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Sheets Of Music Gallery

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The Musicians Brawl, c. 1625-1630. Artist: La Tour, Georges, de (1583-1652)
L Ouie
L Ouie
Louis-Marie Pilet, Cellist in the Orchestra of the Paris Opera, 1868-1869. Artist: Degas, Edgar (1834-1917)
Spanish Serenade from the Barber of Sevilla, ca 1856. Creator: Spitzweg, Carl (1808-1885)
Musical Group on a Balcony, 1622. Artist: Honthorst, Gerrit, van (1590-1656)
Concert with singer accompanied by harp lute and flute, 1550-1552
Concert with violin, lute and spinet, 1550-1552. Creator: Niccolo dell Abate (1509 / 12-1571)
Les Musiciens (Musicians in a courtyard), 1883
The Lute Player
Concert with Eight Figures, 1628?1630
Floortje plays piano
A Quartet. A Painters Tribute to the Art of Music
Intermezzo, 1883
Musical instruments, 1770
Still life with a violin, 1876
A Boy Playing the Lute (Hearing. From the Series The Five Senses), 1620s
Musical amusement, 1665
Giuseppe Verdi conducting the Paris Opera premiere of Aida at the Palais Garnier on 22 March 1880, 1
The Gore Family with George, Third Earl Cowper
A young lady playing a clavichord
Musicians (La Scartocciata), ca 1778. Artist: Zoffani, Johann (1733-1810)
The Music Lesson
Musical Instruments Workshop
The Allegory of Hearing
Apollo with cupid
The Concert
The Concert
The Concert of Cats
The chamber musicians in the Mecklenburg-Schwerin court chapel at Ludwigslust in 1770, 1770
An orchestra rehearsal, c. 1920. Artist: Massani, Pompeo (1850-1920)
Society in the Palais Royal, ca 1775. Artist: Carmontelle, Louis (1717-1806)
The Recital. Artist: Schweninger, Carl, the Younger (1854-1912)
Still Life with Musical Instruments, c. 1650. Artist: Baschenis, Evaristo (1617-1677)
Choir Of Angels, c. 1500. Artist: Zenale, Bernardo (1464-1526)
Self-portrait with Family, c. 1645. Artist: Teniers, David, the Younger (1610-1690)
Cupid Among Musical Instruments, Mid of 17th century. Artist: Anonymous
The Allegory of Hearing. Artist: Probst, Georg Balthasar (1732-1801)
Concert. Artist: Saint-Aubin, Augustin, de (1736-1807)
A Gathering at a Concert. Artist: Lafrensen, Niclas (1737-1807)
Portrait of a viola player. Artist: Zacchia, Paolo, the Elder (1490-1561)
Choir Boys. Artist: Gallegos y Arnosa, Jose (1859-1917)
The Allegory of Hearing. Artist: Rubens, Pieter Paul (1577-1640)
Church Choir. Artist: Toma, Gioacchino (1836-1891)
The Allegory of Hearing. Artist: Brueghel, Jan, the Younger (1601-1678)
The Bentivoglio Family. Artist: Costa, Lorenzo (1460-1535)
Orchestra Musicians. Artist: Degas, Edgar (1834-1917)
Concert with Bas-Relief. Artist: Valentin de Boullogne (1591-1632)
Concert. Artist: Falcone, Aniello (1600 / 7-1665)
Princess Sophie of France (1734-1782). Artist: Drouais, Francois-Hubert (1727-1775)

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