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Fenetre a la Goulette, 1926. Artist: Albert Marquet
Oleanders, 1888. Creator: Vincent van Gogh
Still life with dahlias, ca. 1886-1890. Artist: Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1919)
Stamnos (vase) depicting Odysseus tied to the mast listening to the songs of the Sirens
Irises, 1890. Creator: Vincent van Gogh
Bouquet of poppy anemones, roses, double campernelle, a hyacinth, a tulip and auricula tied with a b Artist: Monnoyer
Greek vase painting of Achilles and Patroclus. Artist: Sosias
Apollo offering a libation to the raven, kylix, 5th century BC
Roses in a Bottle [recto], 1900 / 1904. Creator: Paul Cezanne
Vase of Flowers on a Mantelpiece, c. 1900. Creator: Edouard Vuillard
Lute-Player, c1595. Artist: Michelangelo Caravaggio
Design for a Vase, ca. 1770-85. Creator: Anon
Painting: Still Life: fruit and vase
Detail of the black figured Athenian amphora with the scene from the cult of Dionysus
Bouquet of Chamomile, Roses, Orange Blossom and Carnations Tied with a Blue Ribbon
The Painter as Illustrator, 1932, (1946). Artist: Paul Nash
Violets and Clematis in a crystal vase, 1882 Artist: Edouard Manet
Greek vase painting depicting Cadmus fighting the serpent, 4th century BC
Ancient Greek pottery, (1898). Creator: Unknown
The Prince of Wales at Messrs. Doulton's Pottery Works, Lambeth, 1886. Creator: Unknown
Dewey, Mrs. Wife of Adm. seated in home presented by public, about 1902, between 1890 and 1910. Creator: Levin Handy
Hidden silhouette of Napoleon visiting his tomb; vase of flowers, 1821-1900. 1821-1900. Creator: Anon
Plate 24: The Lost Child of Atocha: From Portfolio 'Spanish Colonial Designs of New Mexico'
Plate 23: Painting on Buckskin, Laguna: From Portfolio 'Spanish Colonial Designs...', 1935 / 1942
Plate 23: Painting on Buckskin: From Portfolio 'Spanish Colonial Designs of New Mexico', 1935 / 1942
Drawing for Plate 5: From Portfolio 'Folk Art of Rural Pennsylvania', c. 1939. Creator: Unknown
Bud Vase, c. 1937. Creator: Vera Van Voris
Vase, c. 1938. Creator: Cleo Lovett
Roses, 1890. Creator: Vincent van Gogh
Chinese painting, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Erotic figures
The Bitch on a Cushion, c1694-1735. Artist: Jean Ranc
Vase, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Michael Fenga
Terra Cotta Flower Jar, c. 1936. Creator: Cecily Edwards
Bouquet of Roses, Larkspur and Convolvulus, mid to late 18th century. Creator: Louis Marin Bonnet
Silenus, as a Vase, Satyr Handle, 1540-56. Creator: Leon Davent
Candlestick with Two Ignudi on Top of a Vase with Lion Heads, 1552. 1552. Creator: Anon
Valentine - Mechanical -- a decorated armoire (chest), ca. 1875. ca. 1875. Creator: Anon
Valentine - Mechanical - elaborate Valentine, Dance Card, Baby, 1883. 1883. Creator: Anon
Clay Flower Jar, c. 1936. Creator: Cecily Edwards
Embroidery, c. 1936. Creator: Eugene Croe
Roses in a Vase, 1881 / 83. Creator: Georges-Pierre Seurat
Vase in the Form of a Bronze Wine Vessel, with Dragons, Waves, and Trigrams... (1573-1620). Creator: Unknown
Vase, 2nd-5th century. Creator: Unknown
Flowers of the Four Seasons, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), 18th / 19th century. Creators: Unknown, Prince Yongrong
Lekythos (Oil Jar), 410-400 BCE. Creator: Reed Painter
Vase, 1st-2nd century. Creator: Unknown
Fragment of a Funerary Lekythos (Monument in the Shape of an Oil Jar), 4th century BCE. Creator: Demagora Master

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