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Surrender Gallery

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The Surrender of the German Fleet at Sunset on November 21, 1918, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
General Methuen surrendering to de la Rey, 2nd Boer War, 7 March 1902
The Surrender of Moolraj, c1891. Creator: James Grant
The French Commissioners Coming to Treat for the Surrender for the Surrender of Pondicherry, c1891 Creator: James Grant
The Mishap to the Victorians at Wilmansrust, June 12, 1901, 1902
The Battle of Carberry Hill, 1567, c1742, (1944). Creator: George Vertue
Creamer, 1825 / 30. Creator: Unknown
Shipwreck, 19th century. Creator: Eugene Isabey
McLeans House, Appomattox Court-House, Virginia, April 1865. Creator: Alexander Gardner
Negotiations after the Sino-Japanese War, March 1895. Creator: Keisai
Sarratoga [sic] (October 17, 1777), ca. 1777. Creator: Godefroy
Lee Surrendering to Grant at Appomattox, ca. 1870. Creator: Alonzo Chappel
Náh-pope adviser to Black Hawk, 1832. Creator: George Catlin
Surrender of a Confederate Soldier, 1873. Creator: Julian Scott
Dancer Moving Forward, Arms Raised, c. 1885 / 1890. Creator: Edgar Degas
Francesco I d Este Approches the Camp of the Enemy Under the Pretext of Battle
Lunch at the Fork (Le Dejeuner àla Fourchette), 1813
Scene in Pretoria Square, June 5: Waiting for the Entry of Lord Roberts and his Army, 1901
Defeat of a Night Attempt to Cross the Railway, 1902. Creator: Allan Stewart
The Surrender of Kroonstadt: Troops Marching Past Lord Roberts and Staff, 1901. Creator
The Reddersburg Mishap: Men of the Irish Rifles and Mounted Infantry Delivering Up Their Arms
Surrendered Boers at Belfast Anxious to Join the National Scouts, 1902. Creator: F de Harnen
The Formal Surrender of Bloemfontein, 1900. Creator: Joseph Finnemore
Night Attack on a Boer Convoy by Mounted Infantry Under Colonel Williams, 1902. Creator
The Surrender of Prinsloos Force at the Caledon River, 1901. Creator: Ernest Prater
German officers indicating the whereabouts of landmines, First World War, 1918, (c1920)
The Scuttling of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow, First World War, 1918, (c1920)
A German submarine surrenders to the British, First World War, 1918, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Jolly Jack-Tars as Handyman, 1917. Creator: Unknown
Glorious Charge of the Fusiliers at St. Eloi, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Austrian prisoners, Przemysl, March 1915, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Caesar Possessing Himself of the Treasure in the Temple of Saturn, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Brennus at Rome, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Charlemagne enters Pavia, (1936). Creator: Unknown
The surrender of Buonaparte on board the Bellerophon, (15 July 1815), 1816. Creator: Unknown
Agnes von Rosenberg surrenders her fathers castle to the Hussites, 1426, (1936)
Hornblower surrenders, 1920, (1928). Creator: Foulsham and Banfield
The Flag of Truce, late 19th century, (c1902). Creator: Unknown
In Cronjes Laager after Surrender, 1900
Bombardment of Madrid, 4 December 1808, (c1850). Artist: Edme Bovinet
The Taking of Ulm, 17 October 1805, (c1850). Artist: Francois Pigeot
Germans surrendering at Laffaux, northern France, c1914-c1918
Germans coming out of the trenches, Massiges, northern France, c1914-c1918
The surrender of Granada, between the Catholic Kings and Boabdil in 2nd January 1492
Surrender of Santiago de Chile, the American flag is raised on the governors palace
The Surrender of Granada, painted from 1879 to 1882
Siege of Barcelona in 1714 by the troops of Philip V, negative to the offer of surrender
The British surrendering their arms to General Washington after the defeat at York Town …

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