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Surgery Gallery

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Surgical Ward (Gekashitsu) from Bugei Kurabu (Literary Club), ca. 1906. ca. 1906. Creator: Mizuno Toshikata
MIchael Jackson. Creator: Dan Springer
John Hunter, Scottish surgeon, (1834).Artist: W Holl
The Anatomist, 1811. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
Chirurgia èGraeco in Latinum conversa... 1544. Creator: Francesco Salviati
Model of the conjoined brains of Ladan and Laleh Bijani used by Dr. Ben Carson, 2003
Der Artzet. Creator: Hans Holbein the Younger
The Reward of Cruelty, 1790. Creator: J Bell
Scene 9, from Jack the Giant Killer, Scenes for a Toy Theater, 1870-90
Operating Tent, Camp Letterman, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863
Amputation, February 17, 1786. February 17, 1786. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
Legerdemain, 1799 (?). 1799 (?). Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
The Theatre Sister, 1942. Creator: Julian Augustus Smith
Santiago Ramon y Cajal (Petilla of Aragon, Navarra, 1852-Madrid, 1934), Professor
Classroom of Medicine in the Surgery School of San Carlos in Madrid
The Reward of Cruelty, plate IV from The Four Stages of Cruelty, 1751
Peace and Intervention: German Militarism on the Allies Operating Table, 1916
Detail from a medical manuscript by an unknown author
Surgical instruments. Manuscript of Al-Tasrif (The Method of Medicine) by Abulcasis, ca 1213-1223
Surgery, 1550-1555. Artist: Hemessen, Jan Sanders, van (c. 1500-c. 1566)
Amputation of a leg without anaesthetic, 1593
Trephination, 1593
Surgical Instruments, 1639, (1903)
An operation at Charing Cross Hospital, London, 1901 (1903). Artist: Time Life Pictures
Marriage A-la-Mode: 3. The Inspection, c1743. Artist: William Hogarth
Loopt Loopt Met Groot Verblyden, , Hier Salmen twyf van Lije Snyden, 17th century. Artist: HW Weydman
Dr Thierry de Martel, French surgeon, 1935
John Hunter, 18th century Scottish surgeon, (19th century).Artist: GH Adcock
Joseph Lister, British surgeon, (20th century)
Sir William Fergusson, Bart, FRS, Sergeant-Surgeon to the Queen, 1877.Artist: Lock & Whitfield
John Hunter, Scottish surgeon, 1870.Artist: Francis Holl
The Surgeon, 1630-1640. Artist: Teniers, David, the Younger (1610-1690)
Surgery, 1751-1777
Head surgery, 1751-1777
Eye surgery, 1751-1777
Breast surgery, 1751-1777
Ambroise Pare, 16th-century French military surgeon, (19th century)
Using a laryngoscope to aid the removal of a polyp from the throat, c1890
Joseph Lister, English surgeon and pioneer of antiseptic surgery, c1867
Joseph Lister, English surgeon, on his ward round in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, c1867 (1927)
Ambrose Pare, 16th century French military surgeon, 1835
Clinic at the School of Dentistry, Paris, 1892
Arm being amputated without anaesthetic, Russo-Turkish War, 1877
Recovering casualty of a bullet wound to the abdomen, American Civil War, 1865
Shippens Successful Amputation at the Hip Joint, American Civil War, 1865
Scenes from the life of Christ, and doctors with patients, c1300
Imhotep, Ancient Egyptian physician
Mademoiselle Claire, an automaton built by Robert Herdner, 1912. Artist: Robert Herdner
The Doctors Bill, 1869. Artist: Charles Samuel Keene
We are going to incise the muscles, saw the bones, in a word, heal the sick from Sc
Trephine used by Dr. Ben Carson, 1984-1995. Creator: Codman & Shurtleff, Inc
The Surgeon, 1524. Creator: Lucas van Leyden
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, 1632. Artist: Rembrandt van Rhijn (1606-1669)

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