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Et in Arcadia ego (Les bergers d Arcadie or The Arcadian Shepherds), 1637-1638, (1911). Artist: Nicolas Poussin
Moses descending from Mount Sinai with the tablets of the law (Ten Commandments), 1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
St. John, seated and holding a writing instrument to a tablet, an eagle with outstre
Bell (From a Locomotive), c. 1940. Creators: Harry Mann Waddell, Edith Towner
Amulet of a Writing Tablet, Egypt, Late Period, Dynasty 26-31 (664-332 BCE)
Armchair with Tablet: Putti Drawing, England, c. 1790 / 1800. Creator: John Gee
Armchair with Tablet: Putti at Vulcans Forge, England, c. 1790 / 1800. Creator: John Gee
Tablet for inlay with horizontal bar... Ptolemaic Dynasty or Roman Period, 305 BCE-14 CE
Ancestor tablet, Western Zhou dynasty, ca. 1050-ca. 950 BCE. Creator: Unknown
Buddhist tablet: the Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni (Shih-chia)... Period of Division, 386-535
Buddhist tablet in the form of a miniature shrine, Period of Division, ca. 520
Buddhist tablet, Period of Division, 535-557. Creator: Unknown
Buddhist tablet: standing figure in high relief; right hand missing, Period of Division
Buddhist tablet, Period of Division, Dated 536 CE. Creator: Unknown
Ancestor tablet, Late Shang dynasty, ca. 1300-ca. 1050 BCE. Creator: Unknown
Seated woman holding a tablet and compass (allegory of learning), a winged putto... ca
The ancestors of Christ flanking an inscribed tablet, an arched top composition, 1531-76
Seated Woman Holding a Tablet, late 17th, mid 18th century
The Monumental Tablet, from Grotteschi (Grotesques), ca. 1748
Allegory of a thesis, two women hold inscribed tablets, 1640
Cartoon Fragment for Adolescent Angel Leaning on a Tablet or Closed Book, ca. 1690-95
Saint Matthew, 1835-67. Creator: Camille-Auguste Gastine
Allegory of the Old and New Dispensations, 1700-1708. Creator: Carlo Maratti
Augustus and Livia, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Moses and the Israelites Idolatry. Creator: N v d Linden
Ancient tablet, near Holborn Bridge, London, c1830-1860. Artist: James Tingle
Exodus 34: 1-10: Moses receives the second tablets with the Ten Commandments. Artist
Portrait: The Lawyer Terentius Neo and his wife
Portrait of a girl, previously thought to represent Sappho the ancient Greek poetess
Ur III clay administrative tablet, impressed with the scribes seal, which depicts
Hollow clay cylinder inscribed in cuneiform, describing Sin-iddinams dredging of
Roman still life painting from Pompeii, 1st century. Artist: Werner Forman
Limestone relief carving depicting the ruler Itzamna, Mayan, Mexico, 1st-3rd century
Letter in cuneiform writing, Sumerian, Iraq, 3rd millennium BC. Artist: Werner Forman
Peking, c1930s
Circe and Her Lovers in a Landscape, c1525. Artist: Dosso Dossi
Ivory tablet, 11th century (1882-1884). Artist: Tamisier
The Stela of Amenophis III, Cairo Museum, Egypt, 1905.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
A tablet outside Herods Temple, Jerusalem, forbidding strangers to enter, 1926
Moses, 1926.Artist: Frederic Shields
Stele of the Royal Scribe Ipi, middle of the 14th century BC
Gallo-Roman stone tablet. Artist: R Guillemot
The Adoration of the Trinity (The Landauer Altarpiece), 1511. Artist: Albrecht Durer
Clay Cuneiform Tablet. 7th century BC
The forlorn scholar. This petition, in the form of a letter to the king Ashurbanipal, was written by Artist: Urad-Gula
Roman Stylus, (original) and wax tablet, (reconstructed), c2nd century
Clay tablet with linear B script, 15th century BC
Detail of an early Sumerian stone tablet

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