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Vive la Commune! An English tribute to the French commune dedicated to the workers
Karl Heinrich Marx, German philosopher, political economist, and revolutionary, (1903)
A Marcus Garveyite reading the OWI publication Negroes and the War, New York, 1943. Creator: Gordon Parks
Friedrich Engels, German socialist and collaborator and supporter of Karl Marx, 1879
Robert Owen, Welsh-born industrialist, philanthropist and socialist, 1851 (1956)
Petrograd Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies, Tauride Palace, Russia, 1917
Robert Owen, Welsh-born British philanthropist and socialist, 19th century
Karl Marx, 19th century German political, social and economic theorist
43160, March 1894. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
43160, 1894. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
L Idée Nouvelle, February 1898. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Celebrations on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the October Revolution in Moscow
Warm Greetings to Stalins Disciples, the Brave and Courageous Pilots of Our Motherland
Pinback button promoting All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party, after 1958
Pinback button promoting African Liberation Day, 1977. Creator: Unknown
The Knight and His Companion (Punch, March 5, 1887), 1887. Creator: John Tenniel
Robert Burns, (1759-1796), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Before search and seizure (from the series of watercolors Russian revolution), 1920
Man being held and executed (from the series of watercolors Russian revolution), 1919
Comrade Lenin cleans the land from garbage (Poster), 1920. Artist: Deni (Denisov)
Oath of Allegiance of the Workers and Peasants Red Army, 1918. Artist: Moor, Dmitri Stachievich
The 1st of May is the festival of labour. Long live the international unity of the proletariat
Long live the 3rd International!, 1920. Artist: Moor, Dmitri Stachievich (1883-1946)
Forward world October!, 1933. Artist: Klinch (Petrushansky), Boris Grigoryevich
The 1st of May. Workers have nothing to lose, but they have the whole world to win, 1919
Long live our dear and invincible Red Army!, 1939. Artist: Moor, Dmitri Stachievich
More fire at the class enemy!, 1933. Artist: Klinch (Petrushansky), Boris Grigoryevich
Socialists, 1891, (1922). Creator: William Strang
Cuba, c1935. Creator: Unknown
Soviet Union, c1935. Creator: Unknown
The owner, Mid 1920s
Gruss an die Proletarier (Greetings to the proletarians), 1887
Long live the USSR, model of brotherhood among the workers of world nationalities, 1935
2. Now we have a new kind of weapon to use. ROSTA Window No 81, 1921
Karl Marx (1818-1883), German philosopher
Moscow Spartakiada, 1928, 1928
The Solovki prison camp (SLON), 1927-1928
Kolkhos women on the field, Early 1930s
Soviet border guard with his dog, End 1930s
Bolsheviks greetings to brave conquerors of the North Pole!, 1937
Down with the damned parasites! Cover of the Lapot Satirical Journal, 1924
Lenin and Manifestation, 1919
You are not yet a member of the cooperative - sign up immediately!, 1927-1928
Moskau Spartakiada, 1928, 1928
The Moscow-Volga Canal is opened, 1937
Complete Destruction of the Fascist Nest
1941. To the East! - 1944. To the West
The Fascist vulture Found Out that We Are Not Sheep

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