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Tinned Food Gallery

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Display of home-canned food, between 1941 and 1945. Creator: Unknown
Wife of Jim Norris with canned goods, Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940. Creator: Russell Lee
Mr. J. Benjamin, a store owner, Washington, D.C. 1942. Creator: Gordon Parks
Interior of the grocery store patronized by Mrs. Ella Watson... Washington, D.C. 1942. Creator: Gordon Parks
Young mother, aged twenty-two, has one little girl... FSA, Merrill, Klamath County, Oregon, 1939
Grocery store owned by Mr. J. Benjamin, on Saturday afternoon, Washington, D.C. 1942. Creator: Gordon Parks
The Crowning of Victoria, Queen of England in 1837, (c1900)
Oyster can used by H. B. Kennerly & Son, Inc. 1935-1950. Creator: Unknown
Food hamper, 1967. Artist: Michael Walters
Batchelors Garden Peas tin, 1963. Artist: Michael Walters
Batchelors Peas tin, 1963. Artist: Michael Walters
Dairy Farm tinned Irish Stew, 1968. Artist: Michael Walters
The W.V.S. Did Many Jobs. Here is a W.V.S. woman managing a field kitchen, c1941 (1942)
Advert for Smedleys tinned fruit, 1936
Joseph Joachim and Hans von Bulow, c1900
Anton Rubinstein and August Wilhelmj, c1900
Pablo de Sarasate and Franz Liszt, c1900
Nicolo Paganini and Frederic Chopin, c1900
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, c1900
Voltaire and Victor Hugo, c1900
William Shakespeare and Lord Bryron, c1900
Dante Allighieri and Torquato Tasso, c1900
Hans Christian Anderson and Henrik Ibsen, c1900
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and Pedro Calderon De La Barca, c1900
Potters in antiquity, c1900
Chinese ceramics, c1900
Painting on glass in the 12th century, (c1900)
Painting with enamels in the 17th century, (c1900)
Glassmakers in the 14th century, (c1900)
Episodes of the Life of Famous Painters: Rembrandt, (c1900)
A Shop in Klondyke, c1900
The Crowning of Charlemagne in Rome 800, (c1900)
Louis of Bavaria Crowned Emperor of Rome in 1328, (c1900)
The Crowning of Catherine II, Empress of Russia in 1762, (c1900)
Napoleon I crowns himself King of Italy in 1805, (c1900)
The Crowning of Maria Theresa of Austria in 1740, (c1900)
The dying Mozart listening to the performance of his Requiem, 1791, (c1900)
Hindu theatre on the backs of Elephants, c1900
The Elephant as postman, c1900
The Elephant on a tiger hunt, c1900
The Elephant at Work, c1900
The Elephants of Pyrrhus, c1900
The Elephant as draught animal, c1900
History of Paper: 4, c1900
History of Paper: 6, c1900
History of Paper: 5, c1900
History of Paper: 3, c1900
History of Paper: 1, c1900

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