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Tsar Nicholas II at the opening ceremony of the first Duma, St Petersburg, Russia, 1906
Detail of a leaf of a Byzantine ivory diptych showing men and bears at the circus
Easter in St. Petersburg--His Majesty the Czar drives to Church, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Tsar Nicholas II speaking at the opening of the first Duma, St Petersburg, Russia, 27 April 1906
The Czarina Driving Through St. Petersburg, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Arrival of the first train from St, Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo on 30 October 1837, Early 1840s
The storming of the Winter Palace, St Petersburg, Russian Revolution, October 1917
Teapot, Saint Petersburg, 1773. Creator: Johann Köpping
Figure of Fisherman, Saint Petersburg, c. 1779 / 96. Creators: Jean Rachette
Figure of a Soldier, Saint Petersburg, c. 1796 / 1801. Creators: Jean Rachette
Ice Cream Peddler, Saint Petersburg, c. 1779 / 96. Creators: Jean Rachette
Cup and Saucer, Saint Petersburg, 1825 / 55. Creator: Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory
New Bridge at St. Petersburg, 1845. Creator: Unknown
David Roentgen and Company in Saint Petersburg, ca. 1784-86
The main telegraph office newly built in St. Petersburg and opened 14 October 1862, 1862
Der Flanken-Marsch! Oder: Die Bedrohung Von Petersburg!, 1813, (1921). Creator: Unknown
Crowds in front of the Duma, Petrograd, Russia, 1917, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Russian soldiers in Petrograd, First World War, 1917, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
The Marriage of The Duke of Edinburgh with The Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna
Russians praying for the success of their forces, Petrograd, First World War, 1914, (c1920)
German prisoners from the SMS Magdeburg in Petrograd, Russia...August 1914, (c1920)
The Avenue of Fountains, Imperial Palace of Peterhof, Russia, 1897
The Mammoth of St. Petersburg, 1883. Creator: Unknown
Lenin and Stalin Speaking to Red Guards in the Smolny, 1917, (1939). Creator: Pyotr Vasilyev
Nevsky Prospekt and City Duma in Saint Petersburg, 1830s
Portrait of Vasily Voinovich Nashchokin, 1820s
Portrait of Anna Nikolayevna Nashchokina, nee Panova, 1820s
Portrait of Afanasy Lavrentievich Ordin-Nashchokin (1605-1680), Early 19th cen
Nikolay Ivanovich Bukharov (1799-1862), 1836
Ivan Ivanovich Ershov (1806-1864), 1838
The decree of Emperor Alexander II (1818-1881) to the Emancipation of the serfs, 1861
Sheet with drawing of the execution of the Decembrists, 1826-1827
Vajrabhairava (Thangka), 19th century
Satirical Medal: Pope-Devil, ca 1543
Christ Washing Peters Feet, 16th century
Calvin in Hell, um 1700
Luther in Hell, um 1700
Pope Sylvester I slaying a dragon, 18th century
The Triumph of Christianity (Paradise), 17th century
Saint Metropolitan Peter of Moscow, 17th century
Apotheosis of, 1824
The Meeting of Encyclopedistes at Diderots Home, 1859
Dish with scenes the Election of Michail Romanov to the Tsar on 14 March 1613, 1913
Opening ceremony of the Monument to Nicholas I on the Mariinsky Square
Natalia Ivanovna Goncharova, nee Zagryazhskaya
The Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo
The Emancipation Manifesto of 3 March 1861
The Emancipation of the serfs in 1861, 1861

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