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Tragic Gallery

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The Finding of Moses
The Hell. Artist: Napoletano, Filippo (1598-1629)
Isolde, c1895, (1896). Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
The Weird Sisters (Shakespeare, MacBeth, Act 1, Scene 3), March 10, 1785. Creator: John Raphael Smith
Mr. Henderson in the Character of Macbeth, 1787. Creator: John Jones
Antony and Cleopatra, Act 1, Scene 2: Charmian-'Good Sir, give me good fortune', January 1, 1817
A tragic masked ball, 1930. Creator: Unknown
Melpomene, ca. 1540-45. Creator: Leon Davent
Lady Macbeth (Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 5), first published 1800; reissued 1852. Creator: James Parker
The Banquet (Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 3, Scene 3), October 10, 1786. Creator: John Baldrey
The Graphic, Front Cover Saturday January 11. 1890, 1890. Creator: Charles Edwin Fripp
Pictures of the Year VIII, They bound me on….... 1888. Creator: Charles Bennet Lawes
Scene from Costas opera of 'Don Carlos', 1844. Creator: Unknown
With Lippes as Cold as any Stone, They Kist The Children Small, c1878. Creator
Moses with the Ten Commandments, 1841
Moses with the Ten Commandments, c. 1650-1660
The Tree Man, c. 1505
Tamara and Demon. Illustration to the poem The Demon by Mikhail Lermontov, c. 1880. Artist: Zichy, Mihaly (1827-1906)
Benny Lynch, Scottish boxer, 1938
Moses with the Ten Commandments, 1659. Artist: Rembrandt van Rhijn (1606-1669)
Painting, title unknown, mid 19th century. Artist: Jean Pierre Alexandre Antigna
The Death of Adonis, n.d. Creator: Etienne Delaune
Khusrau Gazing at Shirin, from a copy of the Khamsa of Nizami, 1485 (890 A.H.)
Farhad Carrying Shirin and Her Horse, from a copy of the Khamsa of Nizami
Ginevra, 1865 / 68. Creator: Hiram Powers
Les Voluptueux, 1889. Creator: Prouvé, Victor (1858-1943)
Dido on the Funeral Pyre, 1650-1700. Creator: Giuseppe Diamantini
Silvio and Dorinda, 1640. Creator: Johann Wilhelm Baur
David Casting Off His Robes at the News of the Death of His Son, 1540
Procris and Cephalus, published 1812. Creator: JMW Turner
The Death of Ophelia (Act IV, Scene VII), 1843. Creator: Eugene Delacroix
Pyramus et Thisbe, from Game of Mythology (Jeu de la Mythologie), 1644
Pyramus and Thisbe, 1514. Creator: Lucas van Leyden
Sigismunda, May 5, 1790. Creator: James Basire I
The Death of Procris; Cephalus mournig the death of Procris on the right surrounded by
Sigismonda (Sigismunda), June 4, 1795. Creator: Benjamin Smith
Apollo and Daphne, ca. 1538-40. Creator: Andrea Schiavone
Tragic Music, 1845. Creator: Unknown
Pyramus and Thisbe, ca. 1509-10. Creator: Hans Schäufelein the Elder
Edmund Kean in the Character of Macbeth, 1814. Creator: George Henry Harlow
Philip Stanhope Worsley, 1866. Creator: Julia Margaret Cameron
Venus and Adonis, 1550s. Creator: Titian
The Last Crossing: Tragic End of the Rebel Beyers while trying to Cross the Vaal River, 1916
Otway, (1652-1685), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Euripides, (c480-406 BC), 1830. Creator: Unknown
William Huskisson, c1810, (c1884). Creator: Unknown
The Babes in the Wood, c1878. Creator: Randolph Caldecott
Away They Went The Pretty Babes, Rejoycing At That Tide c1878. Creator: Randolph Caldecott

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