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Tradition Dress Gallery

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The Cock of the North: George, Fifth Duke of Gordon, c1812. Artist: George Sanders
Advertisement for tourism at Chambery, France, c1920s
At the Festival, 1911. Artist: Joza Uprka
Ruth and Naomi, 1886, (1936). Creator: Philip Hermogenes Calderon
A Welsh Costume, c1904. Creator: Unknown
Priests and monks in a Korean monastery, or lamasery, 1902. Artist: Walter Hillier
Welsh women with a spinning wheel, 1912
Aurengzebe, (1618-1707), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Atabalipa, (c1502-1533), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Amurath I, (1319-1389), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Fishwives at Newlyn, Cornwall, 1900. Creator: Works and Sun Sculpture Studios
Bavarian Mountaineers, Germany, 1898. Creator: Works and Sun Sculpture Studios
Canadian soldiers, First World War, 1914, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Cupids Spell, 1885, (c1930). Creator: Henry Woods
A Venetian Christening Party, 1896, (c1930). Creator: Henry Woods
Road Sweeper, . Creator: Unknown
Nouvelle-Guinee. Danse Des Papous Barioles, (Papua New Guinea. Tribal Papuan Dance), 1900
Persane En Costume De Ville, (Persian in City Dress), 1900. Creator: Unknown
Group of Montenegrins, c1879. Creator: Unknown
Yumas, c1850s. Creator: Sarony, Major and Knapp
Family of the Governor of Tingri, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
The Fair Maids of Sippi, Simla, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Egypt - The Prayer in the Desert, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Subean Girls, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Jerusalem - A Street, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Cairo - Flood Time near Pyramids, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Jerusalem - Jews at the Wailing Wall, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Les amies, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Typical Street in Baghdad, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Cairo - The Mosque of Saghry Bardy, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
A Palestine Bazaar - Luke xxii. 36, c1924. Creators: James Clark, Henry A Harper
Rachels Tomb and Bethlehem - Matt. xxiii. 29, c1924. Creators: James Clark, Henry A Harper
Fetching Water, 19th century? Creator: Unknown
Vierlander Madchen, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Trinidad - British West Indies cover, c1940s. Creator: Unknown
Hodgsons Costumes of all Nations: No.3 - Turk, No.4 - Polander, c1822. Creator: Unknown
Rome, 1820s. Creator: Robert Sands
Caravan Scene with Shans at Bhamo, 1900. Creator: Unknown
Burmese Musicians and Pwe Dancers, 1900. Creator: Unknown
A Maori Chieftainess, 1923. Creator: Unknown
Young farmers of the Nordfjord country - before their cottage home, Norway, c1905
Narrow rock-shelf where the road to Voring Falls past Lake Oifjords deep waters
Looking from Hjelle across quiet Strynns Lake to steep glaciers of Mt. Skaala, Norway, c1905
A farmers water-power grindstone and sod-roofed gristmill in deep Olden Valley, Norway, 1905
Swedish woman in traditional costume, c1928. Creator: Unknown
Swedish girl playing with dolls, c1928. Creator: Unknown
Dutch people in traditional dress, c1928. Creator: Unknown
Dutch father and son in traditional dress, c1928. Creator: Unknown

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