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Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (1869-1916), 1910s
Tsar Nicholas II at the opening ceremony of the first Duma, St Petersburg, Russia, 1906
Catherine the Great Visiting the Ice Mountain in Saint Petersburg, 1788. Artist: Paterssen, Benjamin (1748-1815)
Catherine II on the Balcony of the Winter Palace, Greeted by the Guards on the Day of the Palace Revolution on June 28
Portrait of Empress Catherine II (1729-1796), 1763. Artist: Rokotov, Fyodor Stepanovich (1735-1808)
Tsarina Alexandra nursing wounded soldiers, 1914, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
The Czarina Driving Through St. Petersburg, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Flag of the Leib-Guard Preobrazhensky Regiment, 1742. Artist: Flags, Banners and Standards
Portrait of Empress Catherine the Great in her Coronation Robe. Artist: Erichsen, Vigilius (1722-1782)
Flag of the Grenadier Company of the Preobrazhensky Life Guard Regiment, 1744. Artist: Anonymous master
Empress of Russia, 1860-69. Creator: Émile Desmaisons
Peter the Greats First Interview with Catherine (Peter the Great sees Katherine for
Hand-colored albumen portrait of Princess Dagmar, 1860-1870. Creator: Unknown
The Russian royal family, c1917, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Portrait of Empress Anna Ioannovna (1693-1740), 1733. Artist: Mentzel (Menzel), Johann Georg
Tsesarevna Maria Feodorovna (1847-1928), later Empress of Russia, and the Princess of Wales
Portrait of Ivan Ivanovich Betskoi (1704-1795), with a compass and other instruments, 18th century
Allegory on the Coronation of Empreror Alexander III, 1883
Fireworks on the birthday of Emperor Peter III on February 10, 1762 in Tsarskoye Selo, 1762
Fireworks on the occasion of the coronation of Empress Catherine II in September 1762 in Moscow
Fireworks on the occasion of the conclusion of peace between Russia and Sweden on July 16
Fireworks on the Neva in St. Petersburg on New Years Eve, January 1, 1755, 1755
Conclusion of the Coronation of Empress Catherine I on 6 May 1724, 1724
Map of the European Russia, 1766
Betrothal of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and Natalia Naryshkina, 1916
The Romanovs: The Family of the Emperor Alexander III, 1888
The English, Greek, Russian and Danish royal families at Bernstorff Palace, Denmark, 1890
Portrait of Prince Grigory Alexandrovich Potyomkin (1739-1791), before 1792
Members of the Romanov family at the summer military manoeuvres in Krasnoye Selo, 1892
The edict of Empress Anna Ioannovna (1693-1740), 1733
Portrait of the Grand Duchess Ekaterina Alekseyevna (1729-1796), c. 1745
Grand Duchess Maria Fyodorovna with son, Nicholas Alexandrovich, 1872
Empress Maria Fyodorovna with children, Nicholas Alexandrovich, George Alexandrovich and Xenia Alexa
Grand Duchess Maria Fyodorovna, Princess Dagmar of Denmark (1847-1928) with Daughter Xenia Alexandro
Portrait of Grand Duke Pyotr Fyodorovitch and Grand Duchess Catherine Alekseyevna, 1756
The Imperial Crown of Catherine II the Great
Grigory Rasputin with Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, her five children and seated right governess Mar
Consecration of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Coronation of Alexander III (Tchaikovskys 1812)
Princess Charlotte of Prussia (1798-1860), c. 1817
Map of Petersburg, 1777
Map of Petersburg, ca 1762
Map of Petersburg, 1776
Portrait of Duchess Maria Feodorovna (Sophie Dorothea of Wurttemberg) (1759-1828)
Ice castle built for Empress Anna Ioannovna during the Month of January of the Year 1740
Empress Maria Fyodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) (1847-1928) with son Nicholas Alexandrovich of Russia, Artist: Levitsky
Teaching hour of Empress Catherine II
Portrait of Grand Duchess Elisabeth Petrovna (1709-1761)
Fireworks on the Occasion of the Wedding of Grand Duke Pyotr Fyodorovitch and Grand Duchess Catherin

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