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General George A. Custer, ca. Feb. 14, 1864. Creator: Unknown
Gen. George A. Custer, U.S.A. December 1869. Creator: Unknown
Hollow Horn Bear, 1907. Creator: Edward Sheriff Curtis
Rauparaha - Kafia Chief, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Rangihaeata - 'Fighting General', 1844. Creator: Unknown
Uprising in India against British domination, prophet preachint to the people the holy war
Martyrs of the Shiite faith killed in action during the wars between Muslims, religious
Battle with Vercingetorix, Gaulish leader of the resistance against Rome, engraving
Battle with Ambiorix, chief of Eburones from the Belgian Gaul, engraving from Bellium Gallim
Relief showing Darius I seated, with Xerxes I standing behind
Medal for the Victory of Chesma. Reverse, 1770
Russian and Turkish fleet before the Battle of Chesma on July 5, 1770
Medal for the Victory of Chesma. Reverse
Catherine II laying the trophies of the Battle of Chesma on the tomb of Peter the Great, 1791
Constantine Kanaris destroys by fire three Turkish ships of the line at Tchesme (From the Album of G Artist: Hess)
Imperial regimental flag at the Time of Peter the Great, 1700. Artist: Flags, Banners and Standards
The naval Battle of Chesma on 5 July 1770, 18th century. Artist: Anonymous
Count Alexey Grigoryevich Orlov after the Victory of Chesma, Second Half of the 18th cen.. Artist: Anonymous
Portrait of the commander-in-chief of the fleet Count Alexey Grigoryevich Orlov of Chesma (1737?1808), Late 18th cent
Peter I at the Pruth River, 1804. Artist: Ivanov, Mikhail Matveevich (1748-1823)
Count Alexey Grigoryevich Orlov in the Battle of Chesma, 19th century. Artist: Anonymous
Allegory of Catherine the Great?s Victory over the Turks and Tatars, 1772. Artist: Torelli, Stefano (1712-1784)
Siege of the Turkish Fortress Azov by Russian Forces in 1696, um 1700. Artist: Schoonebeek (Schoonebeck)

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