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Suffering Gallery

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The Man of Sorrows. Title-page to Small Passion. c1511, (1906). Artist: Albrecht Durer
Marshall Ney during the retreat from Russia, (1812) 1894
Le Coup de Lance, 1620. Artist: Peter Paul Rubens
The Dying Slave, 1513-1515. Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti
The Crucifixion with the Virgin and Saint John, ca. 1624-25. Creator: Hendrick ter Brugghen
The Crucifixion, 1521. Creator: Monogrammist G.Z
Christ carrying the cross, at right the two thieves on the road to Calvary, 1778. Creator: John Keyse Sherwin
The Crucifixion, 1662. Creator: Cornelis Bloemaert
Fading Away, from 'Illustrated Times', October 5, 1858. Creator: Unknown
Scène d Octobre: La jeune poitrinaire (An October Scene: The Young Consumptive, October 2-9, 1864)
En Angleterre: Pauvre Jenny!, from 'Le Journal Illustré, 'no. 55, February 26-March 5, 1865
Christ Carrying the Cross, from 'The Passion of Christ', mid 17th century
Saint Sebastian, ca. 1435-1491. Creator: Martin Schongauer
Aeneas and the Sibyl in the Underworld, 1630s. Creator: Jan Brueghel the younger
The Crucifixion, 1340s. Creator: Pietro Lorenzetti
Chang Tao-Ling, 1922. Creator: Unknown
So the Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel, 1841. Creator: Peter Lightfoot
Episode on the Way of the Cross, 1922. Creator: Henry Traut
Jesus carrying the cross, 1922. Creator: Henry Traut
Christ Carrying the Cross, 1560s. Artist: Titian
Dante and Virgil in Hell, 1850. Artist: William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Painting, title unknown, mid 19th century. Artist: Jean Pierre Alexandre Antigna
Fable: The Envious Man and the Covetous, n.d. Creator: Thomas Bewick
Christ Carrying the Cross, ca. 1475-80. Creator: Martin Schongauer
The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence; (reverse) Giving Drink to the Thirsty
Corpus from a Processional Cross, 1370 / 1430. Creator: Unknown
The Crucifixion, 1627. Creator: Francisco de Zurbaran
The Crucifixion, 1401 / 04. Creator: Taddeo di Bartolo
Polycrates Crucifixion, c. 1664. Creator: Salvator Rosa
Crucifix, 1230 / 40. Creator: Master of the Bigallo Crucifix
Christ Carrying the Cross, 1420 / 25. Creator: Master of the Worcester Carrying of
The Dream of Saint Jerome, 1476. Creator: Matteo di Giovanni
Head of a Damned Soul from Dantes 'Inferno, '(verso), 1770 / 78
Corpus of Christ, 13th century. Creator: Unknown
Triptych of the Crucifixion with Saints Anthony, Christopher, James and George
Crucifix, About 1150. Creator: Unknown
Job, 1618 / 30. Creator: Unknown
Station of the Cross No. 8: 'Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem', c. 1936
Station of the Cross No. 11: 'Jesus is Nailed to the Cross', c. 1936
Saint Mary Magdalene in Penitence, 1590-1607. Creator: Circle of Giuseppe Scolari
Deposition of the Cross, ca. 1544. Creator: Jean Mignon
Crucifixion with the Virgin Mary and Saint John the Evangelist, angels overhead, ca. 1593
The Lamentation over Christ, 1535-55. Creator: Jean Mignon
The Entombment, 1535-55. Creator: Jean Mignon
Christ crucified on the cross, a skull at the base, ca. 1770-1803
The Descent from the Cross, 1550-1600. Creator: Giovanni Battista Cavalieri
The Trinity, with the crucifixion at center and saints to both sides, 1586
Carrying of the Cross, 1544. Creator: Jean Mignon

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