Monsieur de St. George, April 4, 1788. Creator: William Ward
Queens Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad, 1912
Women washing clothes in the river, Port Antonio, Jamaica, c1905. Artist: Adolphe Duperly & Son
View on the River Roseau, Dominica, 1770 / 80. Creator: Agostino Brunias
The Smooth Leaved Green Antigua Pine, 1807. Creator: Henri Merke
West Indian Women of Color, with a Child and Black Servant, ca. 1780
A West Indian Creole Woman Attended by her Black Servant, ca. 1780
Free West Indian Creoles in Elegant Dress, ca. 1780. Creator: Agostino Brunias
Planter and his Wife, with a Servant; Planter and his wife, attended by a servant, ca
West Indian Man of Color, Directing Two Carib Women with a Child, ca. 1780
Linen Market, Dominica - A Market Scene, ca.1780. Creator: Agostino Brunias
A Linen Market with a Linen-stall and Vegetable Seller in the West Indies, ca. 1780
Market Day, Roseau, Dominica, ca.1780. Creator: Agostino Brunias
A Leeward Islands Carib family outside a Hut, ca. 1780. Creator: Agostino Brunias
Servants Washing a Deer, ca. 1775. Creator: Agostino Brunias
A Mother with her Son and a Pony, ca. 1775. Creator: Agostino Brunias
Free West Indian Dominicans; Free Natives of Dominica, ca. 1770. Creator: Agostino Brunias
A West Indian Flower Girl and Two other Free Women of Color, ca. 1769
Sale of West India Pine Apples, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Cocoa Fresh from the Pods, Dominica, B.W.I. 1893. Creator: Keystone View Company
Greetings from Jamaica. Going to Market with Yams and Canes. Constant Spring Road, 1913
Greetings from Jamaica. (1) After days work on the Banana field, early 20th century
Probable Effects of Over Female Emigration …, c. 1844
Arawak petroglyph known as the Carib stone, Caurita, Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago, c1000-1500
Tropical Rains in the West Indies, 1924
Cane-Cutters in Jamaica, 1891
Going to Market, 1912. Artist: Charles Robinson
Drying the Cocoa, 1912. Artist: Charles Robinson
At Work Among The Sugar-Canes, 1912. Artist: Charles Robinson
Orquesta: Neno Gonzalez Cortesia - Radio Cadena Habana, c1910
A Private of the 5th West India Regiment, c1812 (1909). Artist: Joseph Constantine Stadler
A Street in Jamaica, 1912. Artist: Charles Robinson
On La Union sugar plantation, San Luis, Santiago Province, Cuba, 1899. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
Tobacco field, Montpeller, Jamaica, 1900. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
Kingston Harbour, Jamaica, c1880
A street in Roseau, Dominica, c1880.Artist: Pann
Slavery emancipation festival in Barbados, c1880
The town of Morant, Morant Bay, Jamaica, c1880
View of Newcastle, in the Blue Mountains, Jamaica, c1880
Street scene, Kingston, Jamaica, c1880
View of Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, West Indies, c1880
Junction of Harbour Street and King Street, Kingston, Jamaica, c1835
Family outside their home, Coolie Street, Kingston, Jamaica, 1931
Man on a raft, Kingston, Jamaica, 1931
Myrtle Bank Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica, 1931
Singer car showroom, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, 1931
A Singer car in front of the Governors house, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, 1931

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