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Sydenham Gallery

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Hyacinths, from 'The Temple of Flora, or Garden of Nature', June 1, 1801
Passion Flower, 1799. Creator: Sydenham Teast Edwards
Stereograph, Crystal Palace, John Bells Una and the Lion, 1854-62
The Upper Gallery, 1854. Creator: Philip Henry Delamotte
View of Transept, Looking South, 1851. Creator: Hugh Owen
Greek Slave, 1851. Creator: Hugh Owen
Larkspur and Sweet William: Delphinium elatum and Dianthus barbatus, 1805, (1946)
Monkey-Flower, 1812, (1944). Creator: Unknown
ERA, Arthur Dobson, Coronation Trophy Race, Crystal Palace 2nd April 1938. Creator: Unknown
1955 Maserati 250F, Mike Hawthorn at BARC event Crystal Palace. Creator: Unknown
1954 Kieft 500cc at Crystal Palace, losing a wheel. Creator: Unknown
1954 Lotus VIII driven by Colin Chapman at Crystal Palace. Creator: Unknown
The Parade, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, c1915. Creator: Unknown
Where the Beasts of Prehistory Lurk By the Lake in the Palace Grounds, c1935. Creator: Unknown
Glass and Girders of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham, c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish
Great Hall With Its Clustering Beams and Ornamental Water, c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish
Sydenham Wells in 1750, (c1878). Creator: Unknown
The Crystal Palace, from the South, (c1878). Creator: Unknown
Site of the Crystal Palace in 1852, (c1878). Creator: Unknown
Sydenham, c1910
Thomas Sydenham, English physician, c1747 (1894). Artist: Jacobus Houbraken
The Crystal Palace illuminated by Brock, 1900
The Crystal Palace, London, c1900. Artist: York & Son
The Crystal Palace, Sydenham, c1890. Artist: Charles Wilkinson
Crystal Palace, Sydenham, c1910
A Badminton Tournament at the Crystal Palace, 1902, (1903). Artist: Russell & Sons
South of England XI cricket team vs The Australians, c1899. Artist: Russell & Sons
Presentation of a sword to Giuseppe Garibaldi at the Crystal Palace, 1864 (late 19th century)
Thomas Sydenham, 17th century English physician, (c1850)
Crystal Palace, London, 20th Century
Naturalists dining inside a model of a dinosaur, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, New Years Eve, 1853
The Extinct Animals model room at Crystal Palace, Sydenham, 1853

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