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Meeting between Pope Adrian I and Charlemagne, miniature in the incunabula Chronicles
Knole Park in Kent, the Seat of His Grace the Duke of Dorset, 1775. Artist: Michael Angelo Rooker
The Death of Nelson, 1806. Artist: West, Benjamin (1738-1820)
Sugar cane fields on the north-west part of the island, St. Croix island, Virgin Islands, 1941. Creator: Jack Delano
Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Power of Love in the Three Elements, 1809. Creator: Benjamin West
Flying-frog headpiece
Foreign Words (Ikoku kotoba), 1860. Creator: Utagawa Yoshiiku
Americans on an Outing (Amerikajin yuko no zu), 1860. Creator: Yoshikazu
America (Amerika), 1860. Creator: Utagawa Hiroshige III
North America (Kita Amerika shu), 1866. Creator: Utagawa Yoshitora
Foreign merchant house, 1865. Creator: Sadahide Utagawa
King of Italy (Itaria kokuo), from the series 'People of Barbarian Nations'
Sketch of a High-Ranking Officers Portrait, from the Great United States of America
Wrestler overthrowing Frenchman, c. 1860. Creator: Utagawa Yoshiiku
Meiji Dance Recital, 1880s. Creator: Sessei
Picture of Men and Women from Many Countries (Bankoku danjo jinbutsu zue), 1861
Courtesan watching foreign ship from balcony, c. 1818 / 44. Creator: Totoya Hokkei
Foreign Goods in Osaka (Osaka hikita karamono), from the series 'Three Cities (Santo)
A Picture of Prosperity: America (Amerika shin no zu), 1861
England (Igirusu), 1860. Creator: Utagawa Hiroshige II
China and Russia (Nankin, Oroshiya), 1860. Creator: Utagawa Hiroshige II
A Prosperous American Merchant Building in Yokohama (Yokohama asanban shokan hanei no zu)
Dutch (Orandajin), from the series 'People of the Five Nations (Gokakoku no uchi)
True View of a Yokohama Mercantile House (Yokohama shokan shinzu), 1861
Foreign Mercantile House in Yokohama (Yokohama ijin shokan), 1861
An American Mercantile Building in Yokohama (Yokohama ijin shokan no zu), 1861
Banquet at a Foreign Merchant House in Yokohama (Yokohama ijin shoka shuen no zu), 1861
Foreigner Checking Documents at a Merchant House in Yokohama (Yokohama shoka komojin)
Holland (Oranda koku), from the series 'People of the Five Nations
Sales Room at a Foreign Merchant Shop in Yokohama (Yokohama ijin shokan uriba no zu)
Five Men Doing the Work of Ten Bodies (Gonin jushin no hataraki), 1861
The Great Elephant from a Foreign Land (Ikoku watari dai zo no zu), 1863
True Image of a Giant Elephant (Taizo shasei), 1863. Creator: Utagawa Yoshikata
Residence of French Merchant at Port of Yokohama (Yokohama ko Furansu shokan no zu), 1866
Portrait of Americans: Oven for Breadmaking (Amerika-jin no zu, pansei no kamato), 1861
Interior of an American Steamship (Amerikakoku jokisen-chu no zu), 1861
Arrival and Departure of an American Steamship (Amerikakoku jokisha orai), 1861
French (Furansu), 1861. Creator: Yoshikazu
American Merchant Traveling in Yokohama (Yokohama torai Amerika shonin ryoko no zu), 1861
Merchants of Yokohama: French Woman on Horseback (Yokohama shokan)
Dutchman Strolling (Orandajin yuko), 1861. Creator: Yoshifuji
Dutch Couple Drinking Wine (Orandajin sakamori), 1861. Creator: Yoshikazu
Foreigners from Five Nations at a Banquet (Gokakoku ijin shuen no zu), 1861
French photographer, 1861. Creator: Yoshikazu
Holland (Oranda koku), 1861. Creator: Yoshikazu
Russians (Oroshiajin), 1861. Creator: Yoshikazu
Englishmen (Igirisujin), 1861. Creator: Yoshikazu
English officer and soldiers, 1861. Creator: Yoshikazu

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