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Tsar Nicholas II at the opening ceremony of the first Duma, St Petersburg, Russia, 1906
Tsar Nicholas II speaking at the opening of the first Duma, St Petersburg, Russia, 27 April 1906
Plate, Saint Petersburg, 1796 / 1801. Creator: Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory
Soup Plate, Saint Petersburg, 1762 / 66. Creator: Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory
Plate, Saint Petersburg, 1855 / 81. Creator: Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory
Cigarette Case, Moscow, c. 1896 / 1900. Creator: Carl Faberge
Pillbox, Saint Petersburg, 1850 / 1900. Creator: FabergéWorkshop
Miniature Easter Egg with Scent Bottle, Saint Petersburg, Before 1899
Miniature Hippopotamus, Saint Petersburg, c. 1890 / 00. Creator: FabergéWorkshop
Miniature Box with Lid in the form of an Egg and Stand, Saint Petersburg, c. 1900
Miniature Leopard, Saint Petersburg, c. 1890 / 1900. Creator: FabergéWorkshop
Miniature Perfume Bottle, Saint Petersburg, Late 19th century
Miniature Polar Bear, Saint Petersburg, c. 1890 / 00. Creator: FabergéWorkshop
Miniature Snail, Saint Petersburg, c. 1890 / 00. Creator: FabergéWorkshop
Pair of Ewers, Saint Petersburg, 1896 / 1908. Creator: FabergéWorkshop
Miniature Kovsh, Moscow, c. 1900. Creator: FabergéWorkshop
The Smolnoi Monastery, 1851 / 52. Creator: Roger Fenton
New Bridge at St. Petersburg, 1845. Creator: Unknown
David Roentgen and Company in Saint Petersburg, ca. 1784-86
Der Flanken-Marsch! Oder: Die Bedrohung Von Petersburg!, 1813, (1921). Creator: Unknown
Crowds in front of the Duma, Petrograd, Russia, 1917, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Russian soldiers in Petrograd, First World War, 1917, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
The Marriage of The Duke of Edinburgh with The Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna
Russians praying for the success of their forces, Petrograd, First World War, 1914, (c1920)
German prisoners from the SMS Magdeburg in Petrograd, Russia...August 1914, (c1920)
The Avenue of Fountains, Imperial Palace of Peterhof, Russia, 1897
Lenin and Stalin Speaking to Red Guards in the Smolny, 1917, (1939). Creator: Pyotr Vasilyev
German and Austrian prisoners being marched through the streets of Petrograd, 1915
Monument to Lenin by Evseev, Shchuko, and Gelfrejh, St Petersburg, Russia, c1926
The Column Alexander, St. Peterssburg, c1900
The Neva at St Petersburg, Russia, c1880
View of Kronstadt, Russia, 1882-1884
The murder of Tsar Paul I of Russia, March 1801 (1882-1884)
Police discovering a nihilist printing press, St Petersburg, Russia, 1887
The Baltic Railway Station, expulsion of Jews from St Petersburg, Russia, 1891.Artist: B Baruch
On a road near St Petersburg, Russia, 1882
Kloster Smolnoi, near St Petersburg, Russia, c1840.Artist: Albert Henry Payne
Nicholas I (1796-1855), Emperor of Russia, in his droshky, St Petersburg, 1853
A court ball at the Winter Palace, St Petersburg, Russia, 1892
Palace Park as Seen from the Gatchina Palace, 1790s. Artist: Johann Jakob Mettenleiter
The Menagerie in the Gatchina Palace Park, 1792. Artist: Johann Jakob Mettenleiter
Atelier of the Artist Alexei Venetsianov in St Petersburg, 1827. Artist: Alexander Alexeyev
Interior of the Aviary in the Pavlovsk Palace, mid 19th century
Interior of the Hermitage Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia
The Grecian Hall, Pavlovsk Palace, St Petersburg, Russia
Stock Exchange and Admiralty as seen from the Peter and Paul Fortress, St Petersburg, 1810
The Imperial Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia, 1820s
Visit of Tsar Alexander I to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, 1821. Artist: Russian Master

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