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Sleigh Gallery

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Russian Ice Mountain on the Admiralty Square in St. Petersburg, 1850s
Catherine the Great Visiting the Ice Mountain in Saint Petersburg, 1788. Artist: Paterssen, Benjamin (1748-1815)
Winter Sketches in South Russia, 1886. Creator: Unknown
Angara at Irkutsk, 1886. Artist: Nikolai Dobrovolsky
Santa Claus Tapestry, c. 1939. Creator: Pearl Gibbo
Printed Cotton (Winter Sports), c. 1939. Creator: Pearl Gibbo
Ice Mountains, ca 1814. Artist: Anonymous
Boyarynya Morozova, 1887. Artist: Vasily Surikov
Sleigh, 1935 / 1942. Creator: David Ramage
New England Cutter, c. 1938. Creator: David Ramage
Painting with Troika, 4036. Creator: Vassily Kandinsky
Waiting for the Royal family at entrance to Palace, 1886 / 88
Street Parade, 1886 / 88. Creator: Henry Hamilton Bennett
Sheet 13 of figures for Chinese shadow puppets, 1859. Creator: Juan Llorens
Sheet 5 of figures for Chinese shadow puppets, ca. 1850-70. Creator: Juan Llorens
One Horse Sleigh, c. 1936. Creator: Aaron Fastovsky
Doll Sleigh, c. 1937. Creator: Beverly Chichester
Sleigh, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Amos C. Brinton
Christmas Belles, published 1869. Creator: Winslow Homer
Winter Scene in New Haven, Connecticut, ca. 1858. Creator: George Henry Durrie
Bonnet, c. 1940. Creator: Lillian Causey
A Scene on the Ice, c. 1625. Creator: Hendrick Avercamp
Washington at Valley Forge, mid 19th century. Creator: Unknown
January, 1628-29. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar
Francesco I d Este, Despite his Discomfort, Displays his Piety While Traveling in the
The Sleighing Season - The Upset (Harpers Weekly, Vol. IV), January 14, 1860
Christmas Belles (Harpers Weekly, Vol. XIII), January 2, 1869. Creator: Unknown
Moon Light in Central Park, ca. 1871-75. Creator: Unknown
Red School House (Country Scene), 1858. Creator: George Henry Durrie
Der Flanken-Marsch! Oder: Die Bedrohung Von Petersburg!, 1813, (1921). Creator: Unknown
On Christmas Day in the Morning, with the Compliments of St. Nicholas, 1883
Shrove-Tide, 1916, (1939). Creator: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
Russian Carriages: Droshky and Kibitka, Between 1792 and 1820
Russian sledges, Between 1792 and 1820
Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, c1900. Creator: Unknown
Winter Amusements in Holland, c1760
A coach ride through Saint Petersburg
Winter landscape on the River Ijsel near Kampen, c1615. Artist
American Homestead - Winter, pub. 1868, Currier & Ives (Colour Lithograph)
Winter In The Country - The Old Grist Mill, pub
American Country Life, Pleasures of Winter, pub
Trotting Cracks on The Snow, Currier & Ives (Colour Lithograph)
The Four Seasons of Life - Old Age, The Season of Rest, pub. 1868, Currier & Ives
Russian village in winter, 1915
Russian village in winter
Winter Sleigh Rides, 19th century
Children going down an Ice Hill
View of the Trinity Lavra of St, Sergius, 1923

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