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Mr Tennyson, Reading In Memoriam to his Sovereign, 1904.Artist: Max Beerbohm
Queen Victoria, c1890
Queen Victoria at Osborne House, 1865 (1906)
Queen Victoria, 1838. Creator: Thomas Sully
The Char-a-banc presented to Her Majesty by the King of the French, 1844
The Queens Visit To Her Birthplace: The Scene Outside St. Marys Church, Kensington, (c1897)
The Penny Red postage stamp, 1841. Artist: Perkins, Bacon & Co
Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, c1890
Queen Victorias Georgian Costume Ball at Buckingham Palace, January 6, 1845, (1901)
Kensington Palace at the time of Victoria, (1901). Creator: Unknown
The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, 1851: Opened by Queen Victoria, May 1, 1901. Creator: Unknown
Our Colonial Defences--A Company of the Mounted Rifles Manoeuvring in Victoria, Australia, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Arival of the Empress Dowager Frederick of Germany at Port Victoria, 1888. Creator: Unknown
Queen Victorias Plantagenet Costume Ball at Buckingham Palace, May 7, 1842... (1901)
Queen Victorias Restoration Costume Ball at Buckingham Palace, June 6, 1845, 1901
Queen Victoria hearing Lohengrin at Windsor Castle on her Eightieth Birthday
Queen Victoria Awakened to Hear the News of her Accession, June 20, 1837, (1901)
The Marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at St. Jamess Palace, 1840, (1901)
The Royal Albert Hall, 1871: Opened by Queen Victoria, March 29, (1901). Creator: Unknown
Sir Robert Peel Bart. c1820, (c1884). Creator: Unknown
Copper Mines, Walhalla, 1901. Creator: Unknown
Star of the East Gold Mine, Ballarat, 1901. Creator: Unknown
Granite Quarries, Trawool, Victoria, 1901. Creator: Unknown
Group of Aboriginal People, Lake Tyers, Victoria, Australia, 1901. Creator: Unknown
Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee: Drawing-Room at Buckingham Palace, May 11, 1897, (1901)
Coronation of Queen Victoria, June 28, 1838, (1901). Creator: Unknown
World map with Magellan?s circumnavigation (From Scherer?s Atlas novus), 1702-1703
Canteen piece, 1941. Artist: Cecil Beaton
Sailors pulling the gun carriage carrying the coffin of Queen Victoria, Windsor, Berkshire, 1901
Block of twenty Penny Black stamps, 1840, (1910)
Queen Victoria investing Abdul Aziz, Sultan of Turkey, with the order of the Garter, 1867
The Burke and Wills Monument at Melbourne, Australia, 1865
The Crowning of Victoria, Queen of England in 1837, (c1900)
The Crown Princess of Prussia, 1861. Creator: John Jabez Edwin Mayall
Mourning dress, British, 1894-95. Creator: Unknown
Mourning dress, British, 1894. Creator: Unknown
The Abuses of the Law, Plate 7.n.d. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius
The Christening in the Chapel, 1844. Creator: Unknown
The kitchen at Burghley, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Blair Athol, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Keys of the Fortress of Portsmouth, 1845. Creator: Unknown
The Falls of the Tummell, 1844. Creator: Unknown
The Queen and Prince Albert fording the Garry, 1844. Creator: Unknown
New wing of Osborne House, Isle of Wight, 1845. Creator: Ebenezer Landells
Her Majesty leaving Blair Athol Church, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Portrait of a highland guardsman, at Blair Athol, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Entrance to Coupar Angus, 1844. Creator: Unknown
New Lodge, Osborne House, 1845. Creator: Unknown

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