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Sunrise Gallery

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Beyond Mans Footsteps, 1894 (1909). Artist: Briton Riviere
Arrival of Aeneas in Italy, the Dawn of the Roman Empire, (c1620-1680?). Artist: Claude Lorrain
The Sower, October 1888, (1947). Creator: Vincent van Gogh
Les Peupliers, 1891. Artist: Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
Sunrise over Fishing Waters--Maine, ca. 1880. Creator: William E. Norton
The Catskills, Sunrise from South Mountain, 1874. Creator: Samuel Valentine Hunt
In the Saurian Age, when the Worlds inhabitants were gigantic peptiles, 1907
The Dream, 1888, (1912).Artist: Jean Baptiste Edouard Detaille
Sun-worship of Amazon Indians; A Trip up the Trombetas, 1875. Creator: Unknown
Heres our mission... Langley Field, Va. 1942. Creator: Alfred T Palmer
Sunrise or sunset, between 1941 and 1942. Creator: Unknown
Indiana Harbor Belt RR, switchman demonstrating signal with a 'fusee'... 1943. Creator: Jack Delano
Angara at Irkutsk, 1886. Artist: Nikolai Dobrovolsky
Bandbox Design, c. 1939. Creator: Walter Doran
Sunrise on New Years Day at Susaki (Susaki hatsu hinode no zu), from the series... c. 1832 / 33
Oh How Beautiful is Gods Nature, n.d. Creator: Johann Heinrich Lips
Goodbye, 1816. Creator: Johann Heinrich Lips
Cock, Hen, and Rising Sun, from the series 'Seven Bird-and-flower Prints for the Fuyo... c. 1810
The Coast of Amalfi, Italy. Creator: Viet Chu
Hoi An Beach Sunrise, Vietnam. Creator: Viet Chu
A New Year. Creator: Joshua Johnston
Baja Sunrise. Creator: Robert Manno
Crater Lake Sunrise. Creator: Joshua Johnston
Sweet Sunrise. Creator: Eve Turek
Serenity Sunrise. Creator: Eve Turek
Rise and Shine. Creator: Eve Turek
Sun Pillar Sunrise. Creator: Eve Turek
Rowing in the Sun Rise. Creator: Dorte Verner
May Morning on Magdalen Tower, 1888-1890, (1942). Creator: William Holman Hunt
The Falls by Sunrise with the spray cloud rising 1, 200 feet, pub. 1865. Creator
Man Crossing a Bridge as the Sun Rises, from an untitled edition (without poetry) of
Multitudes of Cranes, spring 1863. Creator: Bokushin
Returning sails at Takanawa, Japan, c. 1820s. Creator: Ikeda Eisen
The brine maidens, Japan, c. 1820s. Creator: Kikukawa Eizan
Ferry boat crossing the Sumida River, from the album 'Friends of the Three Capitals
Falcon on a Pine Tree with the Rising Sun, c. 1835. Creator: Ando Hiroshige
Bamboo and rising sun, 1829. Creator: Utagawa Kunimaru
Jo and Uba Greeting the Rising Sun, c. 1770 / 81. Creator: Utagawa Toyoharu
Cranes in an Iris Pond at Sunrise, c. 1774. Creator: Isoda Koryusai
Sunrise, from the series 'Fashionable Three Beginnings (Furyu mittsu no hajime)'
View of Mount Fuji at sunrise on New Years Day, c. 1772. Creator: Isoda Koryusai
Falcon at Sunrise, c. 1775. Creator: Isoda Koryusai
STS-45 Landing, Florida, USA, 1992. Creator: NASA
New England Scenery, 1839. Creator: Thomas Cole
Water Carriers on the Nile, 1891. Creator: John Singer Sargent
The Song of the Lark, 1884. Creator: Jules Breton
Morning, 1760. Creator: Claude-Joseph Vernet
Monastery ruin Eldena near Greifswald, ca 1825. Creator: Friedrich

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