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Psyche et L'Armour (The Story of Cupid and Psyche) (Furnishing Fabric), Nantes, c. 1790
Venus and Cupid, 1792. Artist: Nicolas de Courteille
Empress Jingu (left), and Her Minister Takenouchi no Sukune (right), late 1780s
Minamoto no Yoritomo Hiding in a Tree, c. 1758. Creator: Torii Kiyoshige
Chained Prisoners are Brought Before a King, a scene from the Gulistan of Sa'di, c. 1550
Eros Gathering Flowers (Furnishing Fabric), Bolbec, c. 1800. Creator: Unknown
Amorini et Medallions (Cupid and Medallions) (Furnishing Fabric), France, c. 1810
Allegorie à l'Amour (Homage to Love) (Furnishing Fabric), Nantes, c. 1815
Allegory of Venus and Cupid, c. 1600. Creator: Unknown
Armida Encounters the Sleeping Rinaldo, 1742 / 45. Creator: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Two Putti, 1490 / 1510. Creator: Matteo di Giovanni
Venus and Cupid, c. 1570. Creator: Luca Cambiaso
Cupid Chastised, 1613. Creator: Bartolomeo Manfredi
Quiver in Mideastern Manner with Associated Arrows, Venice, c. 1800. Creator: Unknown
The Family of the oriental Peasant, from the Scherzi, ca. 1740
Venus Whipping Cupid with Roses, early 17th century. early 17th century
Bold satire in the depths of the forest (Satire audacieux, dans le fond des forets)
Venus entrusting Cupid to Time, 1758-80. Creator: Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
Diana, Plate XIX (19). From 'Museum Florentinum"
Benjamin, c. 1585. Creator: Johann Sadeler I
L'Amour Couronnée, 1736. Creator: Antoine Aveline
Tamanend Figurehead, c. 1939. Creator: Douglas Campbell
Diana Victorious, 1885 / cast 1888-1889. Creator: Albert Ernest Carrier de Belleuse
L'amour, 1777. Creator: Jean Francois Janinet
Venus en reflection. Creator: Jean Francois Janinet
Venus desarmant l'amour. Creator: Jean Francois Janinet
Offrande à l'amour. Creator: Jean Francois Janinet
A Shoshonee Indian Smoking, ca. 1860s. Creator: Alfred Jacob Miller
Indian Man with Quiver, 1886. Creator: Alexander Davis Cooper
Four Cherubs at Target Practice. Creator: Gilles Demarteau
The Bath of Venus, 1751. Creator: Francois Boucher
Peace. Creator: Valerio Belli
Amorini Celebrate the Rape of Proserpina, 1805-12. Creator: Francesco Rosaspina
Bows, quivers and a spear, 1625-77. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar
Sleeping Huntress, 1625-77. Creator: Paulus Potter
Nymph Holding a Large Dog by the Collar, ca. 1654. Creator: Stefano della Bella
Cupid Resting (copy).n.d. Creator: Unknown
Plate 2: trophies of Roman arms from decorations above the windows on the second floor
The Triumph of Chastity from The Triumphs of Petrarch, ca. 1548-49. Creator: Unknown
Cyparissus from set The Rural Gods, 1565. Creator: Cornelis Cort
Cupid Sleeping, 16th century. Creator: Unknown
Io at the left as a cow, Jupiter on a cloud in the centre and Juno at the right with pu
Ladies Surrounding a Cart. Creator: Utamaro II
Portrait of Shah Jahan on Horseback, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Hunting Scene, late 16th century. Creator: Unknown
Diana with Attributes of the Hunt, 16th century. Creator: Antoine Caron
Abu'l Mihjan and Sa'd ibn Abi Wakkas Become Angry and Leave King Khusrau (?)... ca
Madame Bergeret de Frouville as Diana, 1756. Creator: Jean-Marc Nattier

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