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Satyr Gallery

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A child and a satyr child playing with a goat, ca. 1657. Creator: Stefano della Bella
Apollo seated at the right with a lyre, pointing to a kneeling man who is about to flay... 1530-60
Satyr and Child, ca. 1515-16. Creator: Marcantonio Raimondi
A satyr about to remove drapery covering a Nymph, ca. 1510-20. Creator: Marcantonio Raimondi
Drunken Silenus, 1630-57. Creators: Jonas Suyderhoef, Pieter Soutman
Autumn, from the series The Seasons, .n.d. Creator: Jan Saenredam
Ballets of Satyrs, 17th century. 17th century. Creator: Anon
Woman and infant satyr in a landscape, the woman twisting to look over her left sho
Bacchanalia, before 1659
Jupiter and Mnemosyne (After Perino del Vaga), 1527. Artist: Caraglio, Gian Jacopo (1505-1565)
Silenus, as a Vase, Satyr Handle, 1540-56. Creator: Leon Davent
Cupid being led blindfolded on a donkey, 1540-56. Creator: Leon Davent
Jupiter and Antiope, ca. 1540-45. Creator: Leon Davent
Amphora (Storage Jar), 490-480 BCE. Creator: Michigan Painter
Mastoid (Drinking Cup), about 500-480 BCE. Creator: Caylus Painter
Wall painting and ceiling decoration, Germany, early 19th century, (1898). Creator: Unknown
La Danse des bacchantes (The Dance of Bacchantes), 1849
The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne
Jupiter and Olympia, 1526-1534. Artist: Giulio Romano (1499-1546)
Nymph with Satyrs, ca 1627. Artist: Poussin, Nicolas (1594-1665)
A Nymph, To Whom All Hoofed Satyrs Knelt Head-peice, Part 1, 1885. Creator: Will H. Low
Music, n.d. Creator: Etienne Delaune
Architecture, n.d. Creator: Etienne Delaune
Pomona Surprised by Vertumnus and Other Suitors, 1535 / 40. Creator: Unknown
Initial Letter V (Satyr) to Volpone, 1898. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
The Fruit Bearers, 1895. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Cover Design for Yellow Book Prospectus for Vol V, 1895. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Tailpiece, 1893. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Frontispiece to 'Plays'by John Davidson, 1893. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Stater (Coin) Depicting a Satyr and Nymph, 500-463 BCE. Creator: Unknown
Eight Fables of La Fontaine (Furnishing Fabric), Munster, c. 1810
Statue of a Young Satyr Wearing a Theater Mask of Silenos, About 1st century
Denarius (Coin) Depicting the Satyr Silenus, 90 BCE. Creator: Unknown
Statuary Group of Three Satyrs Fighting a Serpent, about 1st century CE. Creator: Unknown
Pomona Surprised by Vertumnus and Other Suitors, from The Story of Vertumnus
Apollo and Marsyas, 1888. Creator: Hans Thoma
Door Boss: Bust of a Satyress, c. 1580. Creator: Unknown
A Witches Sabbath, c. 1650. Creator: Cornelis Saftleven
Bust of a Satyr, 1770 / 75. Creator: Claude Michel
Satyr Mother and Child, about 1510 / 40. Creator: Workshop of Severo da Ravenna
The Flaying of Marsyas, mid-17th century. Creator: Giovanni Pietro Possenti
Bacchant, Satyr, and Fauness, from the Scherzi, ca. 1740
The Competition of Apollo and Marsyas and the Judgment of Midas, 1562
Venus Whipping Cupid with Roses, early 17th century. early 17th century
Bacchanal, ca. 1557. Creator: Giulio Sanuto
Bacchus and drunken Silenus, 1640-60. Creator: Frans van den Wyngaerde
Satyr Family (Pan and his Family), from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Satyr Family with the Obelisk, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50

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