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Sacrificial Gallery

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The sacrifice of Elijah, ca. 1653. Creator: Luca Giordano
The sacrifice to Priapus (the larger version), ca. 1499-1501. Creator: Jacopo de Barbari
A Sacrifice, copied from a relief on Trajans Column, 1565. Creator: Leon Davent
A sacrifice, copied from Trajans column, ca. 1540-45. Creator: Leon Davent
A Sacrifice, mid-16th century. Creator: Leon Davent
A Sacrifice, 1540-56. Creator: Leon Davent
Plate 4: Psyches father consulting the oracle, from The Fable of Psyche, 1530-60
Sacrificial knife, Aztec / Mixtec, Mexico, 15th-16th century
Abrahams Sacrifice of Isaac, from Landscapes with Old and New Testament Scenes
Death of Abel, n.d. Creator: Etienne Delaune
Abrahams Sacrifice, n.d. Creator: Etienne Delaune
Lupercalia (recto), and Sketches of Figures (verso), n.d. Creator: Sir James Thornhill
The Death of Abel, from Illustrations of the Bible, 1831. Creator: John Martin
Vase with Sacrifice Scene, France, Early to mid 19th century
Ewer, England, c. 1790. Creator: William Adams & Sons Ltd
Fragment of a Temple Doorway Lintel, Chandella period, c. 11th century. Creator: Unknown
Ceremonial Grinding Table (Metate) in the Form of a Feline, A.D. 500 / 1000
Ceremonial Grinding Table (Metate), A.D. 1 / 500. Creator: Unknown
Vessel Depicting a Sacrificial Ceremony for a Royal Accession, A.D. 650 / 800
Jephthas Daughter, 1874. Creator: Chauncey Bradley Ives
Female Figure, Mali, 11th-19th century. Creator: Unknown
Curving Beaker with Rows of Abstract Human Faces and Sacrifice, 180 B.C. / A.D. 500
Blackware Vessel with Relief Depicting a Scene of Human Sacrifice, 100 B.C. / A.D. 500
Vessel Depicting a Sacrifice with a Molded Captive Attached to the Spout, 100 B.C. / A.D
Handle Spout Vessel in Form of Sacrificer Wearing a Jaguar Headdress, 100 B.C. / A.D. 500
The Advance-Guard, or The Military Sacrifice (The Ambush), 1890
Double Beaker Depicting Warriors and Sacrificial Objects, 180 B.C. / A.D. 500
Hot Water Pitcher, Burslem, c. 1800. Creator: Wedgwood
Abrahams Sacrifice of Isaac, 1654 / 56. Creator: David Teniers II
Male Figure, Mali, Possibly 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Altar Stool, Nigeria, Mid- / late 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Snuff Box: Sacrifice of Cupid, France, 1850 / 99. Creator: Unknown
Equestrian Figure, Mali, 16th / 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Lady Sarah Bunbury Sacrificing to the Graces, 1763-65. Creator: Sir Joshua Reynolds
Abraham Sacrificing Isaac, 1535-55. Creator: Jean Mignon
Magician pointing out a burning head to two youths, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Abrahams Sacrifice, from The Story of Abraham. Creator: Georg Pencz
Allegorical scene with a sacrificial lamb, 1640-70. Creator: Giovanni Battista Bonacina
Tobiolus Makes a Propitiatory Sacrifice, from The Story of Tobias, 1543
Joachims Sacrifice, c. 1490 / 1500. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
The Last Supper, 1547. Creator: Augustin Hirschvogel
Balaks Sacrifice, and Balaams Prophecy, 1548. Creator: Augustin Hirschvogel
Nadab and Abihu, 1549. Creator: Augustin Hirschvogel
The Sacrifice of Gideon, 1549. Creator: Augustin Hirschvogel
Large Sacrifice to Priapus, c. 1499 / 1501. Creator: Jacopo de Barbari
The Sacrifice of Isaac, 1547. Creator: Augustin Hirschvogel
Christ Ascending the Cross with Sin, Death, and the Devil, 1547
God the Father, Three Figures and Sacrificed Lamb, c. 1420 / 1430. Creator: Unknown

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