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Purple Gallery

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1968 & 1974 Triumph TR6. Creator: Unknown
Irises, 1890. Creator: Vincent van Gogh
The Song of the Mad Prince, c1917. Artist: Harry Clarke
Teapot, Burslem, c. 1790. Creator: Wedgwood
Branch of the Seine near Giverny (Mist), 1897. Creator: Claude Monet
Clothing during the Reigns of Charles I and II, and James II, (1640-1686), 1903, (1937)
Soldiers of the Tudor Period, c16th century, (1903)
Mrs Mounter at the Breakfast Table, 1916-17. Artist: Harold Gilman
The Scotch Thistle, 1899
A Family Group, c1887, (1901). Artist: Mortimer L Menpes
San Juan Capistrano Mission Side Altar from the portfolio 'Decorative Art...', 1935 / 1942. Creator: Unknown
Plate 11: Annunciation: From Portfolio 'Spanish Colonial Designs of New Mexico', 1935 / 1942
Drawing for Plate 15: From the Portfolio 'Folk Art of Rural Pennsylvania', c. 1939. Creator: Unknown
Plate 19: Reading Stand, Chimayo: From Portfolio 'Spanish Colonial Designs of New Mexico'
Prince. Creator: Dan Springer
1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda. Creator: Unknown
Bonnet, c. 1937. Creator: Sara Garfinkel
Cape, c. 1936. Creator: Charles Criswell
Cape, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Charles Criswell
Bouquet of Roses, Larkspur and Convolvulus, mid to late 18th century. Creator: Louis Marin Bonnet
Sheet with two borders with purple drapery and floral designs, late... late 18th-mid-19th century. Creator: Anon
Sheet with ten borders with floral patterns on purple background, la... late 18th-mid-19th century. Creator: Anon
The Yang Guifei Cherry Tree (Yokihisakura), from the series 'Cherry Trees for the... c. 1821 / 22
The actor Ichikawa Hakuen as Akushichibyoe Kagekiyo in the play 'Hatsumonbi Yosooi Soga, '... 1802
The actor Sawamura Tozo I as Dogen no Okichi in the play 'Yoshiwara Niwaka no Banzuke, 'pe... 1804
Kneeling actor and standing beauty holding a tray of clothes, from the series 'Fuji in Sum... 1801
Chikubu Island in Omi Province, No. 30 on the Saikoku Pilgrimage Route (Saikoku junrei... 1859)
The actors Arashi Kichisaburo III as Aboshi Samojiro, Onoe Kikugoro II as Hamaji, Nakam... c. 1852
The Actor Sawamura Tossho II as Karukaya Doshin, No. 5 from the series 'Flowers of Tokyo:, 1872
Nakamura Tomijuro I as a Female Fox in the Scene from the Play, Chigo Torii Tobiiri Gitsun... 1777
Enamel Ewer (duomuhu), Late Ming / early Qing dynasty, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Rustic Hoi An Gate, Vietnam. Creator: Viet Chu
Alone at Sunset. Creator: Robert Manno
Blue Bonnets. Creator: Tom Artin
Crater Lake Sunrise. Creator: Joshua Johnston
Tulum. Creator: Joshua Johnston
Moonlight Sonata. Creator: Eve Turek
Abstract Art 122. Creator: Bandji Fall
Geisha in the Rain (B). Creator: Dorte Verner
Young Woman Wearing Lace Gloves Holding a Daguerreotype Case, 1860s. Creator: Unknown
The Hundred Flowers. Creator: Wang Yuan
Ball Dress & Evening Dress, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
St. Edwards Crown, 1937. Creator: Unknown
Poisonous Plants Found in the British Isles, 1935
Ribbon, France, c. 1870. Creator: Unknown
Melon-Shaped Snuff Bottle with a Squirrel and Fruiting Branches, Qing dynasty, 1800-1900
Lobed Basin for Flowerpot, Ming dynasty (1368-1644), 15th century. Creator: Unknown
Garlic-Head Vase, Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Creator: Unknown

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