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Skulls Gallery

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Catafalque for Prince Gottfried Maria Ignaz, frontispiece to Lacrymae Conjugales et Paren... 1677. Creator: Anon
Kali / Tara, ca. 1885-90. Creator: Calcutta Art Studio
Side of Cates new house, Malheur County, Oregon, 1939. Creator: Dorothea Lange
Tantric Female Enlightened Being (Vajrayogini) Holding a Skull Cup, 18th century
Painted Banner (Thangka) of Skull-Cup Bearing (Kapâladhara) Hevajra, c. 1604
Part of a Ten-Piece Set of Printed Ritual Stakes (Khram Shing), Mongolia
Painted Banner (Thangka) with Guru Dragpur, a Wrathful Form of Padmasambhava
Wrathful Form of the Goddess Saraswati (Magzor Gyalmo) or Palden Llamo, 20th century
Scene during Bluebird CN7 world land speed record attempt, Lake Eyre, Australia, 1964
Saint George and the Dragon, 1434 / 35. Creator: Bernat Martorell
A Burial Party, Cold Harbor, Virginia, April 1865. Creator: John Reekie
Doorway and Doors, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Albert Pratt
Doorway and Door, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Albert Pratt
The Eleven Ages of Man, mid 17th century. Creator: Gerhard Altzenbach
The Vision of Ezekiel; a group of corpses and skeletons emerging out of tombs
The vision of Ezekiel, with the dead rising and putting on their flesh
The Eleven Ages of Woman, mid 17th century. Creator: Gerhard Altzenbach
Seated magician, boy and four figures from the Scherzi di Fantasia, ca. 1743-50
Shepherd with Two Magicians, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-57
The Sculls of Lieut Leppar, & Six of his Men, 1793. Creator: William Blake
Fantastic Vases, probably 1646. Creator: Stefano della Bella
The Raising of the Cross [center, left, and right panels], c. 1480 / 1490
The Adoration of the Skulls, c. 1733 / 1734. Creator: Michel-Francois Dandre-Bardon
The Last of the Buffalo, 1888. Creator: Albert Bierstadt
Illustration to the Tempest: Caliban, Ferdinand and Ariel, 1836. Creator: Charles Gray
The invention of the cross; three men lifting a cross from a trench; from Recueil
Kabuki Actor Ichikawa Ebijuro I as Token (China Dog) Jubei
Guru Dragpo, 18th century. Creator: Unknown
A Negro hung alive by the Ribs to a Gallows, pub. 1796. Creator: John Gabriel Stedman (1744-97)
Il Silenzio (The Silence). L enigma umano (The Human Enigma) Triptych, 1900
Do Spirits Return? Houdini says No - and Proves It, Lyceum Theatre, 1909
The death between seven heads
Cupid with a Pistol on Top of a Mountain of Skull
(Untitled), 19th century. Creator: Ando Hiroshige

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Canvas, Puzzles, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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