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Princess Elizabeth, later Queen, c1547, (1902)
The Death of Saint Clare, c. 1400 / 1410. Creator: Master of Heiligenkreuz
Girls Sunday school class sings between preaching, Salvation Army, San Francisco, California, 1939
Adjutant and his wife sing, Salvation Army, San Francisco, California, 1939. Creator: Dorothea Lange
The Annunciation, ca. 1465-70. Creator: Hans Memling
Russian manuscript painting, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Missal Stand, 1937. Creator: Gerald Transpota
Stand for Missal, c. 1939. Creator: Gerald Transpota
Book Cover for Book of Psalms, Prayers, and Hymns, England, 17th century
The Cloisters, San Lorenzo fuori le mura, 1824. Creator: CW Eckersberg
The Annunciation, Completed by 1457. Creator: Johann Koerbecke
A Lady Reading (Saint Mary Magdalene), About 1530. Creator
Queen Margaret of Spain, c. 1610. Creator: Andrés López Polanco
Portrait of a Woman with a Prayer Book, 1560 / 70. Creator: Bartholomaeus Bruyn the Younger
Missal Holder, c. 1939. Creator: Gordena Jackson
Missal Stand, c. 1940. Creator: William Kieckhofel
Mary, Queen of Scots, published 1779. Creator: Francesco Bartolozzi
Title Page for a Missal, with Satyr and Putti Border [verso], c. 1511. Creator: Urs Graf
Natalie and Missal, 1890. Creator: Alice Pike Barney
The Bride, ca. 1907. Creator: Gari Melchers
Portrait of a Female Donor, c. 1455. Creator: Petrus Christus
The Annunciation, c. 1583 / 1584. Creators: Paolo Veronese, Workshop of Veronese
The Virgin Annunciate, c. 1430. Creator: Masolino da Panicale
Saint Anne with the Virgin and the Christ Child, c. 1511 / 1515
The Annunciation, c. 1508 / 1519. Creator: Juan de Flandes, the Elder
The Annunciation, c. 1423 / 1424. Creator: Masolino da Panicale
Cardinal Francesco Cennini, 1625. Creator: Guercino
Madonna and Child with Angels, after 1479. Creator: Hans Memling
Martin Luther, c. 1800. Creator: Frederick Kemmelmeyer
Madonna and Child, c. 1532. Creator: Jan Gossaert
The Saint Anne Altarpiece: Saint Anne with the Virgin and Child [middle panel], c
Madonna and Child, c. 1505 / 1510. Creator: Vittore Carpaccio
The Virgin Reading, c. 1505. Creator: Vittore Carpaccio
Saint Bernardino of Siena, c. 1495 / 1500. Creator: Vincenzo Foppa
Saint Alcuin, c. 1500 / 1525. Creator: Unknown
Portrait of a Lady, 1532. Creator: Unknown
The Crucifixion used in Missale Traiectense (Utrecht Missal), Leiden, 1514, ca. 1512
A woman standing, facing the left in profile, wearing a hat and a lace collar, reading
Tenth Commandment (Harpers Weekly, Vol. XIV), 1870. Creator: Unknown
Virgin and Child, ca. 1525. Creator: Joos van Cleve
Manuscript Leaf with the Crucifixion, from a Missal, ca. 1270-80. Creator: Unknown
Manuscript Leaf with Initial M, from a Missal, ca. 1290. Creator: Unknown
Archbishop Grindal, c1580, (19th century?). Creator: Unknown
Thomas 7th Earl of Northumberland, 1799. Creator: Edward Harding
The Four Evangelists (Manuscript illumination from the Gospel Book), ca 1401
Decorating church with flowers, 1952. Creator: Shirley Markham
Prayer, 1867-1887, (c1902). Creator: Unknown
The Pilgrim Fathers, c1869, (c1902). Creator: Unknown

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