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Death to World Imperialism, poster, 1919. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
Lenin, (c1930), (1939). Creator: Aleksandr Gerasimov
Trotsky slaying the counter-revolutionary dragon (poster), 1918
Advertising Poster for Pelmeni, 1936
Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Russian Bolshevik leader, in the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, October 1918
Knowledge Will Break the Chains of Slavery, poster, 1920. Artist: Alexei Radakov
Woman with a Rake, 1928-1932. Artist: Kazimir Malevich
Valery Chkalov meets with Joseph Stalin. Artist: Anonymous
To the Elections! For Collectivisation! For the harvest!. Artist: Kostyanitsyn, Vasily Nikolaevich (1881-1940)
Petrograd Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies, Tauride Palace, Russia, 1917
Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and rocket engineer Sergey Korolyov, 1961
Workers of Magnitogorsk, USSR, 1932
Red Army men confiscating church treasures of the Simonov monastery, Moscow, USSR, 1925
Head of a Peasant, 1928-1932. Artist: Kazimir Malevich
Vladimir Vysotsky, Russian singer, poet, and actor, 1979
Yalta Conference of Allied leaders, World War II, 4-11 February 1945
Gemini 4 Astronauts meet Yuri Gagarin, Paris, France, 1965. Creator: NASA
Preview before the auction of the properties of the Romanov Tsar family, Moscow, 1927
Deep Freeze. Creator: Summers, William H. (1897-1951)
Joseph Stalin and Joachim von Ribbertrop, 23 August 1939, 1939. Creator: Anonymous
Celebrations on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the October Revolution in Moscow
Warm Greetings to Stalins Disciples, the Brave and Courageous Pilots of Our Motherland
1988 Zaz 1102 Tavria. Creator: Unknown
Zaz Zaporozhets. Creator: Unknown
The Pushkin Monument in the Strastnaya Plochad, Moskva (Moscow), U.S.S.R. (Russia), c1930s
The New Metro or Subway Station in the Sokolniki Region of Moskva (Moscow), U.S.S
In the U.S.S.R. a Land of Many Races and Many Languages - the New Workers Club in Moskva
In the land of the Soviets, 1930. Creator: Unknown
Before search and seizure (from the series of watercolors Russian revolution), 1920
Women at the kolkhozes are a great power (J. Stalin) ( (Poster), 1935. Artist: Svarog
Man being held and executed (from the series of watercolors Russian revolution), 1919
The 8th of March: A day of rebellion by working women against kitchen slavery
Oath of Allegiance of the Workers and Peasants Red Army, 1918. Artist: Moor, Dmitri Stachievich
The 1st of May is the festival of labour. Long live the international unity of the proletariat
The 1st of May. Workers have nothing to lose, but they have the whole world to win, 1919
Long live our dear and invincible Red Army!, 1939. Artist: Moor, Dmitri Stachievich
More fire at the class enemy!, 1933. Artist: Klinch (Petrushansky), Boris Grigoryevich
The sinking of icebreaker Alexander Sibiryakov by German cruiser Admiral Scheer on 25 August 1942
A canteen, 1932
The owner, Mid 1920s
Leningrad - Intourist, Early 1930s
Long live the USSR, model of brotherhood among the workers of world nationalities, 1935
Freedom to the prisoners of Scottsboro!, 1932
Lenin and Stalin in Gorki (Near Moscow), 1922, (1939). Creator: Unknown
Advertising Poster for confections from state factories of Mosselprom, 1930
Advertising Poster for Canned Sturgeon, 1932
The Solovki prison camp (SLON), 1927-1928
Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev, May 1, 1932, 1932

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